what's your team's name?

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Justin : My first thought after finishing the video was "Damn bro, way to take it in stride." And then it hit me.

Puss N' Boots : It's nice to see a handicapped person being treated like everyone else and not someone who needs to be coddled. I love shit like this

Markus Mindestlohn : jeeeeeeeeeeeesus.. lmao

MezzaTheHyena : Zach is such a sport.

Kevin Lancaster : Is that considered a running gag?

Jeroen Sijtsma : If more people were like the handicaped guy.. great sport!

The Trash Man : When even your teammate starts roasting you

asdf852asdf : Elyse joke is underapreciated

Grant Leishman : I love this channel, you got me into Funhaus

Swirl Pattern : Everyone in the comments saying Zach is a great sport. He is. Props to him. BUT make note that he and Willems are friends and Willems knows Zach and that he can take the joke. Please don't make such jokes on simple acquaintances or random strangers. #RandomPSA

Laughing Achilles : He dealt with that brilliantly.

Veteran Trainer JCP : "You can't we took out the ramp" hahahahaha!!!! Elyse was the cherry on top

PixelKhaos : a bit much people seemingly expecting anyone to take it like this. They all know eachother and work with comedy, of course Zach wont take it personally, actively sets the jokes up too.

L Andre : Zach is great

Sara Gates : <3 you Zach!!! <3 <3 <3!!!

jasper hartway : for anyone missing the point or those without context: zach anner is a brilliant writer and comedian and he can handle this humor well because he's among friends. they have established boundaries and know what's okay to joke about. it's wonderful to watch friends having fun but don't take this as a sign to go out and make jokes about random people's disabilities.

Edragyz : 0:26 he laughed like lewis from yogscast

FlintSparked : Leave it to Bruce to be the guy pointing and laughing at Zach after making a cripple joke hahaha

Dan Muckenhirn : funhaus for the win!!

Niko Baston : 0:22 Jon's squeak has purified my soul

Cbass Yokum : It's nice to finally see a handicap person stand up for themselves.

Windmelodie : In a world full of overly politically correct people, THIS is the way you should act...just take it with humour, especially if you know people are not doing it to insult you but just have some fun <3

The Gaming Anime Fan : i wish every one was like that guy in the wheelchair good sport and knows what is a joke xD

Grizzly Machismo : "Well I'm just gonna go home now!" "Uh well you can't we took out the ramp.." as she gives a regretful longing look at the ground lmao

Matthew Randell : Zack Anner is an inspiration

Nytheris : Possibly the best 30 seconds on the entire internet. I've never laughed so hard in my life. Zach is amazing <3

Peef Rimgar : Zach anner, guys a boss

that one kid in school who eats glue : I love zach

재 _ STARLIGHT : Kek'd

TheBerom : *Seinfeld theme plays*

Vincent Boos : lmao

Fuckboy Aleks : Zach is such a fuckin champ and honestly one of the funniest blokes at RT.

Hazardous XD : fucking hilarious

HOTLILPAPI : Damn ily zach 😂

LinkToo : I love Zach

k R : Don't see what's even funny about this. More like a bunch of douchebags that think they're funny.

Snake Plissken : Why are millennials and leftists not storming the streets for this guy? I thought real humor and offensive comments were no longer tolerated in the New America?!

MIGITOBABE : oh my god. Poor guy. O.O

RedMage138 : Zach and Elyse should've just renamed their team, "#FullHeadOfHair".

Ian Morris : Cunts.

Cooper Carr : I wish people had class.

Skelotor Two : I guess you could say he "rolled" with that joke...

Stephen Reed : Such a brave soul.

Skeptis Trader Bear : I DO NOT think there is anything wrong with this!! Look how awesomely he reacted! That's what HAVING THE RIGHT ATTITUDE looks like.... sure, it really sucks he (or anyone else) is confined to a wheelchair... but there is nothing you can do about it once it's happened, but you CAN change your attitude about it! This video made me smile because this guy has the RIGHT attitude. 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

Tony Music : My hamster died last night... He fell asleep at the wheel

savagedias : They try so hard to be funny. One day it might work but I'm not getting my hopes up.

Nick Tailor : This is the moment I recommend to people to try and get them into on the spot... Never works but they all found it hilarious

ThouSaucyVassal : They just toasted that boy

King Lex : What a man. This was hilarious. Hope we see more of him

HI How are you? : I thought it was a sex joke in the beginning and then i realized.