How to Win at Craps...Safe & Slow - Craps Betting Strategy
How to Win at CrapsSafe amp Slow Craps Betting Strategy

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How to Win at Craps...Safe & Slow - Craps Betting Strategy This is a very conservative, low risk, high action craps betting strategy that does give you the possibility to get rich with casino craps...slowly, very slowly and with a lot of luck! With this craps betting strategy I call the 6/8 Come again, you start with a place 6 and 8, and follow it up with two come bets. The goal is to alway have 4 numbers working, and by playing the come bet, you are usually hedging your place bets slightly. I made a couple “Color Up” T-shirts for myself, want one too? Available on Amazon Use the link below to do any of your amazon shopping. It does not change the price you pay for products, but does give me a small commission for referring you to amazon. Thanks for your support! Support Color Up, Shop here - Products I use: casino chips - casino dice - on/off puck - camera - books I recommend - books I recommend - The opinions in this video are not guaranteed or warranty to produce any particular result. This video is for informational and entertainment purposes only and in no way represents an inducement to gamble. Color Up accepts no responsibility or liability for any losses or damages which may be incurred by persons using the information contained herein. Use the information provided at your own risk. Anyone who believes they, or someone they know, may have a gambling addiction, please seek help. National Problem Gambling Helpline 1-800-522-4700 Call Text or Chat


Nathan Campbell : I used this strategy yesterday when I stopped at the casino....played for an hour and a half and came out 65 dollars ahead. Hedging with the Come bet definitely helps because sometimes the 7 comes immediately. One thing I will say is that it's easy to lose track of where your bets are at with a busy table and a dealer who may not be as particular when organizing your bets on the table. I just found this channel so thanks for the strategy!

heroshyma69 : I've watched this about 10 times. I still don't understand what's going on.

BrianD0313 : Interesting strategy though it feels a bit slow with those 1:1 wins on Come/Pass.

EL CHINGON : I think just placing the numbers that way you don't have to wait for the number twice on the come....

AltCoin Dann : Sometimes I will lay the 4 or 10 while playing the pass line and 6/8, it works as a hedge if the 7 rolls out. Also dice control helps alot as well. Thanks for the video!

Berelore : loving the running total, Thanks.

graveyard pizza : "I'm staying in the game looking for a hot shooter" statement described this strategy lol don't waste your time.

zachohrt : My new favorite channel. Thanks!

FlagDUDE08 : And at a regular table, the first instance happens more often than not, especially with loading bases.

ken edwards : i did exactly what you did with the bankroll and play i won $156 with a $35 bankroll thanks for the information

Chris Singleton : Slight mistake on the betting at 15:45, I know it doesnt matter but it changed the winning slightly for the remaining rolls. This is a good strategy for people who want to have a few drinks and have a good time.. not a lot of risk, but it feels like constant action. I like it. Thanks for the video!

pesto12601 : "Hot Shooter".. lol.. like that matters...

Just Me : how much would you tip the dealer with the 58 dollar profit?

Brian Stevens : This strategy completely ignores the best odds on the table. (the 3x,4x5x odds on the point and pass line).

it is what it is : Keep em' comin'! This is a good strategy to use with controlled random throwing.

HADEZ : This video really helped me out in Vegas, went in with $35 and came out with $110. Great strategy!

UltimateBargains : My place bets are always working on the come out roll. The dice don't know it's the come out.

Sean Burns : Great vids, i really enjoy watching. If you have the 6 & 8 placed right, an your come bet moves to the 6 what do you think about putting odds on your 6 an moving your place bet to like a 5 or 9? I think you you get paid better that if a 6 shows again.

jaydee_007 : I have been way up using the 5-9 Parlay to 6-8 strategy you presented in another video, over the last few weeks.

Stephen Scisney : Hey Color UP! I entered the 50,000.00 Hi-Lo-Yo Craps tournament last weekend at the Golden Nugget in Vegas. The buy in was 150.00 which got you 25K in chips. The 1st round started at 9am. You had a choice of an hour slot between 9am - 2pm. I took the 1pm slot. There were 3 tables for the players, and you are assigned a table and a place at the table. There are 10 people per table. I had table #1. The hour session was divided into 3 20 minute sessions. They would do a chip count after each session. I started out using the Growth strategy for the 1st session. At the end of that session I was in 9th place. I then switched to the Light 2 Dark strategy for the 2nd session. After that session ended I was in 6th place. I started the last session using the Dark Side strategy. At the final count I was 4th overall, but they only take the top 3 from each table to advance to the 2nd round! Just missed the cut by 6K! It was a great experience and I learned you have to be AGGRESSIVE with your bets! Had a wonderful time and will do it again in the future. I'll have to order a Color Up shirt for good luck! Thanks for the videos and the strategies!

Woody 76 : I've watched all or most of your videos... What strategy do you personally use if you don't mind me asking

beardown1995 : Good job figuring out running total after each shooter 7 out

Ronnie Franco : i want to take time out of my day to say thank you so very much. i never gambled nor played craps. few friend were talking about it and decided to look up strategy. did exactly what you said every time. started with 200 endes with 500 for my first experience. all thanks to you. much love from the 757

Phillip Caudillo : I was wondering if during one of your demonstration sessions you could include how you would be tipping the dealer

James Deppeler : There is no strategy to win long term at craps except to cheat. Every bet has a negative expected value, and there is no way to combine -EV bets in such a way as to beat the house. You can get lucky and win. If you play long enough you will lose. Or you can figure out a way to cheat. This is a simple fact of mathematics and probability. If anyone tells you they have a strategy for beating craps, that person is delusional, or a liar. Not sure which one this guy is. Play for fun with money you can afford to lose, if you like. But don't fool yourself that there is a winning system. It does not exist.

MILWAUKEE WISCONSIN : Great videos by the way good luck and God bless

Stuart Oppenheimer : If you have 4 numbers covered after shooter makes his point, should you protect those "on" numbers with a "Pass" bet as well?

A. E. Silva : Is this strategy only for $5 min tables or can you do this with $10 min tables without doubling your bet?

Paintballpdh19 : are there still $5 tables anywhere?! It would be more useful to do this with a 10 min

Jai Lim : I really like this strategy, but why not play the pass line from the start? Then when the puck is on you can place 6 and 8. You’ll have 2 or 3 points to start making money sooner.

CryptoKnight10 : not bad but you should give more detailed explanation as you go, for example when you place the chip ON the # vs. UNDER the #.

AFO3310 : See I was taught to play the pass every single time...didn't know you could only bet the come line

King Ericson : I like the money counter you added, you should change the color to green to make it easier to see

catco cook : He going to fast for me to follow

MILWAUKEE WISCONSIN : I like this method. I will try it at the bellagio tonight when I get off work 👍🏼

ARCSSelfDefense : I was of the understanding that to place a bets on the 6 and/or 8 that I had to have money on the Pass or Don't Pass to get in. Am I missing something here?

billpartridge825 : These “strategies” blow up unless you have long rolls with no 7. Duh. There are a million strategies that will do that.

J Smith : Just buy the 6 & 8 and do a field bet. You have everything covered except 5 and obviously a 7 out. Don't like Come bets.

Belfe Baby : gee golly watching this not playing the odds is killing me. I know its the $30 strategy but gosh it gives me anxiety to watch.

BrianD0313 : I like the addition of the money tracker. Definitely makes it easier to see how well you're doing :) I think you should give yourself the benefit of the doubt on the 5 and 9 odds :P Do you have any thoughts on Dice Control? Is it a real thing? :P

Michael Bast : I have the wife watching your videos now. She thinks this is a great strategy but also thinks the pass line should be played every time. Keep up the good work!

G : 2 questions color up. 1. Can you bet on the passline with someone else rolling on the come out roll 2. If so is that how you have 4 numbers working despite their being another shooter rolling & technically that's his point. I'm just a little confused as I seen you pay yourself on a new shooter. No come, or place bet.

BIG BOSS : Why place a come bet if u can just ask the dealer to place ur bet?

AltCoin Dann : I always play the pass line with a place 6 and 8! When I get up I start pressing the 6/8!

Matthew Voke : The odds aren’t ‘risky.’ They are literally the least amount of risk

Tech MD Youtube : Are use the strategy with $120 everyplay. I played for many hours I was very happy with this strategy. And many times I went 500 plus dollars. In the end I started getting greedy in betting bigger lol

Frankyutube : Hey dude, great videos I have seen them all. I understand what a hot shooter is in theory but how many consecutive rolls would you consider a hot shooter. I think one guy rolled maybe 20 times at the Monte Carlo a few years back and I won a decent amount that night.

David Gill : Always take the odds on come bets, you are giving the house a larger return by not taking them.

Wise Ole Geezer Circa 1941 : Comment #2. Why make Come bets? You bet $5 on the come and win on 7 or 11, lose on 2, 3, 12, or go to the number that comes up say a FIVE shows. Then bet $10 odds, for $15 bet. FIVE shows next roll. You win $5 + (odds 3/2 $15) total win $20. Bet has to come down. I place bet $15 on the FIVE. FIVE shows next roll. I get odds of 7/5 or $7 X three $5 bets, or $21. Plus I only have to make the point once, you have to do so twice. Also my bet can stay up as long as I want so I can press it. First book I bought on gambling was titled, "Whether You Get 7/6, 6/5, Or Even Money Depends On How Well You Know The Game".