How to Win at Craps...Safe & Slow - Craps Betting Strategy

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heroshyma69 : I've watched this about 10 times. I still don't understand what's going on.

James Deppeler : There is no strategy to win long term at craps except to cheat. Every bet has a negative expected value, and there is no way to combine -EV bets in such a way as to beat the house. You can get lucky and win. If you play long enough you will lose. Or you can figure out a way to cheat. This is a simple fact of mathematics and probability. If anyone tells you they have a strategy for beating craps, that person is delusional, or a liar. Not sure which one this guy is. Play for fun with money you can afford to lose, if you like. But don't fool yourself that there is a winning system. It does not exist.

Josh Hafer : I think I've watched about 3 hours of dice rolling in the last few days since I found this channel. I love that the strategy is just presented and then played out. No edits. No bias. Thanks.

AltCoin Dann : Sometimes I will lay the 4 or 10 while playing the pass line and 6/8, it works as a hedge if the 7 rolls out. Also dice control helps alot as well. Thanks for the video!

BrianD0313 : I like the addition of the money tracker. Definitely makes it easier to see how well you're doing :) I think you should give yourself the benefit of the doubt on the 5 and 9 odds :P Do you have any thoughts on Dice Control? Is it a real thing? :P

EL CHINGON : I think just placing the numbers that way you don't have to wait for the number twice on the come....

Jai Lim : I really like this strategy, but why not play the pass line from the start? Then when the puck is on you can place 6 and 8. You’ll have 2 or 3 points to start making money sooner.

Ron Farrell : Easiest way to play conservative, using this current method, is to add the "5 count" strategy with it.  A vast number of shooters are "7 out" in under 5 rolls.  By utilizing the "5 count" (look it up, there are websites and videos on that as well), and this method of conservatism, you can protect yourself and play longer. Also, watch for pattern shooters.  No one really completely "controls" the dice, but some people do a pretty good job of minimizing a 7, or hitting a certain number.  It happens.  I rolled today for about 30 minutes.  I started out conservative.  Got my money back, started upward trend, then got more aggressive.  Hit the "6" over a dozen times (I would place a bet, take my winnings, then start pressing it up, then take my winnings.  I did this from $12 at the start and ended with $90 on just the 6.  I took back about 5 winnings at $30 and at least 5 winnings at $60, before bumping them up.  I rolled every number exempt snake eyes (1-1), as this casino has "all small / all numbers / all tall" bets.  Betting conservative, using small odds, and building up on numbers that repeated, I went up over $750 on just my rolls, and I bought in $100.  After 3 hours total, I left the table at over $900 (over $800 profit). I've found the best way is to use a variant of what this youtube author has shown, combine with a 5 count when the table is "cold", and, when a good shooter comes, start with the odds...slowly...and build up once they show they are controlled in how they throw (ie...they don't just grab the dice and huck them down the table).   Someone who sets the dice a certain way and throws them in a controlled manner....if they do this, and last more than 5 throws, they have a likelihood to be an ok shooter if you are betting.

Chris Singleton : Slight mistake on the betting at 15:45, I know it doesnt matter but it changed the winning slightly for the remaining rolls. This is a good strategy for people who want to have a few drinks and have a good time.. not a lot of risk, but it feels like constant action. I like it. Thanks for the video!

pesto12601 : "Hot Shooter".. lol.. like that matters...

Stephen Scisney : Hey Color UP! I entered the 50,000.00 Hi-Lo-Yo Craps tournament last weekend at the Golden Nugget in Vegas. The buy in was 150.00 which got you 25K in chips. The 1st round started at 9am. You had a choice of an hour slot between 9am - 2pm. I took the 1pm slot. There were 3 tables for the players, and you are assigned a table and a place at the table. There are 10 people per table. I had table #1. The hour session was divided into 3 20 minute sessions. They would do a chip count after each session. I started out using the Growth strategy for the 1st session. At the end of that session I was in 9th place. I then switched to the Light 2 Dark strategy for the 2nd session. After that session ended I was in 6th place. I started the last session using the Dark Side strategy. At the final count I was 4th overall, but they only take the top 3 from each table to advance to the 2nd round! Just missed the cut by 6K! It was a great experience and I learned you have to be AGGRESSIVE with your bets! Had a wonderful time and will do it again in the future. I'll have to order a Color Up shirt for good luck! Thanks for the videos and the strategies!

Wise Ole Geezer Circa 1941 : Comment #2. Why make Come bets? You bet $5 on the come and win on 7 or 11, lose on 2, 3, 12, or go to the number that comes up say a FIVE shows. Then bet $10 odds, for $15 bet. FIVE shows next roll. You win $5 + (odds 3/2 $15) total win $20. Bet has to come down. I place bet $15 on the FIVE. FIVE shows next roll. I get odds of 7/5 or $7 X three $5 bets, or $21. Plus I only have to make the point once, you have to do so twice. Also my bet can stay up as long as I want so I can press it. First book I bought on gambling was titled, "Whether You Get 7/6, 6/5, Or Even Money Depends On How Well You Know The Game".

MILWAUKEE WISCONSIN : I like this method. I will try it at the bellagio tonight when I get off work 👍🏼

Tyrone Powers : Just found your channel and have been powering thru all your videos. What a great presentation format to show different ways to play. I love playing craps and am generally a "Pass Line with Odds" player and while the house edge is really low, it is a dead boring way to play. I really like this approach as you have lots of action and are in the game moving things around and working different numbers. This is way better than my boring, get whittled away by the house edge strategy. ;-)

Jim Roberts : They never mention a shooter can roll 2,3,12 when you are on the come line. Also if you are placing the 6 & 8 you are not getting full odds which should be 6:5 Also why not take odds on the other point #'s if you're willing to risk two place bets? Taking odds late in the roll is the "hot hand fallacy" ( see Movie The Big Short ) Every roll is not dependent on what happened on the last roll.

ARCSSelfDefense : I was of the understanding that to place a bets on the 6 and/or 8 that I had to have money on the Pass or Don't Pass to get in. Am I missing something here?

Sean Burns : Great vids, i really enjoy watching. If you have the 6 & 8 placed right, an your come bet moves to the 6 what do you think about putting odds on your 6 an moving your place bet to like a 5 or 9? I think you you get paid better that if a 6 shows again.

BIG BOSS : Why place a come bet if u can just ask the dealer to place ur bet?

Charm City Casino -Com : The dice at the craps tables slide unnaturally at the end of a roll in all casinos. The final number rolled on a casino craps table is not random. Watch the dice slide, roll, turn on their own after the dice should have stopped. The person at the casino throwing the dice is just assisting in the throw. The casino controls the outcome 100% of the time. This is verified. The craps dice in the casino and the table are not the same has any table or die you can purchase on the internet. If you read this and still believe that shooing dice in a casino at the craps tables is random, you are ignoring your only chance to save yourself money. Good luck.

Jon : There is way to much talk of come in this video 😂

teamhex : So you don't have to start each game with a pass line bet? That's good to know. Watching other videos it makes it seem like that's the standard thing to do.

Michael Dose : I am not sure why you would not start with a pass line bet? The house only has a 1.41% edge, that makes it one of the best bets on the table.  It should also be pointed out that odds bets pay true odds with a zero house edge. I know we are limited to $30 but playing the pass line would get us to an odds bet faster. So for example if a six or eight is rolled on the come out. You can do an odds rather than a place bet.  Otherwise, I like this strategy, it seems like you could stay at the table a long time without a huge bank.  Great video.

Herb Clark : I have to watch this again!!

Herb Clark : I used a modified version of this starting with 10 cent chips in a small casino on the Tahoe strip. That alone will tell you it was many years ago! To make a long story short I used all six numbers and at the end of the night I had won in excess of $500. Was on a high! At one point the casino had the table ringed with guards and no new people could get in on the play. One young woman was betting $2 no odds and she won about $20. Her husband was urging her to leave and they escorted him out of the casino. I assured the lady I would put her $2 bet up. Of course the boys were continually getting bets fit them. They always put those tips on the hard ways. I didn’t do that good every night. But the most I could loose was $2. If I lost my $2 I went home. Rarely did I loose my $2

Nomadic Native : It’s Christmas 2018 & we’ve been at the Sam’s Town RV Park for a week. Watched this video this morning, used this strategy this evening, won $400. More than covered the cost of the RV park. Thanks!!

AFO3310 : See I was taught to play the pass every single time...didn't know you could only bet the come line

Randy Platz : In your Videos you place bets in the come offen. However in the casino's I dont see people playing to come area and have deal move the come up?. They seem to place bet or ask for a come number right away? Can you give me some feedback please.

Rance Martin : Hey man, love the videos. Just went to the casino first time in Biloxi. Played this strat bc I only had 200 dollar bankroll. I played 10 dollar min on a "crapless" table with 2 and 3 as point numbers and lost 100 quick. Moved to a normal table and won 62 back, also 10 min. Tipped dealers 12 cuz they were nice to a first timer and cut my losses. I was just wondering how the crapless table changes strats and if you had any videos on it. Also only placed 6 and 8 for $10, forgot about needing to place for $12.

grouthead : The strategies a little bit better $12 initial investment with a five dollar hedge

Steve Cole : A for effort. Nice vid. I’m sorry but that is no strategy at all, just a bunch of hand waiving and moving chips around 1. You rob yourself the chance of winning on the come out 7 2. You are already winning odds payout ($7) on the place bet, so you would never trade that out for an even money come bet after you already hit it once. Wtf? 3. Whatever you think you’re saving on the come bet when the 7out hits, you’ve already given it away by giving up your odds on the place bet. Being real, this is just mixing up two opposing methods. Just pick one or the other. (Classic 3point molly) Start off with the pass line bet and make two more come bets, work 3 numbers, throw another bet on the come every time you hit. Put odds on each if you like. Or (Classic regression) Skip the come out and place your 6&8 for $12 each. Every time you hit take your bet down to $6 each and let it ride till it gets knocked off. Then start back with $12 each. Don’t believe me? Just run the vid back and see how many more times you would’ve hit. Factor in your odds earnings and you’re way ahead. Lots of work for a little gingerbread. It would keep you busy though, if that’s what you’re after...

Tech MD Youtube : Are use the strategy with $120 everyplay. I played for many hours I was very happy with this strategy. And many times I went 500 plus dollars. In the end I started getting greedy in betting bigger lol

Belfe Baby : gee golly watching this not playing the odds is killing me. I know its the $30 strategy but gosh it gives me anxiety to watch.

John Gross : While I appreciate your always placing the 6/8, I have always thought that the pass line/come should be avoided well as odds bets. Yes, I know...people are screaming right now that odds are the best bet! Hear me out. Most people will/should bet the minimum on the pass line (basic ante), since it only pays 1:1 once in play. The odds is where you make the money. However, even if you have a $5 pass line/come bet with triple odds ($15), you don't make that much more (if any) than a simple place bet. For example, if the point is a 5 and the shooter hits win $26 on your $5 pass line + triple odds ($5 for the pass line + $21 for the $15 odds bet). Why not just place the 5 with the $20 and stand to win $28 if he hits the 5, with the added benefit of being able to remove your bet at any time? Yes, you will win a measly $5 on the come out on 7/11....but so what? I really think the odds bet is a ploy to get players to get more money on the table....knowing that if you stay there long enough you'll give it all back anyway. I only play the 6/8 for three rolls and down. I can usually get up $100 or so on $12 bets each before it goes the other way, but I can consistently win small amounts as long as I have the discipline to walk away (hard! :-) ).

David duFresne : It's been awhile since I played, but I made thousands on some good rolls. I guess it depends on your gambling mentality. If you prefer to go home with some money, then play this way. If you are looking for the big score, you want to back the come bets up with full odds and also play the pass line. When numbers are hitting you can have your place bets and come bets working on the same number. Once the place bet hits more than once you want to start pressing. If the table feels cold, just play the dont rather than be super conservative. Its probably not mathematical, but you don't want to go back and forth too much though. On a bad night as soon as you change back to come bets he'll seven out and then when you switch to don't he'll hit a bunch of numbers. Nothing worse than getting whipsawed.

Gene Wilkerson : Way way way too complicated!!

shawn thomas : I tripled my money tonight. Great night in Vegas with my beautiful wife celebrating our anniversary, getting free drinks, cheering on strangers and acting crazy using your advise! so I ordered a shirt as appreciation!

David Messer : There is no way to win a craps. Every bet has a house edge. The best you can do is slow down how fast the house takes your money.

Alex Skywalker : this is a great system. i will go try it soon. except i will start with 300 not 30.

Rasmus Terkelsen : I like this strategy. The good thing about it is that it uses the bets with the lowest house edge. The commentators who want to add c&e and hardways should be aware that those bets contribute far more to the casino's profit than just sticking to this strategy. Adding pass line and odds on your come bets would be a good idea if you can afford it, though.

Paintballpdh19 : are there still $5 tables anywhere?! It would be more useful to do this with a 10 min

Joseph Fitzpatrick : I've rolled my own high quality dice and averaged over 8to1 then went to the casino and it turned to about 6to1

davri : Played very similar tactic when I visited Vegas, managed to get all my bets paid for, and then a hot shooter allowed me to rack up 400 bucks before he 7 out. Great fun, low risk. Great vid mate.

Caladore Gandt : What this guy means by low risk is that the house will continue to be the odds favorite the entire time your gambling.

Kramchuck : 8:40 I'm confused how you +$5 if your come bet on the 5 lost and your pass line won. Wouldn't that be a break even? Yet you put +$5 in green.

Big Baller : But how do you over come the house edge??

belerophon : I like this approach a lot. I just started playing and I've found your videos the most helpful by far. My last time out I almost hit the full fire bet (got them all but the 4). Still paid 250 to 1 and no one even bought me a beer. :/ Maybe you should have a fire bet discussion. I'd also like to ask you if you have any insight in to how to achieve a better comp rate at a craps table. Seems like I can potentially lose a lot fast and I don't get the recognition for it I would get elsewhere for the same loss.

Brian M : casino wins... no matter how you play even if you played 365 days in a year the max profit you will achieve will be 3.88% more realistic returns under 2%

Andrew Silva : Is this strategy only for $5 min tables or can you do this with $10 min tables without doubling your bet?

Brad Josephson : I think this strategy is one of my favorites! Allows for an entertaining game, while staying within a reasonable budget. I'm personally always searching for ways to grind out the night at a table game, without handing my money over to the house too quick, or at all. Thanks for sharing!

David Gill : Always take the odds on come bets, you are giving the house a larger return by not taking them.