How to Win at Craps...Safe & Slow - Craps Betting Strategy

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Josh Hafer : I think I've watched about 3 hours of dice rolling in the last few days since I found this channel. I love that the strategy is just presented and then played out. No edits. No bias. Thanks.

MILWAUKEE WISCONSIN : I like this method. I will try it at the bellagio tonight when I get off work 👍🏼

BrianD0313 : I like the addition of the money tracker. Definitely makes it easier to see how well you're doing :) I think you should give yourself the benefit of the doubt on the 5 and 9 odds :P Do you have any thoughts on Dice Control? Is it a real thing? :P

Chris Singleton : Slight mistake on the betting at 15:45, I know it doesnt matter but it changed the winning slightly for the remaining rolls. This is a good strategy for people who want to have a few drinks and have a good time.. not a lot of risk, but it feels like constant action. I like it. Thanks for the video!

BIG BOSS : Why place a come bet if u can just ask the dealer to place ur bet?

AltCoin Dann : Sometimes I will lay the 4 or 10 while playing the pass line and 6/8, it works as a hedge if the 7 rolls out. Also dice control helps alot as well. Thanks for the video!

Stephen Scisney : Hey Color UP! I entered the 50,000.00 Hi-Lo-Yo Craps tournament last weekend at the Golden Nugget in Vegas. The buy in was 150.00 which got you 25K in chips. The 1st round started at 9am. You had a choice of an hour slot between 9am - 2pm. I took the 1pm slot. There were 3 tables for the players, and you are assigned a table and a place at the table. There are 10 people per table. I had table #1. The hour session was divided into 3 20 minute sessions. They would do a chip count after each session. I started out using the Growth strategy for the 1st session. At the end of that session I was in 9th place. I then switched to the Light 2 Dark strategy for the 2nd session. After that session ended I was in 6th place. I started the last session using the Dark Side strategy. At the final count I was 4th overall, but they only take the top 3 from each table to advance to the 2nd round! Just missed the cut by 6K! It was a great experience and I learned you have to be AGGRESSIVE with your bets! Had a wonderful time and will do it again in the future. I'll have to order a Color Up shirt for good luck! Thanks for the videos and the strategies!

Sean Burns : Great vids, i really enjoy watching. If you have the 6 & 8 placed right, an your come bet moves to the 6 what do you think about putting odds on your 6 an moving your place bet to like a 5 or 9? I think you you get paid better that if a 6 shows again.

EL CHINGON : I think just placing the numbers that way you don't have to wait for the number twice on the come....

MILWAUKEE WISCONSIN : Great videos by the way good luck and God bless

Getting Bent With Bo : I like this strategy. How do you suggest tipping the dealers when playing like this?

Eric Boyles : Boy I took a beating last night! Table was rolling 7’s like they were going outta style. Not a bad strategy here, I may try tomorrow night. Thanx!

Jana Giraud : In regards to money management, you were talking about “house money”. Once I win it, it’s mine. Lol. Once I have a fair a bit of money over and above what I bought in for, I will take those chips and just take them off the rack and pocket it. I go back to working just off my buy in. When I have some decent profits, I pocket that money. And just keep repeating the process. If I come to a point where I am loosing money from my by in and can’t seem to recoup it, I leave the table. Well, that’s what I’m supposed to do and most of the time I do. I try to limit my losses to 20% of my buy in. But stuff happens but at lease if I do lose then I just take the difference from my winnings and and my profits are a little less than before. But by taking the profits completely off the rack, I don’t just keep playing with “house money”, and my profits are safer. In theory. You have to be very self disciplined and forget that you pocketed those chips. Lol.

CryptoKnight10 : not bad but you should give more detailed explanation as you go, for example when you place the chip ON the # vs. UNDER the #.

Jeff Glines : i have been watching color up vids for a while now and they are great for new players and players who dont want to bet the house and just have fun...he has a way of explaining the game thats easy for newer players to undrrstand...would like to see him do the same videos but for players willing to bet a bit larger

Alan Toy : What strategy do you use when u play craps?

Cam Covello : My friends and I spent 4 days in Vegas watching and rewatching this video. We left Vegas up over $1000 between the three of us. Thank you for the education! Great method, great video!

nic190 : I hit the tall bet last weekend . If the 3 came out they would win all three bets. It’s a fun bet.

Attoffy : You mentioned about tipping the dealers during this video, and I noticed you don't have a vid talking about how to do it for craps. Maybe something a topic to cover and stick into your new players playlist.

Scott Miller : At 10:48 I would have took my odds off the ten and put it on the six come. But you rolled a seven so it didn't matter. If I was up, I would take odds on the six and eight and flat bet all the other numbers. That's just me. Good video.

Michael Bast : I have the wife watching your videos now. She thinks this is a great strategy but also thinks the pass line should be played every time. Keep up the good work!

Tyrone Powers : Just found your channel and have been powering thru all your videos. What a great presentation format to show different ways to play. I love playing craps and am generally a "Pass Line with Odds" player and while the house edge is really low, it is a dead boring way to play. I really like this approach as you have lots of action and are in the game moving things around and working different numbers. This is way better than my boring, get whittled away by the house edge strategy. ;-)

Jonathan Hains : So, I've played this 3 times in the past 2 weeks for a total of about 12 hours. I had a $300 bankroll each time, and the table minimums were 10/5/10, respectively. Found a couple of "tweaks" that I think are necessary. Firstly, last night I got clobbered by the 2/3/12 on my Come bets. With a $60 per player budget on a $10 table you could have $44 on the table and lose your Come bet to a crap roll. When that happened, I decided to put in a crsp check, because if it happened a second time, and it did--just not until I had racked a hit--I would not have had enough $ to go back up on the Come box for my 4th point. Secondly, I often found myself with 3 Come bets on the board, some chips in my rack, and a come out roll. That's $30 at risk to someone who might be setting to roll a seven on the come out. A pass line bet covers one of them, and I used a $2/3/4/5 "Any Seven" bet to hedge thst ridk, which is fine until he rolls a yo or a crap number and you lose that bet AND the Pass line bet. Finally, with a $60 "budget" per shooter, once I had numbers up, I started to add odds to my Pass Line/Come Bets each time I got a hit. But only once I had about $75 IN MY RACK FOR THAT SHOOTER'S BUDGET.

Frankyutube : Hey dude, great videos I have seen them all. I understand what a hot shooter is in theory but how many consecutive rolls would you consider a hot shooter. I think one guy rolled maybe 20 times at the Monte Carlo a few years back and I won a decent amount that night.

Byou Atube : One more question: If we are looking to have two more number established besides 6 and 8, then does it make sense to start with a bet on Pass line from get go. I am sure you have a logical reason for not doing that and establishing number through come bets, I am just trying to learn the logic behind it. Thanks... great videos.

Jesse Newby : This is very similar to, Heavy Hamilton's, "Heat seeker craps strategy". I've played this strategy, did ok if I remember correctly, think I played with 10 instead of 5

AltCoin Dann : I always play the pass line with a place 6 and 8! When I get up I start pressing the 6/8!

Skyler Finney : love the money tracker!

bill : thanks for the video

Woody 76 : I've watched all or most of your videos... What strategy do you personally use if you don't mind me asking

Corey Gigoux : Can u do one with 15 min bet video iron cross????needed bank roll

Roddy Wiley : The dice at the craps tables slide unnaturally at the end of a roll in all casinos. The final number rolled on a casino craps table is not random. Watch the dice slide, roll, turn on their own after the dice should have stopped. The person at the casino throwing the dice is just assisting in the throw. The casino controls the outcome 100% of the time. This is verified. The craps dice in the casino and the table are not the same has any table or die you can purchase on the internet. If you read this and still believe that shooing dice in a casino at the craps tables is random, you are ignoring your only chance to save yourself money. Good luck.

zachohrt : My new favorite channel. Thanks!

Matthew Vondrak : You should cover ways to tip dealers(betting for them). it's not only good karma, it's how they make a living.

Michael Say : Seriously,the only real strategy is finding a hot shooter

stiltguyjoe : Is dice setting something you practice/something you could demonstrate?

steven Lehmann : Is it common to have to play past line to be the shooter

Jermyn Church : What do you do for a living?

tony villegas : 👌👌 cant wait to hit vegas great vids

King Ericson : I like the money counter you added, you should change the color to green to make it easier to see

kaila matthies : at 7:50, would you recommend opting to press on the pass line? my thinking is its a free increase with the houses money

Trae McPherson : Hey, Color Up, what kind/brand of chips do you use in your videos? Also, where did you get your craps layout? Thanks!

Byou Atube : Hey Color Up....... question: when a come bet wins, is it advisable to leave the original bet working there ? or take it off and start a new come ? ( ofcourse a new come will be a hedge in case of 7, but if we leave it there it is working for us like at 15.15 time mark , on number 10, in this video...Thanks

jaydee_007 : I have been way up using the 5-9 Parlay to 6-8 strategy you presented in another video, over the last few weeks.

Nick Cruz : So are you leaving bets on when there is new come out Roll and you have numbers placed?

Silver Hunter : I think this is about as good as it gets apart from pure passline come and odds. the 6 and 8 are always working and you get the benefit of the winner 7 and 11. no odds but you dont lose much either. good strategy for a person who likes to play slow and not risk much.

Berelore : loving the running total, Thanks.

JBrod24 : I’m familiar with craps but not an expert by any means, so this may be a dumb question. But does this strategy change at all with a $10 minimum? Or is the principle the same, just more money on the table? Thanks! Love the videos.

belerophon : I like this approach a lot. I just started playing and I've found your videos the most helpful by far. My last time out I almost hit the full fire bet (got them all but the 4). Still paid 250 to 1 and no one even bought me a beer. :/ Maybe you should have a fire bet discussion. I'd also like to ask you if you have any insight in to how to achieve a better comp rate at a craps table. Seems like I can potentially lose a lot fast and I don't get the recognition for it I would get elsewhere for the same loss.

Randall Bowman : interesting strategy. But there are a couple things that would bother me: 1) Not betting the pass line at every opportunity. You can easily hedge the pass line with a C&E bet (would only cost you two extra bucks for a chance to win $3, instead of even money) 2) Not playing any come odds. Yeah, I get the whole idea is keeping your risk to a minimum. But with a hot shooter, you could be leaving an awful lot of money out on the table by just sticking with the even money payouts. Also, if you are at a table long enough and the dice bias seems to be favoring either of the outside numbers, you'd be crazy to not bet any odds. Interesting video though. I might do a few practice rounds at home myself.