The New £1 Coin
The Royal Mints hilarilously Apple like advert for the new 1 coin I thought it was a parody

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The new £1 coin will go into circulation in March 2017. Here we take an in-depth look at the security features of the new coin.


MidFlightRiot : But dose it have a headphone jack still?


Albino Peach : Did the royal mint just become Apple?

Yuck Foutube : Because everyone makes 1 pound coins in their back yard.

Seymour Butz : Looks like an Apple ad

Rory Marshall : I'm looking forward to the iPound mini

fungussa : So-called 'secure', but it's entirely vulnerable to steep devaluation by the willfully ignorant

murk1e : 12 sided makes it a shape of non constant width - unlike the 50p and 20p. Would have been better to go 11 sided with arcs opposite each vertex.

euphospug : And NO headphone jack! WTF.???

James Robertson : Cutting edge edge-cutting technology.

Alexander Muscat : THIS COIN IS LIT ASF

haha : £2 anyone?

A Gentleman : Quite a beautiful coin.

Tom Fotheringham : Shame it's not worth anything anymore.

Two Sheds : Fling it at the ground and you get two for one.

Zafira Zalina : Square and circular geometry. The best of both worlds! Squaring the circle. Must be the work of Alchemists.

Rónán McIntyre : Hahaha "Northern Irish shamrock"

ddstar : Now worth 20% less

Noah Moyer : I've never seen such a dramatic ad for a coin.

Bumba Clart : Nickelback will be proud.

Itzzz_e : I got 1 Also don't spend the old 1 pound coin because they may be worth a lot in the future

John Michaelson : The first counterfeits will be on the streets next month.

Thunder God : IVE GIT ONE

stuart bray : It was made in 2017

JustAnotherGuy : it's 14 sides actually

Rarpopa : I feel like i just watched an apple ad ahaha

ShadyTavern : illuminati confirmed? produced in 2017

Paulus de Kenezy : Nice and worth less than the previous.

OxMPredatorZ : How tf has it already been 2 years since these changes

Deepinder Cheema : Alan from Thunderbirds seems to be doing voice over work these days

John Randles : the saturn worship screaming out in this one lol

Dany1054 : Looks like its designed by Pablo Picasso with the cubist art design:)

CEO Coin : このコインは日本では特に女性に人気ですね。

it's anto stow : Introducing the revolutionary new ipound12

John Randles : should have given the Welsh a farmer shaggin a sheep!

King of the Anals and the Fist Men : Revolutionary.

Gego/XAREN ゲゴザレン : The new pound coin should have the quintessential British Two Finger Salute.

Amaleen Amer : I need the music in this vid

jrex M : What about vending machines

Vacio_y_mas : "new " that latent pic was on pesetas from spain before the euro

ISellSigals : #Bitcoin

KingHub : Does it have a dual sim card slot for travelling?

Honkmafa : Here come all the salty Brexit related comments.

Ben Mikael : so we're gonna have to replace all Shopping Trollies in the UK?

Raj Srivastav : hidden feature inside.........the suspense........

N Squareroot : Hidden security feature? RFID?

Thomas Cottle : The Welsh should have a Daffodil, not a leek.

Panic!AtTheFalloutChemicalDisco ! : what's counterfeit?

Sunny Pup : I like the new pound coin. I hope the sterling keeps rising and I'm very glad they used a Scottish thistle ! :)