The New £1 Coin

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MidFlightRiot : But dose it have a headphone jack still?

Thund3rbolt : I hear if u can unwrap it and there's minty chocolate inside

Albino Peach : Did the royal mint just become Apple?

Yuck Foutube : Because everyone makes 1 pound coins in their back yard.


Seymour Butz : Looks like an Apple ad

Rory Marshall : I'm looking forward to the iPound mini

fungussa : So-called 'secure', but it's entirely vulnerable to steep devaluation by the willfully ignorant

euphospug : And NO headphone jack! WTF.???

haha : £2 anyone?

ddstar : Now worth 20% less

Trekker : looks like currency denomination....Get it ...Brexit redy Mint. One poud is new 50 pence

murk1e : 12 sided makes it a shape of non constant width - unlike the 50p and 20p. Would have been better to go 11 sided with arcs opposite each vertex.

John Michaelson : The first counterfeits will be on the streets next month.

James Robertson : Cutting edge edge-cutting technology.

Noah Moyer : I've never seen such a dramatic ad for a coin.

Tom Fotheringham : Shame it's not worth anything anymore.

A Gentleman : Quite a beautiful coin.

Craparella Smørrebrød : I wonder whether the "hidden high security feature" is a RFID chip with a dedicated ID to each coin, allowing to track both movement of each coin and people carrying them through the city. It would fit the current "let's erode all privacy" government stance. Would that be feasible?

Ben Mikael : so we're gonna have to replace all Shopping Trollies in the UK?

mousenatorx : This guy's voice is very annoying. He goes bananas whenever he starts a new sentence.

swedishguy83 : No need for the Scottish symbol on there. They will be leaving UK soon and joining EU.

Two Sheds : Fling it at the ground and you get two for one.

Alexander Muscat : THIS COIN IS LIT ASF

Rónán McIntyre : Hahaha "Northern Irish shamrock"

Hayden Scott : i dont think anyone was counterfeiting 1 pound coins anyway, why do they need to be this secure

Calum Lawson : If I go into a shop to buy a Pepsi and bag of doritos ( other products are available) how do you expect me to put my hand in my pocket and feel if its a pound coin or a bloody 50p?

Icandostuff : Why would you want to make counterfeit pounds ?

kdhlkjhdlk : Why put a thistle on it when Scotland is about to leave the UK?

TTV Complex : I got 1 Also don't spend the old 1 pound coin because they may be worth a lot in the future

Dany1054 : Looks like its designed by Pablo Picasso with the cubist art design:)

Raj Srivastav : hidden feature inside.........the suspense........

Thomas Cottle : The Welsh should have a Daffodil, not a leek.

Lefwog James : I dont like smaller coins i like heavy ones

Paulus de Kenezy : Nice and worth less than the previous.

AJ Hewitt : beautiful coin! can't wait to get a hold of one.

Rarpopa : I feel like i just watched an apple ad ahaha

N Squareroot : Hidden security feature? RFID?

Thunder God : IVE GIT ONE

The Prussian : The 12 sided one pound coin Coming 2017* *Limited time only thanks to value of currency.

JustAnotherGuy : it's 14 sides actually

OrcButter : 'Hidden security feature'????!!

Zafira Zalina : Square and circular geometry. The best of both worlds! Squaring the circle. Must be the work of Alchemists.

Bumba Clart : Nickelback will be proud.

: Mine says: ELIZABET II.D.G.REG.F.D 2016? From the bank.

Ryan tt : But how much does it cost the Mint to make and how much will our Gov be buying them for? if its more than £1 then its pointless...

Artyom Metro : EUball: Remove Tea. UKball: Remove EUSSR.

Traillblazer : Supermarkets are gonna have to get new trolleys!!!

carlos bueno : Tengo la.misma moneda que precio tiene

Carlos : Beauty!