Takeout creates a lot of trash. It doesn't have to.

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einfach nur Leo : In Germany you have to pay a small amount for plastic bags in supermarkets. That makes people reuse or bring their own bags.

human : *_This is a problem but the food is so good from takeout_*

MisterAxeMan : You're right! Let me just put my spaghetti in my pocket!

TJ Liwanag : I agree wholeheartedly with 99% of this video. The 1% I don’t agree with is dude putting ketchup on his potato chips at 2:03 #isthisathing

Muskaan Sengupta : Finally, something important, something we should care about, *FINALLY* makes it to trending.

ElyssaAnderson : Wait, you guys don't eat your bags too? Is everyone else super wasteful, or am I just a weirdo?

The PRICE Family : Save the earthhhh 😬

Sean Tiu : People often forget that the first of the three R's is REDUCE. The best way to save earth is to just stop producing unecessary waste, not recycling.

MisterAxeMan : *Cashier:* "Would you like that for here or to go?" *Me:* "To go, oh wait but don't put it in a box just put it in my pocket so I can be *eCo fRiEnDlY."*

Bella1candy : Save the Earth

manasi : Vox basically reads my mind

Virginia Gafken : Pleaseeeee do one on amazon packaging !!! Drives me crazy I’ll get four boxes for one thing!!!

human : *_This man is a genius_* 👑 😆 👕 👖

murrrmur : Alright, the comments are funny, but finish the god dam video before you claim he was asking you to put a tuna sandwich into your back pocket.


Decode Channel : If you're not buying recycled products, you're not really recycling.

Colleen : I'm totally on board. Vox you are my favorite channel you broaden my horizons and constantly change the way I see things. I'm so glad you exist that tears escape my eyes. THANK YOU VOX AND HAVE A GREAT 2018

Griffin Crouch : The reusable take out thing would be incredibly profitable in large cities, including mine. That could be interesting way to entrepreneur.

Guy Scafidi : Wait, you actually get ketchup without asking? I want to know this magical fast food place.

Benjamin Browning : does this guy order take out for every meal?

Gipsy Danger : Fact: it takes 600 years for a plastic fishing line to fade away in the ocean.

Jessica : I ALWAYS say "no bag please" BUT THEY ALWAYS GIVE ME A BAG! WHY!

Scott W : Plastic bag used to carry a paper bag? Clearly you don't have kids. Ever try to take two little ones into the restaurant. The paper bag is filled to the top and will rip. As a parent carrying one kid and holding the other minion from trying to claim the restaurant as theirs; looping your hand through a plastic bag is a pretty good idea.

Kailei Paige : When I go out to eat I bring a reusable container for my leftovers. I also have a pencil box where I keep utensils for ordering takeout or eating at work!

Justin Y Not. : Watching while eating chicken fried rice.... a feast 👍🏾

Juliet Townsend : meh- people dont care- they not only want every bag you can offer - they want it double bagged.I once dealt with someone who actually said- I like your to go containers- I always save one bite just so I can get a few... Yes they boxed up one bite per container.....People dont want to help- they want convenience.

Lul M8 : 2:32 Ive worked in retail before and trust me some customers would act like you tried to kill them if you didnt give them a bag... i can already hear the Up-itty voice “AND A BAG?!” “Ummm.... Are you serious?!” “This is unbelievable” “You expect me to hold and carry my burrito?!” “Can i speak to your manager?” And of course the people who just stand there still, and stare at you.

Jaredgotbackpain : Just throw it in the woods thats what I do

Shelby Rose : Another way to help fight climate change is to go vegan! Animal agriculture is responsible for more greenhouse gases than all of our world's transportation (cars, planes, etc) combined. If you want to learn more watch Cowspiracy on netflix, its a great doc :)

Riswan AP : So Big Shaq's "no ketchup" principle is actually very eco-friendly

N·J Media : "Trash is fake news"

Jasmine Doyle : Why does this not have more view? It's so important!!!

Callan Whitney : Save Earth-chan!

Calamity_Triger : 51% of greenhouse gasses come from animal agriculture.Go vegan and reduce your massive carbon footprint

Ciaran Connerton : I love how America has these great innovative ideas that other countries have been doing for years

Juan Rodriguez : Shocking how soft vox was on the carbon footprint of animal based diets, while enthusiastic about much less effective climate solutions. Don't get me wrong, I'm a huge fan of zero waste as it is an inevitable necessity, but they've twisted the focus on what is the most important component of fighting climate change, which is undoubtedly switching to a plant based diet.

Captian Echo : I use the plastic bags as garbage bags for my bathroom.

thewanderingpig : Really loving this series

TheRedJadex : My family reuses the practical plastic containers or taper wear we get from takeout.

Rishi Shah : This is the type of content that needs to be on trending

Nate the Great : Vox also makes a lot of trash 👌🏻👌🏻

2spooky4me : One of the problems you are not talking about is that people can't always carry reusable stuff around with them, or they may forget it.

Heather McGuire : #Even-though the plastic bags are recyclable they are NOT accepted at the recycling plant. Why can't someone come up with an easy way to extract them from the other recyclable trash OR make the bags extremely compostable

TazTalksYouListen : Stop "incentivizing" via "global warming" propaganda. Just speak the truth and it will eventually win. Trash takes up space that we would rather use for virtually anything else. That's good enough.

Sara Rhodes : This should be #1 trending not Logan Paul news

James Deal : by saying no to a plastic bag means that it still exists and will be thrown away anyways by someone else. can someone please explain to me how saying no helps?

CodeChimp : If you order on UberEats, please write extra instructions for "no utensils."

BudgeThePutcher : 3:20 Restaurants don't pay for napkins and plastic ware. Customers do. In fact, Restaurants probably have huge margins on that stuff and make a significant amount of their profit from it.

TheFourthWinchester : God you people waste so much it's mind-boggling.

Aidan Page : I love this host, Dr. M. Sanjayan is just so enthusiastic about it all, if he cares this much then so should I lol