The Death of Couch Multiplayer

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Augustus Bohn : The worst part of losing local multiplayer _now_ is that screens are big enough four people can have the equivalent of a full SD screen in a quarter of an HD screen, and with wireless controllers you don't have to huddle close to the console or buy any adapters.

Alex George : Couch multiplayer will always be the one. You need that visualization of your buddy's utter despair at the realisation that the blue shell coming for him *will* cost him the win.

masterxlr : You know what i find odd about the lack of splitscreen these days? These days, basically everyone has at the very least a 32'-45' TV on their living room that they use to play their consoles, which makes the screen size for each player reasonable enough to use (unlike on the ps1-N64 era when we had fucking 17' screens)...SO WHY THE HELL DO WE NOT HAVE LOCAL MULTI? IT'S NOT EVEN THAT HARD TO IMPLEMENT, GOD DAMN IT

Camay Wolfe : Every time you say "gamer girls" it always makes my mind subconsciously think that theres hella girls here. As a 20yo female I felt very alone looking at that demographics chart. Reality hit. It hit hard.

Citrus : "I can't feed my friends a Digorno on DIscord" 100% why I like LAN sessions

Axel Morgaine : Aah, the old days when you tried and sneak up on your friends to kill them in Halo while invisible, only to get slaughtered because they know your position from split-screen cheating, then shouting anything at them in anger and hitting them with a pillow. Now it's been replaces with online confusion of not knowing where anyone is, and shouting anything at your screen. *sigh*

Jacuzzi Banzai : Lego Star Wars; when you had beef you took it out on Act 6 of Episode 3.

Sly : This video is so spot on, it's not even fucking funny. As much fun I've had  playing online matches in Call of Duty, epic 64 player Battlefield matches or intense Rainbow Six Siege squad gameplay. It will never top the true multiplayer memories of playing Star Wars Battlefront 1 &2 on PS2/XBOX with my friends, or Rainbow Six Vegas 2 Terrorist hunt split screen, Mario Kart 64, Left 4 Dead and Nazi Zombies and Call of Duty Black Ops 1 multiplayer split screen. Split Screen will always be the "true" multiplayer.

Chrisjb1983 : Couch co op was fun. Ps2. Fondest memories of that. 👍

grog renaghan : This is 100% one of my favourite video formats on this godforsaken website

dildomeg : Become the better version of yourself - don't buy season passes

Ben Carlson : To this day I still have the boys over for some pizza and mario party and god damn its fun

Evan Curtin : Nothing will beat playing smash bruthas on the couch with the boys.

Sam Looney : At least Nintendo is AMAZING at keeping this alive!

SC 2187 : I remember when it didn’t cost you 600 dollars to get 4 people to play together Holy crapples my apples and frickles my nipples, that’s a lot of likes

Lawrence Gist : Kirby Air Ride, I remember playing hide and seek with my sister in city trial mode. Mario Party, I remember destroying my dad's dreams of victory by mere seconds on Goomba Boardwalk. Kirby Return to Dream Land, I remember turning to stone while throwing my friends and family at Magolor. Wii Sports; Baseball, I remember seeing the look on my sister's face whenever I used the B button to throw the ball too low and not telling her. Wii Sports Resort, plane dogfighting with my family. Wii Sports Resort; Fencing, I remember us all laughing at how terrible we were at swordplay. Mario Kart Double Dash, the game who's kart share mechanic helped me bond with my dad after his stroke. Good times.

AliTHEgrunt : 3 words: Halo CE, LAN, Friends. Those where the good old days

Plank Hill : small nitpick, but melee players use CRTs because they have the least input lag, using PCs with emulators to play wouldn't be too hard to set up

Isaac Osborn : The day I can no longer launch a warthog of the jump pad of avalanche on halo 3: ODST whilst my friend tries to shoot me out of it with a banshee is a sad day for video games


Tame : I like the time splitters future perfect in the backround

James Boyce : B O Z O B R A I N

Owen Balzer : Another thing Nintendo does better

Zero P : Never clicked out of PornHub so fast.

N 1 G G L E T 124 : Minecraft will forever be my favourite split screen game.

Austin Brown : "You can't feed your friends a Digiorno through Discord." LOL

TPF - Theology, Philosophy, & Fun : I have literally never agreed more with a video on youtube. I have been saying the same thing for YEARS. This is why I will never leave Nintendo.

GhostLexus : Who else came her for him to talk about Minecraft multiplayer nobody? Ok just me :(

BrickThunder101 : "broadband? I hardly know her" fantastic

Katelynn Michelle : Red Baron is better.

Crunchy Toes : Please tell me this is just some inside joke I'm missing out on, but what is with the cow clip he puts in pretty much every video. 5:46

Steven Collado : Nothing like calling little Timmy a sack of donuts in person, ey Timmy

MLG_MAN_1223 : Halo Reach still creates some of the best times for me in local splitscreen camping the spawns in forge with a scorpion or bombing in a banshee while they get all pissed will never get old for me

Alex Jenkins : You are one of YouTube's best. You feel like a real person when you talk about games. It's so real and passionate. We're in a YouTube dark age where people will give up their souls for just a bit of them sweet dollars. But you remain original and fun. Great work, keep it up

C0nnie : many summers were lost to me and my cousin split-screening World at War Zombies

Kane VVinning : If only something like fortnite, forza or gta had couch multiplayer

AAron 467 : I play minecraft multiplayer with my brother and it was fun

Hot Doggo : What about minecrafts split screen?

Jayson Blackburn : My best memories in videogames were knifing my friends in 4 player local multiplayer BO1, while sitting on an obscenely large beanbag, and eating McDonald's chicken nuggets... God I miss the good ole' days.

Sushi Desu : Parsec on PC kind of helps, but nothing beats having your friends in the same house

Harukoon92 : I still find and go out of my way to buy couch multiplayers.

TPF - Theology, Philosophy, & Fun : Why is Jakeys default background the intro to Encino Man? I love it but just curious lol

Scarso : This channel = Art

GEhotpants101 : "Hey boyfriend, we should play a game together since we live together and have the entire afternoon off." "We only have 1 PS4." "OH"

Nicholas LaRosa : Not having the option for local split-screen on a Halo is sacrilege. Why 343... Also that Halo 3: ODST soundtrack caught me off guard.

Captain Goujon : I may be over 3 years late to this video, but holy dogass, Freedom Fighters brought me and my brother together and tore us apart at the same time.

Mike : You seen that new Super Mario Party, it's got couch co-op

Bob S : This video is so good, I didn't realized it was old...... until he said 2017 AD

popcornfilms1 : Love the videos, they're so relaxing. You're a great presenter and editor