The Death of Couch Multiplayer

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JoeyPockett : wish i could watch this video in person instead of online

Jimbo McGringus : My best memories in videogames were knifing my friends in 4 player local multiplayer BO1, while sitting on an obscenely large beanbag, and eating McDonald's chicken nuggets... God I miss the good ole' days.

Citrus : "I can't feed my friends a Digorno on DIscord" 100% why I like LAN sessions

BrickThunder101 : "broadband? I hardly know her" fantastic

RNWNK : This guys channel is so good, he's going to hit 1M for sure. I smell some Dunkey!

GEhotpants101 : "Hey boyfriend, we should play a game together since we live together and have the entire afternoon off." "We only have 1 PS4." "OH"

Y forTurbo : Dear Jakey, Congrats on being a true Video Game boi for multiple years.

siamiam : tv screens are bigger on average now days too and much cheaper per inch . i do kind of miss the old square tvs

Watsjepettix : Lego games are still local multiplayer. Lego games are the shit!

grog renaghan : This is 100% one of my favourite video formats on this godforsaken website

TheConsolePleb : At least 343 learned from their mistake in halo 5, and split screen will be in all future halo fps titles. As for others companies tho it's RIP.

TimRT Howard : Guarantee you've got loads of 13-17 who just lie about their age

Ernest L : i would kiss you. but we arent on a couch nor in the same country edit/ i regret this.

hideo kojima : 3 words... 8 playas smash

Unity Member : That's some really high quality content. I'm late, but still glad that I found your channel.

Pipebomb : This video needs to be sent to every major video game company on the market

Marcus Mayer : I feel like there hasn't been enough 40oz's lately.

Lawrence Gist : Kirby Air Ride, I remember playing hide and seek with my sister in city trial mode. Mario Party, I remember destroying my dad's dreams of victory by mere seconds on Goomba Boardwalk. Kirby Return to Dream Land, I remember turning to stone while throwing my friends and family at Magolor. Wii Sports; Baseball, I remember seeing the look on my sister's face whenever I used the B button to throw the ball too low and not telling her. Wii Sports Resort, plane dogfighting with my family. Wii Sports Resort; Fencing, I remember us all laughing at how terrible we were at swordplay. Mario Kart Double Dash, the game who's kart share mechanic helped me bond with my dad after his stroke. Good times.

Zero P : Never clicked out of PornHub so fast.

Nasira Johnson : Cute gamer boy with some good analysis paired with great comedic editing. Bless you beautiful i will be binging your channel tonight 🖤

Grachtnakk : I just played MK Double Dash yesterday with two friends and we just had a blast. Good stuff :)

Alison Something : This guys got a point.

Robert Becker : This is my new favorite YouTube channel

SC 2187 : I remember when it didn’t cost you 600 dollars to get 4 people to play together Holy crapples my apples and frickles my nipples, that’s a lot of likes

Rexcor Jungmir : “I can’t feed my friends a DiGiorno on Discord.” That sums it up for me. So many nights spent staying up late to kick each other’s asses in Smash Bros. or Halo, or anything else we had lying around with four controllers to spare, some that we brought over ourselves, and me or one of our friends serving up a hot meal that we split. Sometimes we’d go out to a local Wawa or restaurant that still runs late at night for whatever we’re craving.... but damn. I miss those nights. It’s certainly the best feeling ever. Online only can never compare. And that’s why the phrase speaks to me.

Evan Guerrero : I like the time splitters future perfect in the backround

GCoop 14 : Back in the day when we played four player halo but we always had somebody that had to sit out... It was usually me

Far-No : I play(ed) Halo with my sister and even as adults she would come round and play. We even got an Xbone just for MCC but then Halo 5 confirmed no split screen and it was good bye Xbone.

Evan Curtin : Nothing will beat playing smash bruthas on the couch with the boys.

Kaixero : Hey buddy :3 Just checked out mark's video on Ico and design by subtraction, and noticed a comment from about two years ago - one from a young(er) Jakey just starting out, asking about what mic to buy. I gotta say, man, it's great seeing your channel grow and seeing you getting to do what makes you move and groove. I'm sure you've got a lot of whirling worries, like how to grow your channel, get your voice out while trying to figure out what kind of content you can really get behind and all that, but I gotta say this: Keep doing what you do, fam, because I appreciate you. You doing what you want and love to do makes me, hell, it makes a lot of us happy I'm sure. So godspeed, and stay gold, pony boy. We'll be here for you.

Nathan Romano : What is that video at 1:22?

Axel Morgaine : Aah, the old days when you tried and sneak up on your friends to kill them in Halo while invisible, only to get slaughtered because they know your position from split-screen cheating, then shouting anything at them in anger and hitting them with a pillow. Now it's been replaces with online confusion of not knowing where anyone is, and shouting anything at your screen. *sigh*

Alex Jenkins : You are one of YouTube's best. You feel like a real person when you talk about games. It's so real and passionate. We're in a YouTube dark age where people will give up their souls for just a bit of them sweet dollars. But you remain original and fun. Great work, keep it up

NeoRocket64 : bomberman is better with local multiplayer and it always better with local multiplayer. good thing konami didnt make new bomberman r online only

TheeAdeptBranch : It funny how it has moved to PC because with Emulation PC has more splitscreen games than console. And most of your old Exclusives too.(and in 4k)

Nicksaw : I used to play Lego Star Wars with my friends. Don't judge me.

Kermit F : Thank god for smash four with 8 player local.

Dashing : I love you Jakey, another great video!

9th and Baklavey : I have never watched a video twice in a row..until now. Thanks.

Pedro Amaral : Gotta love couch co op!!!

BennyC023 : To this day I still have the boys over for some pizza and mario party and god damn its fun

Chrisjb1983 : Couch co op was fun. Ps2. Fondest memories of that. 👍

LinkToo : You seen that new Super Mario Party, it's got couch co-op

dildomeg : Become the better version of yourself - don't buy season passes

Petter Valderhaug : Melee <3

Theiwillsurvive Guy : What shoes are you wearing in this video? I want them

MLG TURTLE : Yeah, I remember those days when I would go to my neighbors to play MW3 with out my mom's permission ano play it with my other friend's as well and always how I did go after school to play some NHL with my friend it was fun back then. And how we would go play the lego starwars over to another friend's house. I remember so many times playing PS2 or PS3 or even WII it was fun and yes I miss those times. But nowdays we still have about 5-10 Lan partys and have a group of 5-15 people. There is just something special playing games with friends.

sugarl0af : CRTs don’t have input delay

Kane VVinning : If only something like fortnite, forza or gta had couch multiplayer

Squidward Tentpoles : I miss the 360 era.