Brainstorm or Green Needle?

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you can hear whichever one you're thinking of originally noticed by me and brought to attention with blood sweat n tears and annoying all my friends and also reddit

Comments from Youtube

Andy Lundell : "GRAIN STOOL"

NicholasPOGM : I think I have drain bamage now.

Cinderella Costallas : you can also hear "Brain Needle" and "Green Storm"

GenoSight : If I focus hard enough i can hear Granny Door lol

Bryce Walburn : I can also hear "brain needle" or "green storm" if I try hard enough

Ciel : It's clearly saying despacito.

Jaidyn Squad : For people who want to keep listening 0:02 0:02

piZza MarblE : *warning: big giant scary explanation ahead* b r a i n s t rm g r ee nnee dl lots of static at beginning makes g static in general and after-b sound makes first ee n in brain makes both n's in green and needle lots of static and distortion from s at middle makes the second ee distortion and that sound like a big engine(not car) running down (the one that slows and lowers the audio's sound down) turns the rm to dle (notice the dle sound flattening out and the hiccup in the middle of the word storm) sounds like a slightly broken speaker to me To explain the RE-MINO that a bunch of people are hearing: b r a i n s t rm r ee mee no the 'b' sound sounded like the machine starting up the 'r' translated see 'ee' from green needle explanation the 'm' works like the 'n' from green needle, just a different look on the static see 'ee' from green needle the 'no' can be explained like the 'rm' and 'dl' worked (that place has lots of distortion)

ZShaun : Bruh i can hear brainstorm, brain needle, greenstorm and green needle. It just depends on which one i want to hear lol

Vailskibum94 : This is insane

Cyril Gigee : "Grain Spoon" also works.

xslayergaming : Had to find this 5 second video because people keeps saying "it's playing 2 different videos"

-Ariana the Potato Master- : Green Needle. (I heard RE-MEME-OH)

Doyoumine : Try to make it to church Sunday/Wednesday

Peter Studios : Who has rewinded this video more than 10 times already?

Ali107 : I keep switching by just looking at the word itself!

Steven_CS : I can only hear "brain needle" and "green needle". HOW DO PEOPLE HEAR "STORM"?

Thor Keck : But I also hear tornado sometimes... Think or say out loud.. Tornado Tornado Tornado 0:02 Now listen to tornado.

A guy with subs : Better than Yanny or laurel

Anna Sanchez : This toy is brainstorm from ben10, so that's what its actually saying

Apple Hex : I swear when I replay it changes

Тьма Тем : Green needle in Monday, Brainstorm in saturday

El Ganador : Ben 10? Yeah

NicholasPOGM : You can also hear green storm or brain needle. How are they doing that?!

fetus dad : omg every time I replay it I hear one or the other it's like it's saying something different each time

Lunar Dancer : I can only hear Green Needle. Unfortunately I can no longer brain storm. I think I might be dying.

Jazmin Medrano : Tf i fist heard green neddle perfectly and now i only hear brainstorm🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️

FSFC ICY : I heard "Brain Needle" 😂😂😂

Petrichor : this is way more insane than the laurel crap

Vettin : I Can Cear Brainstorm, Green Needle, Brain Needle, And Green Storm-

:v : I hear Laurel

Ben Huffington : says brain storm every time. did i get a broken one?

Maksymilian Król : You can even hear "Brinstle".

Teddy Machete : You can mix them up and hear Brain Needle and Green storm.

Sentitis : I can switch between the both words at will.

Egemen Çevik : If i concentrate I can hear something like brain-see-torm

GenoSight : Hmm if im thinking of nothing i hear Green Needle

Antares Lewenussa : Brainneedle

0- Wahaj -0 : I dont know bout you but i only hear green needle maby brain needle Also my mom heard brain storm Im shooketh

anthony montesinos : Which ever word you think of is what you hear. At least for me.

Blackfyre : Needle and storm sound completely different, WTF.

Marlee Ford : Okay. I figured it out. So, when i told my brain to hear "green needle" thats what i heard. But when i told my brain to hear "brainstorm" i heard it. CRAZY!

BISCUIT S : I can switch between brainstorm and greenneedle easily. Unlike laurel and yanny. All I hear is laurel Update: I figured out if you concentrate hard enough you can change laurel and yanny just like this video above. For me it takes full concentration and I have to fully believe that the next thing I hear will be the other word. This goes for the pink and white shoe. If I truly believe its grey and blue, i will see grey and blue. Same goes with pink and white. There something more going on here than what other videos say is. The mind is very powerful thing. I believe we will see more examples like this in the future.

Joseph Stalin : I was able to change what I hear by switching ears...

Clark B. : "Green Stool"

BTS UwU : *reads description* blood sweat n tears BTS

いぬとかねことか : that's screwy as heck. as far as i can tell, the S in brainstorm is, in fact, the NEE in needle... ...screwy as heck

Elidan : Or even Brain Needle or Green Storm. This is sick.

Joseph Pericone : It also works if you think of the words brainneedle and greenstorm.