A Vodka Movie by Zach Galifianakis, Tim and Eric

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Zach Galifianakis, Tim Heidecker and Eric Wareheim were commissioned by Absolut Vodka to make a film for their website. They were told they could do anything they wanted as long as they mentioned the product. Edited by Ben Berman.

Comments from Youtube

Shitpost Admiralty : Absolute On Ice isn't complete without a dash of Pitzman's.

Samuel Price : i've got an abbreviated disc

Steve Holmgren : "sorry guys... botha my parents died a couple hours ago." Holy shit I've never laughed at something so terrible, the comedic timing of this piece was masterful.

stratocasterbeast : this is what watching reality tv is like

violet bowie : I work at a place that sells Absolut vodka, and every time I ring it up for the customer, I feel like I want to have a complete breakdown of anger.

Lean Doughnut : I was really unhappy with the color of my mini golf ball

Oivalf Music : My grandma used to have Zach's haircut.

Kushtykon : "What is this Ice?" XD

metallicarocks911 : -IT'S NOT FUNNY!  -Okay...-- -DON'T TALK!

Nolege Is Power : 'Both my parents died a couple of hours ago.' 'Lets forget about it, have a couple of drinks'

no name : I have watched all of these so many times and I can't get enough of them. Still find myself watching these years later. Tim and Eric are fucking awesome.

leoeoeoeoe : what is this? ice?

Pierre : What is this? Ice?

Y8R : "It's not funny!" - I've never laughed harder after hearing that.

Obligor : I'm sorry guys.. Both of my parents died a couple of hours ago

lastfirstborn2 : Let's have another drink and forget about it, capische? 

illuminatioracle : I HAVE AN ABBREVIATED DISC!

DisappointingPorn : I put all this wicker up just for you.

metalrave : The never ending 1 oz absolut bottle lol Press 9..that face lolol

6.eggs. : "My parents died two hours ago." "Lets have a drink, lets forget about it." Cried

Aaron Carnes : DON'T TALK!!!

Dead Room : i thought this couldn't blow my mind any more... then thhis happened 2:45

burblar : This is how I was introduced to Tim and Eric

danhi333 : Love the exaggerated zoom-ins

Batman : 3:19 is the best part of the entire video

Altingauss : It’s been 10 years and I still lose my shit at “what is this, ice?”

Led Pencil : " ...the most relaxing day of the year."

Massive Douche : I tell ya, it's the most relaxing day of the year.

Graham Kristensen : Get ready for Grump Bump!

droan999 : "Both of my parents died a couple hours ago."So fn funny

Captain Jack Sparrow : "Its not funny!!!!" "Dont talk!!!!" Hahahahahah

luvspurple1969 : 1:26  dat face.....dat laugh......xD xD xD

lady space : Can I just get a compilation of Eric's fake frown/laugh to watch 24-7? Thanks.

mauigio : This is so feken brilliant, how can you not like this. Oh well more Tim and Eric for me and my Jedis

Helena RC : 0:36 makes me wish Tim would eat me out

Speechless Delirium : 'today is the most relaxing day of the year'

Margaret L : 663 people thought the hot-tub was too hot 

Logic Makes Sense : Everything I watch that Eric has anything to do with makes me feel like I took 3 Ambien and tripped out.

Caleb Ventura : How could you not like this. The Einsteins of comedy!

3eyedwonderkid : The background music is the same music from cooking with dog......


Syrio Forel : great to watch late at night when high

Bill Volk : I guess this is just what happens when you live in a boyz' house.

Chronas : " hello drink were drinking?" "I-I don't think it's funny. IT'S NOT FUNNY!!!! Okay DONT TALK

Dustin DeBolt : I put all this wicker up just for you lol

cyka blyat : theres a hose connected to that bottle?

Junko Mihori : i am a fan :) so much entertainment.

Mark Estes : They are all great but Zach is BRILLIANT.

Jess Hayden : How do they do it? Each and every time they make perfectly cringe-worthy yet hilarious skits. Absolute brilliance.