A Vodka Movie by Zach Galifianakis, Tim and Eric

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Matthew Eden : both of my parents died a couple hours ago

Shitpost Admiralty : Absolute On Ice isn't complete without a dash of Pitzman's.

Oivalf Music : My grandma used to have Zach's haircut.

Samuel Price : i've got an abbreviated disc

stratocasterbeast : this is what watching reality tv is like

Steve Holmgren : "sorry guys... botha my parents died a couple hours ago." Holy shit I've never laughed at something so terrible, the comedic timing of this piece was masterful.

TheKangkodos : How is this 8 years old?! Where has the fucking time gone?

Kushtykon : "What is this Ice?" XD

violet bowie : I work at a place that sells Absolut vodka, and every time I ring it up for the customer, I feel like I want to have a complete breakdown of anger.

Lean Doughnut : I was really unhappy with the color of my mini golf ball

Pierre : What is this? Ice?

Nolege Is Power : 'Both my parents died a couple of hours ago.' 'Lets forget about it, have a couple of drinks'

metallicarocks911 : -IT'S NOT FUNNY!  -Okay...-- -DON'T TALK!

no name : I have watched all of these so many times and I can't get enough of them. Still find myself watching these years later. Tim and Eric are fucking awesome.

Y8R : "It's not funny!" - I've never laughed harder after hearing that.

Aaron Carnes : DON'T TALK!!!

leoeoeoeoe : what is this? ice?

6.eggs. : "My parents died two hours ago." "Lets have a drink, lets forget about it." Cried

Graham Kristensen : Get ready for Grump Bump!

burblar : This is how I was introduced to Tim and Eric

Caleb Ventura : How could you not like this. The Einsteins of comedy!

Helen RC : 0:36 makes me wish Tim would eat me out

danhi333 : Love the exaggerated zoom-ins

Sam Naps : What is this ice?

Led Pencil : " ...the most relaxing day of the year."

Captain Jack Sparrow : "Its not funny!!!!" "Dont talk!!!!" Hahahahahah

Massive Douche : I tell ya, it's the most relaxing day of the year.

Batman : 3:19 is the best part of the entire video

lady space : Can I just get a compilation of Eric's fake frown/laugh to watch 24-7? Thanks.

illuminatioracle : I HAVE AN ABBREVIATED DISC!

DisappointingPorn : I put all this wicker up just for you.

Jess Hayden : How do they do it? Each and every time they make perfectly cringe-worthy yet hilarious skits. Absolute brilliance.

jackass123491 : Drunk on vodka right now and the sound of that ice clanking against the glass gave me headache.  And I have to agree with Zach that it wasn't funny.  However, the rest of the video was funny.

3eyedwonderkid : The background music is the same music from cooking with dog......

schmidt640 : Can you imagine the Absolut execs the first time they watched this?  They were probably really confused and pissed off.  Now it turns out that it's one of the  most successful "commercials" ever.  I'm still laughing seven years later!

Shep Grignard : 1:28 my stomach hurts from laughing at that laugh again and again XD

droan999 : "Both of my parents died a couple hours ago."So fn funny

Syrio Forel : great to watch late at night when high

vantablack nadir : Word on the street, is that you can't get it up unless you're messing with underage girls.

Alex Sosa : guess who brought me here....*crunch of apple*

luvspurple1969 : 1:26  dat face.....dat laugh......xD xD xD

metalrave : The never ending 1 oz absolut bottle lol Press 9..that face lolol

Obligor : I'm sorry guys.. Both of my parents died a couple of hours ago

Dustin DeBolt : I put all this wicker up just for you lol

Speechless Delirium : 'today is the most relaxing day of the year'

GarbageTimeCity : This is Jack Pelicanikis, Jim Meifeicker and Derrick Harewiems best work ever

Chronas : " hello drink were drinking?" "I-I don't think it's funny. IT'S NOT FUNNY!!!! Okay DONT TALK

Bill Volk : I guess this is just what happens when you live in a boyz' house.

mauigio : This is so feken brilliant, how can you not like this. Oh well more Tim and Eric for me and my Jedis

Logic Makes Sense : Everything I watch that Eric has anything to do with makes me feel like I took 3 Ambien and tripped out.