I Have To Get My Car
I have to get my car

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We used the built-in Android predictive text to write this guaranteed pop hit: "I Have To Get My Car" Kickstarter for a full album of machine-generated songs: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1410676500/the-songularity-a-pop-album-by-humans-and-machines


ChrisAzure : Mom writes back: K.

FOXFYRE : Would love to see Bill Wurtz cover this!

「 OKAY 」 : I am so sorry for not getting any younger

Aaron Ferguson : Human Music

SpoonCat : His mom is going to be so confused

looninmoonine e : Sounds like one of Malinda Kathleen Reese’s translator fails

lukeslayer : Legend has it he's still waiting for his car

Dayala Singh : Can regular botnik stuff on the website become community posts?

William Shreckengost : I have to get my car. I'm going to have to break out the sun for a little while and get some good rest in a few weeks. I'll be nice and warm in the winter of 1976, but I don't want to see what would happen if I launched a new career in the music field. ...Yeah, I definitely don't want to see what would happen. It's kinda tough to fit my auto-text to a tune.

Blue Allen : This is my favorite Hot Chip song.

John : If you had told me this was a new Hot Chip song I would not have been surprised.

Dániel Monostori : Hah, Bill Wurtz! Now we all know how you get your lyrics.

ColossalRaptor : Great this will be in my head for a long time now

Christian Hawkins : This is better than 90% of the music currently on rotation...

MrAttentionHorse : This really sounds like Hot Chip

OutOfTheShadows : Googlenik?

Ulfarr Varg : And the new York one of the other than the new York NY to see if I don't quite questions or not the new York new and and then we the we delete it to see it is not the way to the new year of a few weeks ago and then we have to the way to be able to see you are you have a lot of the other than that I am going to the other way

BadDrawings : 10 Out of 10 Would make this there new ringtone (for my car).

Cianan Veltz : This is like a jack Stauber AI

AndroidDoctorr : I will be there at the same time to get to the bottom of this email and I will be there at the same time to get to know you better and that would work pretty sure that I will be there for a landing page for a long time now and a little about that and a few others that I will not be in school tomorrow so we will have a great time with your family plan on going out of town this week but will be in touch soon

GasparLewis : Yo I love Hot Chip!

Nick Stevens Martial Arts : I’m not gonna lie I’m not sure how to go back in time.

midkay : jfc this NEEDS to be on streaming services

J E : I love the implicitly recited part at the end

RubelliteFae : 1.25 speed! It's great

Lu Tello : vertical picture, horizontal frame

Aventuro : This is beautiful. <3

Andrew : Your mom probably thinks youre having a bad trip

CrabAuthor Productions : This is like someone put Yazoo, the Beatles, and Leslie Hall in a blender.. I love it.

Wirving Gameplays y cine : This is for the Grammys

Rani Leinwand : When he sent the first message, I actually got a message on my phone.

eye : I have to get a life

Justin Hughes : Too personal.

skuets : gom

sliovic : Do you guys think he got his car yet ?

midkay : I have to get my car. I just need to be able to get my car. I’m gonna get a good day of sleep. I think it’s just the way that you can be. I’m just not sure what you think about it but it’s not really that bad. I’m gonna get your stuff. You can see it on a good morning.