#63 Victorian Banana Candy or why does banana candy typically not taste like bananas?

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Josh M : I'm not quite sure why YouTube recommended me a 10 minute video about a candy I've never had...

Maria Lima : I don't even like bananas but I like watching this

kaho : this is the most wholesome youtube channel

Gergő Turán : I don't know why youtube recommended this channel to me, but I'm glad it did.

Amusement Amy : Yo yo so I'm from England and bloody love bananas, going to orlando soon, how long does it take to drive to Tallahassee from Orlando? Cheers 😂

Edward Allen : Will you speak at my funeral?

Raptor 987 : They said banana so many times that it doesn't sound right anymore.

Quality crap : You're eating bananas wrong. You are supposed to eat them with the shell.

David Bowser : Genius move putting your store show on YouTube like this. I just made an order for your candies myself. I can't wait to find out if it's as good as it looks.

pat_snow08 : That's crazy a banana shape comes out of that!

MS Paint : This guy is so pure...

DarlingCinder : So there is over 200 species of bananas actually. There is all kinds of colors too Green ones Red ones even. the thing is about the banana we know and love its hard for the American people who all as a culture and together decide what is mainstream to sell in stores to accept new kinds of fruit. Even when the banana was first introduced it was hard for everyone to like them. They had to start selling the banana's at an incredibly low price, lower then the apple which was dominating sells during the time. And the thing is it worked it, when they started selling them so low it actually beat the apple in the market. It was kind of a Hell Mary for the sellers if they were ever going to make it in America. So the thing is about the Panama disease is that it constantly changes and is incredibly infectious. if you even step in infected soil then step in uninfected soil it ruins the whole crop. Also you can never plant that species of banana ever again in that spot. The banana is actually very fascinating even if its not my favorite fruit lol

Ace Rms : Like the historical background about banas...am subscribing right away

Jureii : "I always thought the yellow wrap was what gave our banana candy it's apPEEL" Please tell me you said that on purpose.

Brooke Tilton : i want to see them make a pumpkin image candy.

PG I : You should sell the full hard candy rods! I would buy a whole bag!

Meep : it's 3a.m. and I start my senior in 4 hours. I need help

Obsidian Garbage : I had banana milk once and I was very surprised it didn't taste artificial. it tasted just like a real banana, if a little unripened

C MM : people look at me like i'm crazy for peeling a banana "the wrong way" - i'm glad i'm not the only one who made this great realization. i used to hate the little stringy bits and now they're not a problem.

Stalker : The kid dropped his candy....lol

Christie B : So interesting for so many reasons! Watching you make the candy is hypnotic as always. But the banana facts really stole the show for me this time. I knew about the monoculture problem but did not realize it was related to that artificial banana flavour mystery. Why on earth can't people cultivate different varieties? I think it would be awesome to be able to go to the store and buy different kinds of bananas the way you can with oranges and apples. I'm sure there are reasons but I'd love to know more about them. And the banana peeling thing...my jaw dropped. How did we not know that?

MsSilentH : I got way more education out of this that I ever expected. Pretty darn cool

Facey Neck : 9:31 Poor kid thought he was gonna get some candy, but then gravity interfered and Little Boy went without. What a tragedy.

Snowlion : Why don't you guys ship to Brazil? I'm craving these candy so bad now and I can't buy them.

Kelly : I HATE artificial banana flavor!! I love bananas but artificial banana makes me want to throw up

WhoStoleMyPassport : In Latvia they make lots off these candys and lots off flavours and they sell them in every store there business is doing reely good and they make a good gift

Discover Your world : I absolutely love the commentary and history and so does my four month old! Thank you guys!

TheMetalHippo : Each like is a prayer for the piece of candy that fell out of the boy's hand at the end.

Dalton Wise : I always enjoy the history commentary on these videos.

Rotepter : Help! I can't stop watching

Jude : Nintendo switch hard candy?

Tetrahedral : I have no idea how google knew to recommend this but I am glad they did! Love the channel!

riaz islam 35 : I don't know why this was in my recommendations but hey, I ain't complaining

Neil the ass titan : When I first learned about gross michael's, I randomly speculated THAT was the flavor I was tasting in banana flavored candy. It wasn't until I saw this video that I realized one of my wild speculations turned out to be true d:

Batlord Lord : 9:31 Crushed dreams.

Thicc Nuggettt : Take a shot every time he says banana

BassManBobBassCovers : How did you shrink a banana down that much and fit it inside there?

mrguy124 : You are an absolute machine cutting those candies

Herculez God of Gainz : My guy dropping banana facts.

Larry Bundy Jr : Rice, Corn and Wheat are the top most cultivated foods? I honestly thought Potatoes would be up there too!

Kenni J. : This channel is amazing. I think it would be cool to see a dragon fruit, passion fruit, and guava flavor hard candy. I don't think I've ever seen candies in those flavors.

Olivia Schnuderl : Too bad I'm allergic 🙁

Scarlett Smith : I like the knowledge that you give us in each video about candy

MrCool : You are a cook, artist, intellectual, all wrapped into one. It's like watching "How it's made" but with history. thank you so much.

Cameron Voigt : now this is the randomly recommended content i didn't sign up for but will accept

Flower Pot : Poor kid (to the left) at the end. He's waiting for his candy, and it drops from his hand when he finally gets it...😧

Luna : ..... it looked like a corn dog at first

Vaylon Kenadell : The history of the banana is tied in with imperialism as well ... but, of course, that wouldn't have been appropriate to discuss on a channel like this, yes? In any case, I do enjoy bananas and banana-flavored treats.

Natalia : Just found your channel.and it's awesome. I like how it's more than just making candy, but you give a history on the candy and it's flavor source.

Nitro : This man surely adores his job!