Victorian Banana Candy or why does banana candy typically not taste like bananas?

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Facey Neck : 9:31 Poor kid thought he was gonna get some candy, but then gravity interfered and Little Boy went without. What a tragedy.

Stephanie Keck : I've never heard gros michel pronounced that way. I've always heard it pronounced 'groh mee-SHELL.' Sorry, couldn't resist. ;)

2sudonim : "Gross Michael" It was a French name, Gros Michel. As such, it's pronounced "grow Michelle".

Thomas Bangalter reading a newspaper : Why does grape candy not taste like grapes?

Gergő Turán : I don't know why youtube recommended this channel to me, but I'm glad it did.

Godzilla McDolan : I don't know why this was in my recommendations but hey, I ain't complaining

Karpov Liam : It's almost like glass making.

WolfofLedgend : I really want to make the 2.5 hr drive to tally just to watch you make candy. If I called, would you be able to tell me when you're planning on making candy? So I could take a little trip?

Lunna8457 : You should make strawberry rhubarb custard candy. It's my grandmothers favorite

Viktor Hansen : awwww now i really regret the times I left the bananas to spoil on the kitchen counter. I'm not gonna let that happen again... well, I'll try my best by reminding myself of this.

Cyborg Panda : Do u ship to the uk?

Jwend392 : Did the book teach you how to defend yourself against an assailant armed with a banana?

Jennifer Dantes : Hello lofty pursuits! Big fan of the channel, and plan to visit Tallahassee in the future! I have a question/suggestion though, have you ever made an image of a rainbow or clover in your hard candy? I think it'd be a good theme for St.Patricks Day (Even though it's a long way away)

Kevin Byrne : This reminds me of Victorian glass makers, who would melt together bundles of colored glass rods and then twist them or embed them in clear glass -- making all sorts of wild designs.

Ms. Nohotyoga : I don't think it's very nice trying to scare children into thinking bananas will disappear 🍌

Mischa Jones : do you guys ship to Europe? I would relly like some banana candy

Crash : We ordered candy a bit ago. My favorite was the blueberry. I didn't get much. My ten year old ate most of it.

Gavin Harshbarger : question, have you ever hit your rist on the hook? id realy like to know

Fell : The trilateral symmetry of the banana is actually due to chromosomal triploidy; the banana plant has three sets of every chromosome, whereas in nature it would generally have just two, like us. This is also what renders bananas infertile, and prevents their seeds from developing. In nature, a triploid banana plant would be sterile, a genetic dead end, but human intervention seized what would have been a fatal genetic error and turned it into a huge advantage. Now there are many times more triploid bananas than there are diploid.

Kes Berry : Why don't we have this in the UK

OodleMyNoodle : I just subbed and I think you should do an eclipse candy

Ezra Neal : You guys should do a live video

FatheredPuma81 : I mean you can just genetically modify our current bananas so that they can't die off due to the disease.

Jovan XP : Why has this been in my recommended for weeks now?

Ashy K : How did I get here???

Squid Doctor : This was in my recommended for so long....are you happy youtube?

Mistylyn : Mmmmmm.... BANANA🤤 Do you ever sell the product in whole sticks before cutting it?

justin fwibber : Couldn't find anything on the site about this, do you do any sugar-free/diabetic-friendly candy?

Arizona Ghostriders : "I'm not sure if that story is true or not, but it is a banana story, so I'm gonna stick with it." -HA! Also liked the appealing joke. Well done!

Oi U Wasteman : Does any of you're candy have gelatine, alcoholic substances or meat products??

Nikki Rennardo : Do you sell those rods full?

Casanova Bonquille : you know when your pulling the candy on that hook thing is it hard for you to stretch the candy out on that hook like is it sore for your arms and hands?

TheGaming Wizard : Why don't you ware hair nets because what if a piece of hair falls in the candy

Ahmad Salloum : Why is this in my recommended?

Moo : TIL: the Gros Michael is not extinct. Quest added.

Quashaun Deberry : So it tastes like non banana ?

Daniel Fl. : Do you ship to Denmark?

Creepyfoxgirl : 40 times he stretched it out to get white

plantpun : I like the illustrations you added during the modeling of the bananas. It really helps to visualize what each step contributes to the shape of the candy. Something like this would be cool to see throughout the video. Maybe an idea for future candy making projects! Thanks for the awesome video, the candies look great!

Ike Winsor : anyone else think they should set up a camera focused on their tables and just stream their candy making constantly?

Skye Renard : Is this also why grape candy doesn't taste like grapes?

Vanillaessence96 : Or how I learned to stop worrying and love the rock

Christiej990 Richards : i love you guys. I went to CCA for culinary school, pastry and baking. i love making candy. i have a problem with humidity if i make candy on a rainy day here in Ca. how do you deal with the humidity and sugar in Florida?

VolvoNation : will you ship to Europe to Estonia because I live there and I really want that candy :(((((

Abi Lakusta : Grape flavor is the same. Very fake taste doesn't actually taste like grapes

Shari Welch : Fortunately there are some other varieties of banana - like the Apple Banana. I suppose we'd be out of bananas for a while, but it wouldn't be the END OF ALL BANANAS if the Cavendish gets taken down.

Andrew Francisco : "Complexities and overtones" are you kidding me? Bananas are incredibly bland.The modern ones that is.

phonotical : Wouldn't an aluminium table be more able to disperse heat, and be cleaner

Mia Duffy : Is this candy vegan?

Keali'i Ballao : Do you ship to Hawaii?