my roommate is gay!!$ !

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Jaret Wood : I keep re-watching this channel hoping i somehow missed a video

Lex Slums : how was this done in one take?

Khal Drogo : ...and spend like a nice evening with him dude

James : fast cars where you can spend fast times with your hot guy babes

Dan G25 : When you realize the dude blowing Kyle is the dude in all the new Gatorade ads.

SB : Didn't have pants on the whole time lmao

Minjeh Lee : What kind of accent is he imitating?

M4 Media : Kyle's commitment to his character seems 100%

40Gallant04 : "Beck dude what is that?! Oh god dude! OH NO MAN!"

computerman789 : 1:03 Kyle turns Hispanic for a few seconds.

Joshua Reynolds : hahahaha "is that a fast car so you can have fast times with your hot guy babes" I can't stop laughing


TheProjectMJ : Kyle said in an interview that the commonality between all of his characters is that they're lying to themselves. going back to watch all these videos.... its fuckin true lmao

amer1cancer2753 : I remember reading one comment that went like "writing a thank you email to his mom? For sure gay" or something like that. Cracks me up everytime i think about it

Raphael Massie : I seen this video before ever knowing the first "is my roommate gay?" ever existed... LOL, I was like WTF.... awesome

Captain Catbug : KYLE WOULD YOU CLOSE THE DOOR PLEASE!!!!!! I'm so dead😂😂😂😂😂😂

blake o : i love how at :33 kyle like freaks out like someones being murdered

Lux : your hot guy babes

Alexander Squier : Every straight white boy ever

Drew : "I mean, we all live here, and we don't need to always see that you being doing gay stuff like this."

Roo Hale : stellar acting

Monique Eguia : This is my favorite video on the internet.

Eyeball : lol hes actually naked

bird : Lmfao “oh god dUDE OH NOOOO MAAANNN”

Houston Howie : i have no idea what is so funny about this video but it is

Kay Tee : Is that Beck Bennett from SNL.

Svetlana Andrášová : what? what? it´s a picture of a surfer! :D i wish they put this is SNL

ShaneRtube : Get in there dude

Group969 : Kyle's overreacting scream at 0:32-0:35 makes me laugh so hard I shit

boogabuga : Imagine if SNL had the balls to do this sketch

missGuidedme : I honestly can't decide which pov is more amazing. also, I love kyle's accent.

Ruined : Best youtube channel, wrong time unfortunately

Donald Drumpf : He's gonna beat him up. More like beat him off

blisterpacman : lol he's like a roman Polanski kinda guy

radchoco : OMG lol how I met your mother poster

mommatoldme : beat him down hard

GrapeIsNotPurpleEgg : Tbh what would we do without Kyle keeping us safe

Hippopotamus : SNL ACTORS FOR LIFE

MikefromQueens : Accent floated around lol

I y a n a : Memories

irishwristwatch : ah those were the days when you could say the word gay without all this pc bs

Jlordc Putski : that guy got problem

7teenageSmokers : I wish I had known of these, dudes years ago. I only ran across them within the last year. Haha.

YourCommonLoser : Try doing this on youtube now yikes

Polo Novey : 2018

Christine Deweese : Youtube reccomended this

Mitchell Fricano : oh my god i am dead

DriveOnParkway ParkOnDriveway : Kommitty

mommatoldme : oh no what is this?