Kickboxing world champion challenges Senegalese wrestlers
A beautiful documentary about a kickboxing world champion who goes to Senegal to learn about Senegalese wrestling and their culture

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Aurélien Duarte, a French a multiple Kick Boxing, Muay Thaï and Shidokan Karate Champion, discovers different wrestling sports and techniques from all around the world. He emerges himself during a week with a Champion/Coach in order to learn the basic rules of that new sport. At the end of the film, Aurélien fights with a local Champion. Meanwhile, with him, the viewers will learn more about the history of that wrestling sport and also about the country, the people, their habits and culture. Subscribe to the channel: Follow us on Facebook: ----- Original title: Planet Fight - Senegal A film by Aleksandar Dzerdz


sfields619 : Those bigger wrestlers could probably start for the Raiders.

Steven Chavez : Wow, that French dude was down to earth humble... You can tell it's all done for knowledge of culture and learning the art of combat... these people might be poor but they is rich in spirit, well done.

Gregory Campbell : The UFC needs to get down there and start recruiting some of the guys and training them. I see some monsters.

C Obin : Nice. This wrestling style is also HUGE in northern Nigeria and is known as 'Danbe'. Shout out to all of Senegal.

Nyks : I didnt expect to watch the whole thing and enjoy it as much as I did. This was spectacular

Steve's art n fun channel Stephen hall : Man , those dudes are huge😱

Tim A. : i love the African culture at its best....this is beautiful.

Kitsolovely Life : Loved this documentary! Such awesome sportsmanship without all the trash talk or disrespect! Much love to them all!

Jimmy Alderson : Comments 20% admiration 40% "blacks can't be real Europeans" 40% "Europeans are ignorant and selfish" Glad we ca all get along to admire these fighters

t1[a]n0 : This guy got very good social and communicating skills

Gregory Brown : God that was excellent. That french guy was so humble and respectful of their culture. But so was the Champion from Senegal. I love how the retired fighters became town Elders and Wise Men.

Pierre Defrance : J'ai vu défiler dans ce documentaire du respect, de la force, de la joie, des belles images, des gens généreux et surtout aucune violence. Un grand bravo pour ce partage ! Merci !

Eduardo Cabreira : This is a very educational video. Both are very humble BUT competitive wrestlers. Both had also a lot of respect for each other. This would actually be a lot funnier if the men could duel in 2 matches, one from each of their disciplines.

Love Wesly : Our beautiful brown skin!😍

Enis Kralj : I cry...senegal let the humble guy to win with most humble champion in much respect is in the air it take my breath

Afro Thunder : Wow love to Senegal from somalia! Beautiful people

Anonymous Idiot : It's so rare to see a 'journalist' in documentaries being so humble, good for him.

Pete Donohue : This was brilliant! No sensationalist rubbish, just fighters sharing their love of combat! Perfect

Master Blaster : Holy $&!! That dude looks like an action figure!

I'll Tell Ya What : Very interesting seeing a society in it's "natural" human state. It seemed there was a great sense of community there. As someone who is somewhat disillusioned with the western/capitalist world culture, it seems like a happy breath of fresh air. It is refreshing, in a way.

Orien Nelson : I love this video. It brought tears to my eyes to see the love and unity straight from Jamaica one love to all my African Brothers

Nick O'Rourke : I can genuinely see real mileage in some of these techniques being used in MMA...especially the single front leg take-downs. Also, as someone has already mentioned, a few of these lads certainly look like they have mental and physical attributes to complete in MMA. If I was Daina White, I would be sending a few scouts over to Senegal!

Sam West : This was amazing. Respect from a brotha in LA.

netmatrix75 : I think Moussa can be a champion MMA fighter.

dannyboywhaa : What? You didn’t think he actually stood a chance against Mousa, did you? 😂 excellent little documentary, really heartwarming and informative! Beautiful country and people... Great to watch something in French too (some much needed practise lol)

Bab Arr : Le marabout il fait du bien a son portefeuille....

MidniteClubII : Aurélien showed so much respect and humbleness to the Senegalese Culture and the Fighters/Trainners. Not one ounce of arrogance or disrespect. Great skills and sound Personality. Enjoyed this documentyary very much.

MoGainz787 : Incredible genetic potential in a lot of those boys. Very impressive. Many of them could easily become wrestling, MMA, football or even bodybuilding champions with the right opportunities and coaching.

epSos Premium : *Wonderful style for introducing* the local sport of the country. The actual fight was fast. The Champion did a high pace round and won on tactical grip :-)

Johnny Lynch : That was an amazing watch. I absolutely love combat sports. Especially when there is a mutual respect among the combatants. True martial arts spirit shown here. Respect to you Senegal!

Justin Credible : This is beautiful how they train together after their match. Respect

Tired of Lies : That was beautiful mashaAllah!

Marciuu Carvalho : Just beatiful ! Respect very nice documentary!! Respect sénégalais and culture Africain i hope never die! " Fatigué ? Seul l'homme qui a peur de mourir sinon rien ." big up!!

Timothy Smith : This is beautiful. I would like to see them exposed to Jiu Jitsu and Greco-Roman wrestling to add to their impressive repertoire.

Cooliepops : Respecting your opponent.....what a concept. Great vid thanks!

L N : Senegal magnifique pays et les senegalais un peuple encore plus magnifique

Rideshare Done Right with Dennis Hampton Jr. : That's is so funny, I love to lie in the sun after a hard day of training, this melanin loves the sun.

yesyoumay : Good up to a point. Very interesting....all except the magician and the spirits. Hard to swallow.

Samukelo Shezi : I enjoyed this film. But I was surprised that it is concluded with my native language song, Zulu. Zulu is South African, when I am watching a west African film I want to learn as much about West Africa as possible. With that said I am however not critisizing. At the end of the day, we are all Africans. But i never heard this song before: Abazali bahambile (The parents are gone) Akushon ilanga (The sun never sets) Bahambile (They are gone) Angeke babuye (Theyll never return) Izingane zethu (Our children) Zikhal emakhaya (Crying at home) Zikhalel abazali bazo ( Crying for their parents) Nelanga lishonile (And the sun has set) Abazali bahambil unomphela (The parents are gone for good)

JMcmstr08 : One of the most beautiful documentaries I’ve ever watched. Thank you for sharing .

mastermind : A GREAT VIDEO, THANK YOU.

Squalito83 : Waouh impressionnant! Ce serait bien de voir ces gladiateurs en MMA!

S Li : Where is Connor McGregor hiding Conor McGregor come fight real Warriors you leprechaun. 🐊🇮🇪👈 CONNOR MCGREGOR

Vanest Edzang : Tres bon film, tres enrichissant. Merci pour l'initiative

Ibrahima Dieye : Le Sénégal notre fierté T'as pas besoin d'être riche pour venir vivre avec nous... La culture sénégalaise, la teranga sénégalaise t'acceuilliront... Merci pour le reportage

Pierre Sergent : Bravo Aurelien, tu es un grand champion avec un cœur énorme.


T5 Delta Bangalore : Those dudes just walk on a Bodybuilding stage and win it...!

Ali Singleton : Like the kickboxer said the Wrestler could have killed him in 1 second flat but it wasn't about that. They were exellent hosts to their guest! Glad i took the time out to watch i learned a lot. Gonna get busy with my 11 year old he's always asking me to take him to the gym. i guess i work too much, but this video did inspire me to get on the ball.