Kickboxing world champion challenges Senegalese wrestlers

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Loops Galore : Never enjoyed a documentary like this..Much respect!

Esteban B : We Americans could learn a lot from this. Beautiful to see people competing while still lifting each other up instead of putting them down.Inspiring.

Andre Bonaparte : If you are an American youth, find time in life to learn from others - it's a life changing experience. The secret to growing is being able to blend the knowledge of cultures. We all want the same things in life - Respect, Love, Family and Honor. Every language has those words - no need for translation, you can read it on their face. -- Thank you so much for sharing this documentary. All Love To The Culture!

Gregory Brown : God that was excellent. That french guy was so humble and respectful of their culture. But so was the Champion from Senegal. I love how the retired fighters became town Elders and Wise Men.

MMA Demon : the ufc needs to scout over there god damn those are some specimens!

Lou Duva : Seems like the Kardashians would have a good time with these guys.

David Kincade : And they thought all Africans were malnourished. Yeah right, big ass Wakandian Warriors.

King Willie : Now I know where my natural muscles came from.

Ekia Media : Pure natural muscles......

Enrique Berger : that´s why it is HOPE in Africa, LOVE will overcome and will destroy the dictators and corrupt politics!!step by step, depend of all of us to earn a better world!!!!!

Roman Pastorek : Khabib should be here for a few months, to improve his behavior after fight a bit

Quaglium Quagnarr : 45:44 Great documentary, but littering is bad

Venu337 : he's 46??...BLACK REALLY DON'T CRACK

Steve's art n fun channel Stephen hall : Man , those dudes are huge😱

Hélio Pires : As a capeverdean im proud , such a great documentary , i love how he entered the environment learning and absorbing knowledge and respecting the culture . watching this documentary was a very immersive experience i can only imagine how he felt by living it .

rayanhacker Moroccan : Salutations à nos frères et sœurs sénégalais du Maroc Big up ☝

waterflowzz : Senegalese wrestling is a mix of wrestling judo and boxing.... good combo.

Hannah 22Eyes : this documentary was amazing!

Alessandro Volpi : This documentary is amazing... Hats off to this warriors 👍💪💪💪greetings from Italy 🇮🇹

JMcmstr08 : One of the most beautiful documentaries I’ve ever watched. Thank you for sharing .

cairos naobum : stay in africa. stay in your homes. build your countries. prosper !! More power to africa !!

The Nas : Love my Africa ✌🏿

Orien Nelson : I love this video. It brought tears to my eyes to see the love and unity straight from Jamaica one love to all my African Brothers

carlos piquet : Beautifull this is how you represent African stories Aurélien Duarte is a very humble man and very respectful I learned a lot from this and about my brothers from Senegal moussa ndoye real African warrior...thankyou

Ano Nymous : What do they eat? They all look like healthy men, more than healthy by western standards.

D27Rugen : Omfg look at those boys, Godly gene pool in Africa

- - : Im half Sudanese(Nilotic) the wrestling in the villages is very similar. Great doc thanks!

blutausbeherit : smh and my schoolteachers always told me kids in africa were all starving

silver1surfer69 : A wonderfull, great movie. It should run in cinemas.

Road Rants : This man is very humble and obviously a good person.

Nicolas YLB : Wonderful video with wonderful people. They have the true spirit of fighters : honor, dedication, and respect. Keep on going, and spread your values all around the world !

benedict cohen : WE ARE PROUD TO BE AFRICAN

ludo cmoi : pour ceux qui voudraient en voire plus sur la lutte sénégalaise , je vous conseille cette playliste ou il y a de très beaux combats

Nicolas Logothetis : La définition du respect, si je devais apprendre le respect à mon gosse je lui dirais : "regardes bien ce film".

Steve Lane : Absolutely brilliant. What an impressive man and impressive people.

Mr Frieza : Je suis de la Côte d’Ivoire 🇨🇮 mais les gas apparemment la lutte rapporte plus ke le ⚽️.ou j’me trompe?

Reda daou : Excellent reportage emplit d'humilité et de respect envers les traditions Sénégalaise !! je suis Marocain et je part en vacance au Maroc cet été j'espère avoir le temps de visité ce Magnifique pays qu'est le Sénégal ...

The SN : He seems like a really nice guy.

oren flotech : They are the main reason why the france international football team is so strong,look how big they are.

sheskimusic : Very good documentary! I really enjoyed that. Thanks very much.

Ed Lucertola : those black senegalese wrestlers have spectacular bodies !!!!!!!!!!!

Jesuisun Pintade : Ils rigole pas les renoi dans cette école. Les Africains sont des sacrés guerriers.

Marc De Douvan : Bravo champion! Pouce levé pour les vrais gladiateurs!

Black shadow : I'm African, I'm proud

Roman Jansen : What a wonderful story. THANK YOU... from a wonderer from The Netherlands

Afro Thunder : Wow love to Senegal from somalia! Beautiful people

Yun Chun : I really like how he was so open minded to learn the culture and not some biased egoist. He is a really good sportsman. Props for that !

EVRARD : Dakar Yarakh c'est chez moi. Bravo pour le courage d'affronter Moussa.

92SchoreStyle : great work guys, really enjoyed watching!! peace from germany, one love!

Mitsu & Zix : le coach se change jamais xdddd