Kickboxing world champion challenges Senegalese wrestlers

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Loops Galore : Never enjoyed a documentary like this..Much respect!

Andre Bonaparte : If you are an American youth, find time in life to learn from others - it's a life changing experience. The secret to growing is being able to blend the knowledge of cultures. We all want the same things in life - Respect, Love, Family and Honor. Every language has those words - no need for translation, you can read it on their face. -- Thank you so much for sharing this documentary. All Love To The Culture!

Gregory Brown : God that was excellent. That french guy was so humble and respectful of their culture. But so was the Champion from Senegal. I love how the retired fighters became town Elders and Wise Men.

Iggy : The Senegalese allowed the champ to win because he is a guest. It would be impolite and go against the character of African people to beat up a guest. It's just my opinion. I enjoyed the documentary.Proudly Africa.

Steven Chavez : Wow, that French dude was down to earth humble... You can tell it's all done for knowledge of culture and learning the art of combat... these people might be poor but they is rich in spirit, well done.

Esteban B : We Americans could learn a lot from this. Beautiful to see people competing while still lifting each other up instead of putting them down.Inspiring.

sirlillo : and we're still buying protein powder....

Revolver Sam : Screw crossfit. I want the regiment the Senegalese wrestlers are running with.

Dazza Retro : “Yeah I’ll bless you, hand over some cash first, I promise you’ll win” had respect until that bullshit.

Black Dragon Biker TV : Amazing and beautiful documentary. Excellent story-telling. I enjoyed myself throughly. Merci beaucoup!!

MMA Demon : the ufc needs to scout over there god damn those are some specimens!

Kitsolovely Life : Loved this documentary! Such awesome sportsmanship without all the trash talk or disrespect! Much love to them all!

Mimo Vids : Senegalese my Muslim brothers, Much love from Turkey!

MoGainz787 : Incredible genetic potential in a lot of those boys. Very impressive. Many of them could easily become wrestling, MMA, football or even bodybuilding champions with the right opportunities and coaching.

Bjay : Some people in another country said and still believe in their uneducated heads that Africa have no food. No life. No health. While they are the most unhealthy ones.

KonstantinI : A great documentary, but I'm very sceptical about 'marebout' business.

Hals : Africa. Home of the realest smiles <3 Much love

Richard Mbaye : I'm from Senegal they've been doing this for many years..... Its a guy called Tyson look him up.. He from conclusion black ppl need to go to Africa to learned there culture..... That's the only way

Samukelo Shezi : I enjoyed this film. But I was surprised that it is concluded with my native language song, Zulu. Zulu is South African, when I am watching a west African film I want to learn as much about West Africa as possible. With that said I am however not critisizing. At the end of the day, we are all Africans. But i never heard this song before: Abazali bahambile (The parents are gone) Akushon ilanga (The sun never sets) Bahambile (They are gone) Angeke babuye (Theyll never return) Izingane zethu (Our children) Zikhal emakhaya (Crying at home) Zikhalel abazali bazo ( Crying for their parents) Nelanga lishonile (And the sun has set) Abazali bahambil unomphela (The parents are gone for good)

Lou Duva : Seems like the Kardashians would have a good time with these guys.

dudu s : i´m proud to be part senegalese

Orien Nelson : Here in Jamaica cheering for my Senegal brothers in world cup and Nigeria one love to all.

Rambo Ramzi : Khabib should go there and train with the Senegalese

cairos naobum : stay in africa. stay in your homes. build your countries. prosper !! More power to africa !!

saltanat1981 : Respect to senegal people.... love from Turkey

perry black : My beautiful BLK people we will rule the earth again

Nyks : I didnt expect to watch the whole thing and enjoy it as much as I did. This was spectacular

lyhthegreat : black panther?

TVC : So he lost but he still wanted to lift him on his shoulders while smiling? That's amazing.

Hannah 22Eyes : this documentary was amazing!

youpindra : The expression ``MANDINGO`` to refer to some African American strong men, came from these people from Senegal...the real words is ``MANDEKA`or MANDINKA`` they are real warriors, strong like rocks...

Giorgi Eufshi : This is overly positive.

D27Rugen : Omfg look at those boys, Godly gene pool in Africa

Sweeneytv : I see a lot of pride. And that's good.

David Kincade : And they thought all Africans were malnourished. Yeah right, big ass Wakandian Warriors.

Roman Pastorek : Khabib should be here for a few months, to improve his behavior after fight a bit

Aboriginal Indigo : What a beautiful people. The men are strong and fit. Great documentary.

pierre milhau : Belle expérience. Et puis ces gens font chaud au coeur un accueil une gentille naturelle qui depuis longtemps a disparu en Europe malheureusement. Un plaisir de voir ce reportage.

Jesuisun Pintade : Ils rigole pas les renoi dans cette école. Les Africains sont des sacrés guerriers.

Orien Nelson : I love this video. It brought tears to my eyes to see the love and unity straight from Jamaica one love to all my African Brothers

matar thiaw : le reportage est magnifique et le français est humble mais fallait montré les grand champion de la lutte senegalaise.

NagaunleashTV : U get one of this beastlys in a octagon and they gonna last 10 rounds of 5 min each no problemo no matter what and they train hard and live for it too god bless us all.

expsterm1 : probably the ancestrial land of Lebron James.

Sid D : Wonderful country Senegal is with humble people. He let French guy win and took him on his shoulder to show brotherly respect as he is his guest. French guy was also way too humble and respectful towards foreign culture. Real respect for both wrestlers.

Reda daou : Excellent reportage emplit d'humilité et de respect envers les traditions Sénégalaise !! je suis Marocain et je part en vacance au Maroc cet été j'espère avoir le temps de visité ce Magnifique pays qu'est le Sénégal ...

Mansoor Ahmed : in 41:18 is this guy doing magic ???? its look like that , then why he didn't write on the desk ???? . Islam never do magic good or evil , magic is forbidden in islam

chakubanga1 : I miss this lifestyle. Growing up in Daresalaam in the evenings we would meet at Ferry Tanzania Swimming Association and wrestle for hours until Dark.. Swim, remove all dirt and salt water, burns on your skin from all the grabbing. You wake up the next day feeling as healthy as an OX 🐂.. Time flies I hope they continue the tradition of FERRY (Kigamboni) wrestling..

J GRM : Respect from Columbia South Carolina, USA. WOW! WOW! WOW! I am impressed!

Jakelol1980 : Damn some of these guys could have a good chanse on a internatinal level if they just had the chanse to practise normal wrestling.

benedict cohen : WE ARE PROUD TO BE AFRICAN