Kickboxing world champion challenges Senegalese wrestlers

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Loops Galore : Never enjoyed a documentary like this..Much respect!

Hannah 22Eyes : this documentary was amazing!

Esteban B : We Americans could learn a lot from this. Beautiful to see people competing while still lifting each other up instead of putting them down.Inspiring.

GUO SHU TRAINING ARTS : I'm part Senegalese. I never knew it. Dna results show.

MMA Demon : the ufc needs to scout over there god damn those are some specimens!

Lou Duva : Seems like the Kardashians would have a good time with these guys.

The Nas : Love my Africa ✌🏿

Vam The Anomaly : Another thing people might not realize. Wrestling / sparring like that in the sand makes your skin a bit tougher as well from the constant micro-abrasions. Notice none of the wrestlers have scars?

Quaglium Quagnarr : 45:44 Great documentary, but littering is bad

Psychokore Underground Rap : i liked the editing and such.. nice docu

tysswe1 : Physical specimens.

sum gal : Lol, love the witchdoctor scam 😂

rayanhacker Moroccan : Salutations à nos frères et sœurs sénégalais du Maroc Big up ☝

Aurélien DUARTE : Bon jour à chaque-un{e}, merci pour le partage, merci pour ton temps et merci pour tes commentaires motivants. Aurélien

Andre Bonaparte : If you are an American youth, find time in life to learn from others - it's a life changing experience. The secret to growing is being able to blend the knowledge of cultures. We all want the same things in life - Respect, Love, Family and Honor. Every language has those words - no need for translation, you can read it on their face. -- Thank you so much for sharing this documentary. All Love To The Culture!

SUPERFEHD : Super experience, top :-)

Kelvin Liew : Jeez.... The athleticism. The UFC should send talent scouts here. I'm sure there are some potential world champions here.

David Johnson : It’s about time this sport got some recognition in the United States!!! Thank you!! Let’s hope this sport catches on over here. We love combat sports and it should be put on television over here.

BetterYouBetterWorld : love you africa

Daniel Sanchez : Hey you could bring one of these guys into MMA if you train them right. This is basically half of mma anyways, they just need a year to learn bjj and kicks

Guillaume Mathieu : Au pire on s'en fout que les marabouts soient polythéistes ou qu'ils fassent des invocations. Laissez les gens vivre leur culture. Vous êtes quoi? Une police de la sharia pour dire aux gens quoi faire?

David Kincade : And they thought all Africans were malnourished. Yeah right, big ass Wakandian Warriors.

D27Rugen : Omfg look at those boys, Godly gene pool in Africa

DreamLife Davidoff : Le sourire du marabout à 42:42 -"Haha je t'ai bien niquer" à part ça tout le reportage est géniale

Orien Nelson : I love this video. It brought tears to my eyes to see the love and unity straight from Jamaica one love to all my African Brothers


Nicolas YLB : Wonderful video with wonderful people. They have the true spirit of fighters : honor, dedication, and respect. Keep on going, and spread your values all around the world !

Rahel Bakir : Black panther

MAXLAMENACE2M03 : Tchadien.. je suis fière de mon Afrique.... Très bon DOCUMENTAIRE.

Sean Ó Briain : I dunno how I ended up watching this video, but I enjoyed it. Great sense of community with the Senegal people. I have experience in judo so I can see many similarities with Senegal wrestling.

Albert Bitcoin : Beautiful! Amazing! Lovely People. I learned a lot about the Senegal People for the first time in my life. The fact that they wrestle and box as a sports and national pastime event makes their culture even more interesting. They welcome the french champion and train him well for future fights. The documentary was truly pleasurable and entertaining to watch, seeing the streets, the people, the kids, the places, the gym, the wrestling events, the beach the fishing boats, the sun of Senegal, all makes it a truly incredible place to live at and experience. Great job, hope to see more documentaries like this one in the future.

Afro Thunder : Wow love to Senegal from somalia! Beautiful people

Irokun : Thank you

M.O.L REPORT : Bravo, Quel reportage !!!! On en veut d'autres....

Sranan Polak : That senegalese beast would eat him up if he wanted to..

Man Avenues Anibal : Un grand bonjour à nos Amis sénégalai très impressionné par la technique de la vénérable lutte du Sénégal un pays que j'aimerai bien visité bien à vous de Casablanca👍👋

sTean 93 : Très bon et beau reportage mais en tant que musulman et après avoir connu le Sénégal pendant de nombreuses années j'ai été choquer de voir ce que le marabout fais ,j'ai même été dans l'arène des lutteurs au Sénégal le seul "blanc "du temps de tyson champion ,la j'ai la confirmation que c'est très très grave ce que fais le marabout ,vraiment les musulmans arrêtez de faire ça ,déjà c'est DIEU qui décide de tout et sûrement pas les djinns. Sinon ça m'a fais trop plaisir de revoir Dakar mashALLAH j'en ai les larmes aux yeux👍les sénégalais sont en grande majorité très très gentil

Zeubi : je regarde avec attention ce reportage, c'est hyper plaisant. Le peuple africain respire la force physique, nos champions de culturisme devraient en prendre de la graine , être naturel et s'entrainer chaque jour durement. je suis admiratif de ces athlètes , taillés pour ce sport légendaire. Dommage qu'ils ne puissent pas avoir accès à de meilleurs infrastructures... je donnerai cher pour me rendre dans ce magnifique pays et apprendre des ces sportifs, de quoi booster l'attitude et le moral pour devenir quelqu'un de meilleur. merci !

Liquidcadmus : very interesting! nice documentary

Deo Ananas : guys, 47:33 the song name and artist, please, LOVE YOU AFRICA!!! MOTHER OF US ALL!!

Steve Harris : Really enjoyed this documentary. Thank goodness for sub titles.

saltanat1981 : Respect to senegal people.... love from Turkey

Buzzi Kevin : Superbe documentaire et tres beau sport ! le partage c'est ce qu'il y a de plus beau

zislec : Wookie in the mood 😂👍 17:40 BTW great docu 👏😌

Ces Gar : What a sense of community!

Zenith : And most of us here in the West think Africa is full of starving under priviledged poor people. Look how ripped those guys are I would like to know more about their ages and diets etc.

마르케 티에드 오르도 : wow, beautiful documentary, with a story full of emotions, thanks!

Stephen Hall : Man , those dudes are huge😱

mike P : its beautiful to see cultures like this, where everyone comes together.. it would be amazing if america could be like this.

vérité sans frontière : sérieux se sport il muscle surtout les cuisses et les jambes et de manière général tout le corps, tu obtient des cuisses d'éléphant, impossible à délogé des cuisses comme sa. C'est mieux en short car certain mettent ce qui ressemble à des slips, c honteux, faux cacher la 'awra meme entre homme.