Kickboxing world champion challenges Senegalese wrestlers

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Loops Galore : Never enjoyed a documentary like this..Much respect!

Hannah 22Eyes : this documentary was amazing!

MMA Demon : the ufc needs to scout over there god damn those are some specimens!

Andre Bonaparte : If you are an American youth, find time in life to learn from others - it's a life changing experience. The secret to growing is being able to blend the knowledge of cultures. We all want the same things in life - Respect, Love, Family and Honor. Every language has those words - no need for translation, you can read it on their face. -- Thank you so much for sharing this documentary. All Love To The Culture!

Quaglium Quagnarr : 45:44 Great documentary, but littering is bad

The Nas : Love my Africa ✌🏿

D27Rugen : Omfg look at those boys, Godly gene pool in Africa

rayanhacker Moroccan : Salutations à nos frères et sœurs sénégalais du Maroc Big up ☝

Psychokore Underground Rap : i liked the editing and such.. nice docu

tysswe1 : Physical specimens.

Lou Duva : Seems like the Kardashians would have a good time with these guys.

Esteban B : We Americans could learn a lot from this. Beautiful to see people competing while still lifting each other up instead of putting them down.Inspiring.

SUPERFEHD : Super experience, top :-)

Gregory Brown : God that was excellent. That french guy was so humble and respectful of their culture. But so was the Champion from Senegal. I love how the retired fighters became town Elders and Wise Men.

Daniel Sanchez : Hey you could bring one of these guys into MMA if you train them right. This is basically half of mma anyways, they just need a year to learn bjj and kicks

Minority Nomad : WOW. This was absolutely beautiful to watch.

David Kincade : And they thought all Africans were malnourished. Yeah right, big ass Wakandian Warriors.

Orien Nelson : I love this video. It brought tears to my eyes to see the love and unity straight from Jamaica one love to all my African Brothers

Aurélien DUARTE : Bon jour à chaque-un{e}, merci pour le partage, merci pour ton temps et merci pour tes commentaires motivants. Aurélien


DreamLife Davidoff : Le sourire du marabout à 42:42 -"Haha je t'ai bien niquer" à part ça tout le reportage est géniale

Nicolas YLB : Wonderful video with wonderful people. They have the true spirit of fighters : honor, dedication, and respect. Keep on going, and spread your values all around the world !

Liquidcadmus : very interesting! nice documentary

GUO SHU TRAINING ARTS : I'm part Senegalese. I never knew it. Dna results show.

북호재 : good very good~~~

Enrique Berger : that´s why it is HOPE in Africa, LOVE will overcome and will destroy the dictators and corrupt politics!!step by step, depend of all of us to earn a better world!!!!!

Rahel Bakir : Black panther

saltanat1981 : Respect to senegal people.... love from Turkey

Vam The Anomaly : Another thing people might not realize. Wrestling / sparring like that in the sand makes your skin a bit tougher as well from the constant micro-abrasions. Notice none of the wrestlers have scars?

Steve's art n fun channel Stephen hall : Man , those dudes are huge😱

Irokun : Thank you

Diego General : Blacks are so much modest and loving people very humble to the core.

Ekia Media : Pure natural muscles......

Buzzi Kevin : Superbe documentaire et tres beau sport ! le partage c'est ce qu'il y a de plus beau

JMcmstr08 : One of the most beautiful documentaries I’ve ever watched. Thank you for sharing .

Deo Ananas : guys, 47:33 the song name and artist, please, LOVE YOU AFRICA!!! MOTHER OF US ALL!!

Ano Nymous : What do they eat? They all look like healthy men, more than healthy by western standards.

carlos piquet : Beautifull this is how you represent African stories Aurélien Duarte is a very humble man and very respectful I learned a lot from this and about my brothers from Senegal moussa ndoye real African warrior...thankyou

Dehka™ : J'aime bien ce documentaire

TheRedFoxization : Les jambes de Moussa putain ! Ce sont des troncs.

The SN : He seems like a really nice guy.

Black shadow : I'm African, I'm proud

Road Rants : This man is very humble and obviously a good person.

Jean Martox : un seul mot!! bravo a tous ces combattant !!!

Hélio Pires : As a capeverdean im proud , such a great documentary , i love how he entered the environment learning and absorbing knowledge and respecting the culture . watching this documentary was a very immersive experience i can only imagine how he felt by living it .

zislec : Wookie in the mood 😂👍 17:40 BTW great docu 👏😌

- - : Im half Sudanese(Nilotic) the wrestling in the villages is very similar. Great doc thanks!

Josh From Jersey Outdoors : Fascinating culture. I love the pure joy of the wrestling and dancing.

sfields619 : Those bigger wrestlers could probably start for the Raiders.

Alex J : I have watched many documentaries in my life but this was the greatest one of them all. The only one that comes close is "Virunga".