1984 MCDONALDS BREAKFAST REVIEW McDonalds Review --(Weird Paul) all day before the internet mukbang

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McDonald's mukbang all-day breakfast Before the internet McDonalds Breakfast Review 1984 - oldest food review on YouTube! Check out my 30th anniversary review video from 2014 at http://youtu.be/tODZqQ54VUU #mcdonalds #mcdonaldsreview #mcdonaldsbreakfast Watch more and subscribe to my channel - http://www.youtube.com/user/weirdpaulp Like on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/weirdpaul http://www.weirdpaul.com

Comments from Youtube

Carlos Gallardo : this is what it would look like if youtube was around in the 80s

Dalton Swayze : Weird Paul invented the internet!

Maurice Ravel : "We just went to Mcdonalds and got a Mcdonalds BREAKFAST K?"

lewiston maineiac : wow the hashbrown looked way bigger back then. thanks again for sharing

blaisebecool : Man! They should mention your videos on wikipedia as an example pioneer vlogging ;)

Pop Fun To Play : I have to say this is awesome!

Cyrix : "I ate a lot of it already" Oh paul!

Shant Gamer : Watching these videos is like going in a Delorean from Back To The Future great videos man

Fubby Explores : "That was like my breakfast like okay."

Sean Motsch : Hashbrowns are my favorite, too!

Pop Culture Vegan : I really enjoyed this.

GoonaTV : WOW, im going to run down to nearest Mcdonalds and buy one!

ko zz : This is better than all kind of ridiculous thesedays 'vlog' to get more views.

Kimathi Mugambi : I'm amazed you started these vlogs back in the 80's. If the internet was a thing in the 80's you would have been popular. Great stuff

Monty Burns : Pre-pink slime days!

crazykidsdad : That's when McDonald's actually tasted like food, unlike the plastic it does now.

shooketh to the core : YUMMMMMMM!

Katy Connell :  fun! loved how you saved the hash brown so you could show it!!

tlyung Tan : nostalgia weired ; but awesome food review

henny hefner : Dude, you and @5ninthavenueproject are the OG vloggers!!!!

b gab : It really is amazing you were doing this decades earlier than everyone else. Future man.

matthew mask : Weird paul a youtuber before youtube

I Know Some Things : You kind of look like Rivers Cuomo of weezer in this

LSweet2007 : It's like I traveled back in time! And didn't need no roads! (Mind Blown 🤕)

fender71983 : I gotta say this pretty damn awesome.

IAteTheLastOreo : Wait this is actually from the 80s

Nick Billups : world's first mukbang!

Adrienne Grove : Love. member when we got cable and there was a brown box with 36 buttoned plugged into the TV. 36 was MTV. Also while we are at it did you have HBO? If so do you remember Brain Games? so good.

Traductus5972 : you should do a recent review of their breakfast.

Weird Paul : Hi Bob, thanks for checking out my channel! I am surprised that you have this same nightmare, I didn't think it was something others had - amazing!

Bob McLaughlin : I read the Past Gazette article about you today and had to look this up! And I have had the same recurring nightmare you mentioned about losing sight of the car I am driving! So relieved I am not the only one!

Weird Paul : Cool, thanks! I put new videos up on Tuesdays and old ones up on Saturdays, at least that's usually how it works. I have hundreds of videos up already though!

Sweetshot13 : Nevermind. But I'm looking forward to your next video! :)

Weird Paul : Which new videos do you mean?

Sweetshot13 : Wheres the new videos? ):

Weird Paul : Awesome, thanks! Thank you for watching!!

Weird Paul : Thanks Wil, plenty more gold on the way!

Wil Wiggs : Since I saw the review of your found hard disk with all the programs you made, I've always thought ur vids were cool. Keep posting gold from the past .

Lawrence Robair : White Steve erkle lol

Weird Paul : Thanks Dylan! I like to think that I have a lot of interesting and cool videos on my channel. I hope that more people find out about it.

DeeLan : You deserve more subscribers then this

M3 Entertainment : Honestly I wouldn't be surprised if there sausage really is made from bird turds because ya know its McDonald's

Weird Paul : Maybe I'll do a vlog where I listen back to some of them!

Weird Paul : haha, I actually said "Thank you", but that would be really crazy if I HAD said "Like it"!

Weird Paul : Thank you!

as d : Did you say "Like it" in the end? As if you knew that you would upload it on Youtube, 28 years in the future...

Ravi Kiran : you are one of the coolest man alive on planet

Weird Paul : Thanks for watching!

Weird Paul : Thanks! I appreciate the support!