1984 MCDONALDS BREAKFAST REVIEW McDonalds Review --(Weird Paul) all day before the internet

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Pop Fun To Play : I have to say this is awesome!

Carlos Gallardo : this is what it would look like if youtube was around in the 80s

Dalton Swayze : Weird Paul invented the internet!

lewiston maineiac : wow the hashbrown looked way bigger back then. thanks again for sharing

Maurice Ravel : "We just went to Mcdonalds and got a Mcdonalds BREAKFAST K?"

blaisebecool : Man! They should mention your videos on wikipedia as an example pioneer vlogging ;)

Cyrix : "I ate a lot of it already" Oh paul!

crazykidsdad : That's when McDonald's actually tasted like food, unlike the plastic it does now.

i eat ass for a living and do laundry : The 80s is like walking into a different world and I mean that in the best way possible

Sean Motsch : Hashbrowns are my favorite, too!

Kimathi Mugambi : I'm amazed you started these vlogs back in the 80's. If the internet was a thing in the 80's you would have been popular. Great stuff

shooketh to the core : YUMMMMMMM!

Fubby Explores : "That was like my breakfast like okay."

Pop Culture Vegan : I really enjoyed this.

GoonaTV : WOW, im going to run down to nearest Mcdonalds and buy one!

Shant Gamer : Watching these videos is like going in a Delorean from Back To The Future great videos man

The Kinsella Bunch : I think this is so cool that you were doing this before it was cool!

matthew mask : Weird paul a youtuber before youtube

Monty Burns : Pre-pink slime days!

Traductus5972 : you should do a recent review of their breakfast.

Katy Connell :  fun! loved how you saved the hash brown so you could show it!!


Adrienne Grove : Love. member when we got cable and there was a brown box with 36 buttoned plugged into the TV. 36 was MTV. Also while we are at it did you have HBO? If so do you remember Brain Games? so good.

tlyung Tan : nostalgia weired ; but awesome food review

Inaflap : 1984... the year McDonalds opened in my nearest town back then... Hereford, England. It was exciting back then... McDonalds not Hereford. Hereford was never exciting. My mate had two coupons for free Big Macs on that particular day, so he gave one to me. I didn't really enjoy my burger though... well it was the rubbery bread and that awful slimy pickled thing called a gherkin. I didn't return. Well, I found myself in another McDonalds by mistake about 8 years later, after a long pub crawl. I was very very drunk.

Tsuki Condor : Behold years before all those fastfood review videos there was Werid Paul

Nickersons Theme : Paul been doing food reviews before anyone!

inxy : yummies

Smart Minded Marketing : Man this was 4 years before I was even born! I love that you kept your hash brown to show people! haha was it called vlogging back then? haha - Love your channel man! 

Black Calla Lily : wow.. genius.. you were ahead of the game.. revolutionary ..wow 😲

gabbonesso : Paul - Long time fan, first time caller.... I am concerned that Netflix's Stranger Things is actually this Youtube channel and that Pgh is the upside down World. You don't have to respond. I just fear this is truth and I am living among the Demogorgon. If you have yet to see Strangers Things on Netflix....Perhaps don't. They stole YOU. Love always, Gab Bonesso MD (writing from the upside down).

Mike's Gaming : Hello Weird Paul I would like to transfer old home movie cassettes to a computer can you suggest me a good USB capture card?, thanks in advance. PS: love your videos

Cyka Friend : The very first food review

teortega93 : 9 years before I was born long time ago :O

Minecraft Fan : I was not born in the 80s but I bet the 80s were good

Fucked Gplus : What about the sechuan sauce?

Mike Richard : " Yummm"!

MISSION PASSED : Hello kid from me at 7 back then!

Eman Name : Excellent!

Doctorunk : Thanks for not playing 'chew 'n show' like I would have 😆

Trustin Christ : Classic wrapper for the hash brown!!! Reminds me of back in the day when candy bars were wrapped in more of a waxy paper. You must have some footage of that somewhere!

Pug Pug : 200th commenttttttt

Lidia Vargas : yuuuuuuuuuuummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

Doom84 : How do we know this guy doesn't just record his kid with an old camera?!

Jason - ROBLOX & More : The Most Funny Part For Me Is The, "YUMMMMMMMMM" Part

LSweet2007 : It's like I traveled back in time! And didn't need no roads! (Mind Blown 🤕)

ChArLiE BeAtZ : I was 2 years old.

ROCK n ROLL CASHIER : ahead of your time!

fender71983 : I gotta say this pretty damn awesome.

BOBSAGET 1010 : Nice