What My $500/Month Shanghai Studio Apartment Looks Like

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Syifa Adriana : Kevin, I love your apartment! That actually looks very cozy and homy, especially the bed! You know how hard the bed in China is hahaha. Something about your genuine personality that always keeps me coming back to your channel. I, too live in China, have a full time job, lived nomadic life prior to that and try to post Youtube videos weekly. I can relate so much to your latest video "How I Make Money Travel Abroad." Daily vlogs would be lovely! Keep it up, Kev!

snarkyguy : Actually that apartment is pretty dope.

Nicole C : Oh wow. I live in Taiwan, and I thought my studio apartment was small lol. Living in a small space is good for me because I used to hoard a lot of things in my bedroom when I lived in the US. I've managed to significantly keep my level of accumulated junk down. My apartment is also in an ideal location: it's around the corner from 2 busy streets that's full of great food options and everything I need (like groceries, pharmacy, medical clinics, etc). and it's a 15min walk from work. I also get free lunch at my job (which is a good thing because I eat a lot lol), so I can save a lot of money in a month if I'm not traveling/doing a lot of outings.

Mamahuhu : Pretty cozy.

Helsic en China : I pay 1500 for a 3 room apartment in Chengdu! wow I'm stunned by the difference in price! it's incredible how expensive Shanghai is!

Victoria Roth : I love to see more of your daily life please.👍👍👍

Zoey Amgalan : Do more daily vlogs, please!

Shawn Dennstedt : "A poverty of desire." I'm totally stealing that. Great attitude bro, keep it up.

Peter Hok : I wanna see how you go to buy food by walking from your apartment to the closest market.

The Wandering Rey : That bathroom though... you can shit and shower at the same time. SAVES WATER!

e m44e : I just moved to Shanghai. I chose an apartment in the French concession that costs 3800RMB but is a little larger. The building is very dirty, dingey and sticky but apartment is nice, bright, and clean. I can hear my neighbors washing dishes and the baby crying. I've spent the last 3 days acting spoiled and crying over how I'm scared I can't adapt. You're right though, we are fortunate to even have a space to call our own. I am thankful I saw your video. A lot of my colleagues are living in modern, large apartments and I was feeling like I made a bad decision. However, I know I am privileged to even have shelter at all. Cheers.

Nicholas C. : Yeah do daily vlogs!

Wayne Matthews : Glad to see you starting to vlog again you can post anything you want. You are very correct about living below your means that is why most people in the US have nothing and live from paycheck to paycheck. It is much more comfortable to live below your income and have a cushion if you need it helps when you are getting ready to retire also........

travelbug : A day in your life video :)

Jonathan Alm : I'm doing my master's thesis in Shuzhou and will probably visit Shanghai a few times. So if you could make some videos about what you enjoy doing in Shanghai (and other areas around ofc) that'd be cool! :)

j400wel : Videos of local sights and scenery along with food would be good.You have money yet you live simple and that is the mark of a good caring person.Keep it up.

Mark Harrison : Ahhh this makes me miss Shanghai! Nice place!

Lessons in History : 房东一看到他就高兴了三千块钱喜喜喜喜喜喜

James Bond : Im surprised it doesnt cost 20$ a day

LaurasAdventures : Hello Monkey! Lol .... I want to see a “normal work day in shanghai!” Type of vlog or something.

susan lv : I like your positive lifestyle

Sarah : Love your gratefullness it's really inspiring. I would love to see a average day in your life, like what your eating and just seeing a bit of Shanghai!

Ethan : Show us your gym routine! Or whatever you do that makes you swole! I mean, you can’t get ripped from doing work all the time, right?

Grill Wasabi Sushi Channel : Kevin you're nominated for the sexiest man alive!

Christov Bro : Monkey Abroad do an ABOUT ME video

Steve the pirate : That bathroom man i never seen anything like it lol !

Alan Ta : Day in life? Workout routine?

Ken Yup : Btw although your apartment is tiny,however it looks pretty good

Peter C : I think this is so expensive.... You even don't have space to have sex

Ken Yup : I'm glad you have updated your vlog!

Amazo Niaque : Play your guitar and sing a tune for us, Kevin! We also like videos of your daily life like this. It's real and we like watching genuine people living genuine lives. Plus you are not to bad looking to look at 😁... love ya!!

Thatie G : Yay for Shanghai vlogs. Also, I love your space. Less is always more.

S V : More daily vlogs! Awesome Aspect into your lifestyle outside of your other videos.

Punita Sharma : Nice cute studio

Sharif Seyam : Very positive and good video! Great work. It makes me think my one bedroom apartment in South Korea is huge and to appreciate it more. I'd like to see more life in China videos. Their are only a handful of people doing that and it would be nice to have another perspective. Keep up the good work. Let me know if you ever wanna do a video in Jeju, South Korea.. ;)

Julia Trahan : Do like "a typical day in my life" or vlogs!!! Great vid👍

Alize Johnson : I love watching food videos!! Please make some!

Yanin Var : Please do daily vlogs!!!

David Amos : What a cool apartment, definitely worth it!

It annoys me : That place would have been 200 USD in 2012.

Jennifer Li : Hair's looking good Kevin, was a little caveman wild for a while. :)

Winter Bear : where u store the condoms Monkey? i don't see it...

Jonas B : interact with locals :) 你的中文很好

大胖貓 : All the best for you ~

Chris Ayres : just having a roof over your head nowadays is more than enough since the recession hit in 08

Tipi Haere NZ : Loved this!! I often complain about not having enough space, yet you have far less & you're still living the life!!! Awesome. Heading to Shanghai in April, then Beijing.

AddoSpero : A day in the life of monkey abroad

etroxon : Yes, more vlogs please!! What you do when you hangout with friends and just the places you frequent

ravi kanth manchana : We love watching you make daily vlogs..why don't you give it a shot:)

J T : video about simple everyday differences compared to US. great video btw.