Dad Of 4 Girls Tweets Conversations With His Daughters, And It’s Impossible Not To Laugh At Them

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Shirley Senkler : My favorite is your sarcasm conversation--live under a rock is priceless.

GravellerGear : Amazing girls. I hope chocolate treats her right after they get married.

Anei ._. : I wish I could fast forward my life to a happy ending and not deal with problems.

Emi Plays! : *5-year old: I like being a girl* *Dad: Why?* *5-year old: Because purses hold more snacks* Dam she knows why I like being a girl too

cara francis : For those of you saying must not have kids...they will say and do things that you would never think....they're little sponges...they pick up everything!!! Especially the stuff we REALLY don't want them to

Lucia Kvarnstrom-Meissner : These kids are going to go places 😂

DogLover Jillian : “I don’t have time for problems” XD

Melting_Pot : 3:33 she pancaked

Half Blood Prince29699 : They understood the function of a school before us😑😑😑

Sprite Smith : I'm upset. Whenever there's ice you should thank Jack Frost. Not. Elsa. Thank you very much.

Shelby Pope : 5 year old:I'm tired Me:maybe u should go to bed earlire 5 year old:maybe it shouldn't be morning yet me now:😅😃😀😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮JUST GOT TOLD BOY

Jamie Quinn : Anyone else notice his name was XplodingUnicorn?

Shan G : Lmaoooo “stares off into space too” ok that kangaroo one be so deep🤣😂 And im rolling at traffic!

The Awesome Gamer Group : " they will eat you first because your fatter than me " 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂

Aarmau shipper forevs : Why can't dogs go to school? Because they are animals But they let in boys XDXDXD

3lcw385 : Party trains with kittens are a thing? Because I'm not a party person, but that's definitely one I'd like to join. And yes, getting a kitten because then you'd have a kitten IS a powerful argument.

Celestial Power : I lost it at "Putin got eaten by squirrels" 😂😂😂😂😂

Kimberly Chamblain : 10:32 😍😍😍 Melted my heart! "You're MY person."

Larco Sacred : *My future kids be like*

Kyra Kaminski : If I ever met these kids, they'd be my best friends... Hi ♥ Hi . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Suprised you went this far . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Wow you have patience... . . . . .

Sandra Nelson : That shadow people eating teddy bear MUST go to DC... I feel that Mr. Breakwell should be given a special award. He is enduring the HELL of living with 5 women. Can he be given hazard pay?

LaLaura902 : This guy is really blessed with a lovely family

Teragram38 Crows : Every one of these made me laugh. Stay beautiful, girls! 💞

Lee Peffers : Apparently I have a podcast going all the time...

Ace Card : The sass, imagine when they become teens

Robert Cartier : You KNOW that 5 yo is gonna take over the world, right?! LOL

NovaRay : The pancake one thoooo I’ve literally done that! I felt so pressured one time (every time) that I just muttered omelette... I hate eggs... 😐

Smol Leaf : Dad:Why don’t you want to marry a boy? Me:Because I don’t like boys 20 years later I am married to a female as a female

V IS A VISION OF BEAUTY : I see there's never a boring day in your house hold...they ar hilarious espically the 5y

TheMystical : I just adore the harry potter ones

Little People : I stared into space when I read what happens to kangaroo's when they jump on a trampoline.

Marcie Miller : These children are more hilarious then me!

SophieMia806 : Spaghetti sprinkles! Love it!

miki Chi : Those daughters are geniuses!!!

Dillyneedsfood_013 - : I feel like a lot of these weren’t said/done directly by the children themselves: I feel the Dad is doing a lot of this and saying these things. What child knows about Dark arts? Just saying...

namjoon's onion : That kid is *_SAVAGE_*

Lil_Cookie : These kids are SO going places! You've got little superstars on your hands. ✌️ 💜

Mega-Lucario meets Zoroark : So this family likes Star Wars, Star Trek, Pokémon, Sarcasm, Disney, puns and even more things I'm forgetting right now.... *Hello would you like to adopt me please?*

Gabbi Patch : I love the Harry Potter ones 😂

imkluu : Someone is raising these girls right.

Lynn Pink : 3:46 when your dumb friend says something smart

BlueRomance : 5:32 I think it's my fav after the Harry potter ones

Nanda Sarkar : 2:01 "that's not how school works"

Rosie Fay : 2:05 2:11 6 and 4 and already they're speaking in memes? Who are they getting memes from? 3:01 Why not just say vet? 3:31 Why didn't you stop her?

Trainosaurous Rex : It’s an always movie..... PARENTS LOOK OUT


Tashnim Chowdhury : I never laughed because I am tired Like if your tired to

Ross the Boss : “Do you know what sarcasm is?” “No. I live under a rock.”

Blue Sapphire : Those girls are masters at the art of sass.