Bode Vocoder For Sale on Ebay

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อติรุจ : Teach me how to speak Daftpunk

Cartoon Network Games [DROIDZ] : *Sorry if this was already answered but how much did you sell it for?*

CJUGames : Wow! A talking washing machine!

Colin Wood : I'm suddenly much less impressed with Daft Punk.

Top10Music : Wasn't in the market for a vocoder before this video. Now I am. Brilliant.

youtubasoarus : Someone has to drop a beat on this... this is awesome! Seriously though I had no idea such a thing existed. And now I want it just so I can spend the next 5 hours playing with it lol.

Japa Illo : TIL Daft punk is selling their old junk.

qevvy : Literally anything sounds awesome through a vocoder. Valedictorian speeches. Obituaries. Tax code.

FrankJavCee : <3

RattlerX5150 : WAIT A DAMNED MINUTE!!! Is that a Maytag washing machine?

Bankside1997 : Yes, but does it have a 3.5 mm audio jack?

kingofda playazball : this is a vintage analog machine it sounds impressive and very clean

TehDarkrai : How'd they get Daft Punk in such a little box?

EggChen6DemonBag : This is what they used with Gen 1 Transformers voices.

Jason Rackow : Guy has to regret having sold this. I demand a new channel of vocoding your life, vocoder man.

Max Jackson : This is the best gear demo i have ever seen.


Raildawg01 : I have a question. What does the vocoder do? On a completely unrelated note, I really like your voice, robot man.

Eliseo Lopez : Came from reddit, left with a newfound appreciation of analog hardware. Hope you were able to sell the thing for a pretty penny!

Ann Le : Sounds like Soundwave...

твоя мамка : is there a portable version. suddenly I want to sound like this in all my daily conversations.

Ananya Gupta : I'm not sure why I've heard your video 5 times already...

CYPRN : this is the sample of the Bode vocoder it sounds relatively close to the Moog vocoder here's what it sounds when we change the keys creating all sorts of melodies i change the pitch from high to low so everybody can enjoy the show this is a vintage analog machine it sounds impressive and very clean no vocoder comes even close as for sound clarity bode is the most analog vocoders are the best in sound compared to virtual they're number one hands down all i need is percussion and bass then mix it down with the interface if you decide to finish the mix make sure to use vocoder tricks i really hope this video tutorial helped you identify the sounds of the legendary bode 7702 vocoder if you have any questions related to this video tutorial please feel free to leave comments i am here to help you thank you for viewing this demonstration of the bode 7702 vocoder

TheMetalMusicMachine : Sounds exactly like Moroder's E=MC2 ending credits :)

Eloquence : That sounds amazing!

flexor212000 : how much would you take for the washing machine?

Double Dose : After leaving the Decepticons, its interesting to learn Soundwave got a job at a music store. Its fitting. Keep making videos Soundwave :D

Bowen Comings : This is the best! Do you still have it? I have a svc, vp-330, dvp-1, voice spectra seekers and still this moog/bode sounds so even and full... mmmm I want one

Fierce Maggot : I feel like Daft Punk uses this a lot.

Terror Van : Ahahahahahaha this is the best commercial for this thing

MTH : That was amazing

Shane Spencer : This was the machine used in Boney M.'s song "Nightflight to Venus" on their 1978 album of the same title, creating a scary-as-Hell robot voice...a la the Cylons in 'Battlestar Galactica'!

Jack T : Damnit! Now I want this Vocoder! I feel like I'm lost in the Bee Gees musical tribute to the Beatles album, _Sgt.Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band_.

Okom : sounds like some MOOG music

randallross420 : so much cooler than autotune.

Boogster Su : Curious question: What type of vocoder that Styx used in his song Mr. Roboto?

Tell Your Friends : has anyone remixed this? im about to....

Mik Jms : The Internet has found your video.

Cartoon Network Games [DROIDZ] : After having this stuck in my head over the last day I have to say that this is better than most of the "music" on the radio nowadays

Chizuru : Incredible work put into this. Wow.

Jonathan Otano : Someone please place these lyrics over Sample and Hold by Neil Young.

tastyhamsandwhich : I hit like before the video even ended.

VoiceEncoder : Actually, the e in Bode isn't silent and it's pronounced with an a sound. So it's not BOd (silent e) it's BOda (short e sound). Just like Moog is pronounced MOg, not MOOg.

The TNT Mancave : 1:20 Ah so that is how they did the Cylon voices on the original Battlestar

ImaMakeMovies : How much for the washing machine?

Ernie Keto Fit : Nevermind the vocoder, how much for the top loader?

Siyko : I have that same washing machine

pantsuck11 : Giorgio Moroder

Tritech : How much for the washing machine?

umpahimself : This is one of the best things I've ever seen