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Mr Spectacals : I get the feeling that this was the same vocoder used in Disney's "Main Street Electrical Parade"

FrankJavCee : <3

Top10Music : Wasn't in the market for a vocoder before this video. Now I am. Brilliant.

Bankside1997 : Yes, but does it have a 3.5 mm audio jack?

Fierce Maggot : I feel like Daft Punk uses this a lot.

Colin Wood : I'm suddenly much less impressed with Daft Punk.


TheMpo1986 : throw on some keisha and were good to go.

qevvy : Literally anything sounds awesome through a vocoder. Valedictorian speeches. Obituaries. Tax code.

ImaMakeMovies : How much for the washing machine?

- : 1:25 I got chils

Avery Mcguire : Whoever bought this is a legend.


Stevo Churok : Does anybody recognize the melody he's playing?

Derrick Morgan : How about a demo on that washing machine?

cryogenius : This is my favorite youtube video

Jonathan Winters : Kanye West needs this. It'll get him that next album.

Eric Martin : I can't wait to hear what the washing machine sounds like!

Zai : I have so many questions...

Tony Music : My sister keeps judging people by their sound systems... I told her to stop being so stereotypical.

Neoa Error frisk : best in sound

BrotherBloat : <3 awesome :D

Pimp Daddy : lol this is perfect

ircimager : could pass for ELO practice

Fatalsalmonman : Is this Daft Punk?

Tamás Szabó :

Jarrett Fayer : Fire

Dennis X : sold

SolidusCabal : lol that text could be made by an AI

Casey Henderson : Same as Moog. By Harold Bode, 10 years before he died.

Mani Norbit : I need the unprocessed audio file.

tastyhamsandwhich : I hit like before the video even ended.

Tyler Johnson : when are you going on tour, and where do i get tickets?

Tell Your Friends : has anyone remixed this? im about to....

MTH : That was amazing

Raildawg01 : I have a question. What does the vocoder do? On a completely unrelated note, I really like your voice, robot man.

TehDarkrai : How'd they get Daft Punk in such a little box?

youtubasoarus : Someone has to drop a beat on this... this is awesome! Seriously though I had no idea such a thing existed. And now I want it just so I can spend the next 5 hours playing with it lol.

Jason Smith : I fucking hate you commies from Reddit.

Anton Goykhman : Soundwave: Decepticons superior by Dr. Smoov. Man that sound reminds me of that video here on youtube.

Mik Jms : The Internet has found your video.

Elliot Rodger : This is what Disneyland uses during their Main Street Electrical Parade?

jesusHERCULESchrist : Is this what the future was supposed to sound like?

Chester Snapdragon McPhisticuff : If I had to download one video from the internet, this would be it.

Sean : Ravage, eject! Operation... destruction Autobots inferior, Soundwave superior

CYPRN : this is the sample of the Bode vocoder it sounds relatively close to the Moog vocoder here's what it sounds when we change the keys creating all sorts of melodies i change the pitch from high to low so everybody can enjoy the show this is a vintage analog machine it sounds impressive and very clean no vocoder comes even close as for sound clarity bode is the most analog vocoders are the best in sound compared to virtual they're number one hands down all i need is percussion and bass then mix it down with the interface if you decide to finish the mix make sure to use vocoder tricks i really hope this video tutorial helped you identify the sounds of the legendary bode 7702 vocoder if you have any questions related to this video tutorial please feel free to leave comments i am here to help you thank you for viewing this demonstration of the bode 7702 vocoder

Ivan Engler : was this unit ever sold? and if so, for how much?

THTerra : Wonderful O:

crasheit : Stephen Hawking should buy this.

Enzo Edogg : sounds like safr punk