Abandoned Soviet Fairground Ride In Transnistria
An Englishman adventures around Transnistria a country that isnt a country

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🚩Look at a map of Europe and you won't see this thin sliver of a country but it's there and so I went to explore. Get ready to visit the country that does not exist...Welcome to Transnistria or as locals call it Pridnestrovie.


Slavic Lemon : When you ask them if their country exists Well yes but actually no

ladyblazette : “It’s bloody vertical!” 😂

Gabriel Traveler : "They know Moldavia." Haha, that's hilarious. When Moldova is your famous neighbor, you're really out in the boonies.

Overwhelming Euphoria : "Let's go check this place out, I was warned it's a little rough." Que cheesy pop music playing in background

Ruslan Davudov : These videos are the best! No shitty intros/outros, commercials, clickbaits. Only pure content! Keep up the good work! Greetings from Estonia!

David Ramirez : Nobody: Mr. Bald: S O V I E T

oof kek : *transnistrian and Moldovan tourism increase by 100 percent*

Деонис Гузовский : I live in Transnistria. And very intresting to see a view from another person about my country. Because when i live here i do not see much. Balt, you opened my eyes and made me smile! Thank you!

kil koh : The only thing saving me is this chain! Physics: am I a joke to you?

Yash Kshirsagar : There are YouTubers with $1000s of equipment , team, and production, and yet make shite videos. Then you have Mr Bald, who only needs a camera and his amiable personality and wit to entertain us. 💪

aksumiro : "Right?" "Yes!" "You understood me?" "Of course i understood!" Truly priceless!!!

NewJerseyJay : Everytime he says Soviet...Take a shot of your favorite alcoholic beverage! Great drinking game!


isztarte : Mr. Bald you are cool English guy. I adore your videoes, fine work, great attitude. You really enjoy to discover all this rudimental places of Soviet Union, and respect that you learned russian language. Regards from Poland.

horia dobosan : Bald you are an epic person.. I like your charisma you is great. Greetings from Romania, Bucharest. Good luck in all yours travels

qwasd0r : Absolute time capsule, amazing.

LePage Channel : Centrifugal force was saving you, not the rusty chain lol!

cbz73 : Why those abandoned places giving me peace of mind?

88kjk75 : Bald man your channel is growing faster than Venezuela's inflation

Ibrahim Simon : Eastern europe is more fun than western europe nowdays

Amy Murphy : This is a really great video... I am really enjoying watching your videos. I was so happy when you fixed the wheel for poor old babushka 😄

Brent Hensley : *Centrifugal force* is what kept you alive, not that rusty chain!

Water & Sky : I really like that Soviet style. It gives the place a character, which is different from the modern globalized monotony. Good thing they preserved it. 👍

bellephegor : I've learned today there is such a thing like a "Babushka emergency" :D

Abel Pepin : Ive watched 4 videos already and I can't go to sleep. I'm loving these videos with so much friendly people. Love from NYC

Евгений Сытов : Бля, чувак, это было охуенно. Сам оттуда, было очень интересно посмотреть на этот кусок земли другими глазами. Thank you so much, dude. I lived here 25years. Interesting video.

Threepguy Brushwood : Bald is a great example of what happens when you go out and embrace the world and the world embraces you back: You lose (almost) all fear of the unknown and can experience great adventure!

The Wolf : The only thing saving me is this chain.... and centrifugal force.... just saying

Lisandro Falcoff : Amazing blogs, Mr. Bald, though I'm pretty sure Kompot has been arround long before the Soviets xD Greetings from a Belorussian descendent living in Argentina.

Josh Rosenberg : One of the most humanizing channels, im a huge fan bald! Keep it up!

Just a Russian : -Снимайте! -что снимать, туалет?! -куртку!

Jamie Totten : 17:30 I dont know what you said but that conversation went downhill quick😂

Anya : 7:14 This why I love this man, to take such risks, not many can do.

Dark side : This type of Soviet Russian video is so interesting and intriguing isn't it !


djordjem : Nobody: Bald: This place hasn't changed since the Soviet Union

Noushin Jaan : You're my favourite youtuber ever ! I've just discovered your channel and binge watched all the episodes in one day ! Now I think that if I was even 1% of your social skills, my travels would be so much fun 🤣

Anya : I swear this man needs to have his own show, what an charismatic, intelligent man!!!

AimerGamer 1888 : New to your channel and I absolutely love it, my wife is polish and some of these small villages remind of my trips to Poland. I've watched all your videos of the ex Soviet countries. Keep up the good work bald.

Spirit Keeper : I thank you and YouTube for the Videos that i can watch now! No fashion bvllshid or reaction vids....

Yokhai : Country : doesn't exist Mr bald : let's go for a Soviet trip there

Lobster Johnson : Hey you beautiful bald man, you represent England well. Congratulations on your success! Your audience loves you and what you do.

Ryan Romanchuk : This made me so happy. Couple of years ago I did Kiev -> Chernobyl -> Odessa -> Transnistria -> Moldova -> Romania, this brings back the feels. Just found your channel, glad i did. Have you been to Abkhazia or Nagorno Karabakh yet?

Anglo Gobloggian : bruv.. the lady in the market. 20 years ago. im done

Max GOR : 16:51 - местное кгб спалилось)))). local kgb

Siski The Crab : I’m from Moldova and I moved to Canada so I never learned about the history behind my country and my neighbors this channel is everything

Pavel Ningthoujam : Wow. That is something really worth watching😎

greenlizardballs : That babushka pit-stop was epic.

French Montana : You gotta visit Estonia and Lithuania ex Soviet places