Welcome To Soviet Wonderland!
Abandoned Soviet Fairground Ride In Transnistria

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🚩Look at a map of Europe and you won't see this thin sliver of a country but it's there and so I went to explore. Get ready to visit the country that does not exist...Welcome to Transnistria or as locals call it Pridnestrovie.


David Ramirez : Nobody: Mr. Bald: S O V I E T

Gathering No Moss : The most knowledgeable, respectful travel channel. I'm endlessly impressed.

teddymurphy95 : "How is life here in Transnistria?" "We have clothes."

Деонис Гузовский : I live in Transnistria. And very intresting to see a view from another person about my country. Because when i live here i do not see much. Balt, you opened my eyes and made me smile! Thank you!

Ruslan Davudov : These videos are the best! No shitty intros/outros, commercials, clickbaits. Only pure content! Keep up the good work! Greetings from Estonia!

oof kek : *transnistrian and Moldovan tourism increase by 100 percent*


kil koh : The only thing saving me is this chain! Physics: am I a joke to you?

bellephegor : I've learned today there is such a thing like a "Babushka emergency" :D

Yash Kshirsagar : There are YouTubers with $1000s of equipment , team, and production, and yet make shite videos. Then you have Mr Bald, who only needs a camera and his amiable personality and wit to entertain us. 💪

Cademan Caden : I haven't been able to stop watching these videos since your latest popped up in my recommend. You sir, are one of the most interesting YouTubers I have ever seen. No BS, no clickbait....just an experience most of us will never have. Thank you for this.

Sinead Martin : 😂😂you are an absolute mad man getting on that abandoned ride

Carl M : This man is a great example of showing that (once you clear the language barrier) humans are still human no matter where you go in the world.

isztarte : Mr. Bald you are cool English guy. I adore your videoes, fine work, great attitude. You really enjoy to discover all this rudimental places of Soviet Union, and respect that you learned russian language. Regards from Poland.

Jade : I am fascinated by the Soviet era its designs and atmosphere, so i really loved this.

Ibrahim Simon : Eastern europe is more fun than western europe nowdays

Josh Rosenberg : One of the most humanizing channels, im a huge fan bald! Keep it up!

Reggaeman YO : That must have been one of the sketchiest fairground rides I have seen hahaa, you brave bastard

mr mango : Just goes to show, when the west were all worried about the Russians, behind that iron curtain were just nice people too. Too many governments from both sides make each other think the others are something they are not. More and more I'd like to visit these places, maybe its time to learn a little Russian? Thanks for your videos and just honest views of these places Bald.

JustSomeTimber1nTheLake : How can he speak so good russian and hindi?

The Wolf : The only thing saving me is this chain.... and centrifugal force.... just saying

Threepguy Brushwood : Bald is a great example of what happens when you go out and embrace the world and the world embraces you back: You lose (almost) all fear of the unknown and can experience great adventure!

Jason Small : That ferris wheel looks exactly like the abandoned one in Prypiat.

JAG 0937 EB : You always have to help babushka in emergency

Alyssa Kuhn : “Are you going to make love to me in here?” “...sure”

AgassiUKR : Man, you proved yourself as real soviet-soul-man by fixing babushka's vehicle with a match :) Greetings from Kiev

Amrit Singh : Mr Bald prefers traveling to countries with billion people or barely any people

Yulia Shmtt : Im from Belarus, and i didn't know this country exist Im shooketh

goGo limbu : 16:00 that's some big ass calculator, just imagine taking it to your maths exam.

Left Handed : To be honest, I grew up with a strong disregard toward soviet people. My family suffered under Soviet Control in Germany. Thank you for doing these Videos. They opened my eyes that at the end of the day we are all humans with a dark piece of History. And people all over Europe suffered under the Nazis in WW2 and the Soviets afterwards. There is no excuses for what happened. What we have to do now is work together and never forget history to prevent anything like that from happening again.

Edward Myers : When you said "hello!, 1986 can you hear me?" I feel like that was a Chernobyl reference 😂😂

Keith Fox : "The only thing between me and death, is this rusty, old chain." -Bald 2019

P77777777 : “Experts thought the Soviet empire would go on for 100 years” Makes me wonder about the US. Now I don’t think it will collapse but it’s definitely not outside the realm of possibility things can happen very unexpectedly like that

346 NYC : People at the top of the food chain knew very well the Soviet Union would be coming to an end. My husband's family owned one of the largest private equity firms in NYC on Wall Street. A lot of their business was in the Soviet Union and Eurasia. They knew it was coming. The problem was those who decided to ignore it. They too, even the very wealthy ones, lost everything the moment Yeltsin climbed off that tank.

Clyde Drexler : Testing ground for Abkhazia, South Ossetia and DNR+LNR. Same thing different flag, extreme poverty and isolation

88kjk75 : Bald man your channel is growing faster than Venezuela's inflation

tired boi : Dutch wonderland NO Soviet Wonderland *YES MY COMRADE, NO GULAG FOR YOU*

Sam : you are an absolute credit to England! Representing us well across Russia :D

Breezy Bench : At first Bald take it lightly huh that wheel, thinking this old rusty beauty meant for 5 year old ride ha ha ha!! I laugh so hard seeing what it can do ! Reminded me so fun so happy.

Ice Man : Bloody hell, can I travel with you? Damn more interesting than the usual Euro spots!

Anya : I swear this man needs to have his own show, what an charismatic, intelligent man!!!

Todd B : WOW this brought back a great memory. During one of my early trips to Russia many years ago I went to an "amusement park" in Kingisepp just outside of St. Petersburg. We had to go get the operator out of the house to let my future step-daughter ride the rides.

Sheridan Kochanowski : Hey my background is russian and I would love to learn how to speak it how did you learn?

cbz73 : Why those abandoned places giving me peace of mind?

Abdirazak Ahmed : The Babushka at the end was running away from him. Seems everybody knows of Mr Bald's fetish for Babushka's.

Ride On Boy! : Great watching you. Get on a Netflix deal!

Meks1738 Gaming : one way to stop thanos is this mans BALLS OF ABSOLUTE STEEL

Nazarettos : It is very sad to see that people buying Stalins pictures.Very very sad for those people.

Aušrinė Virvilaitė : This madman didn't thoroughly mix сметана with his soup before eating :o