Kanye Gets Too Real On Ellen

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redminus : not sure this was even edited in any way tbh

collectibly tricks : Lol I thought he was yelling, "GAYS IN THE BUILDING!"

Ludmil : When your mother asks you if you did your homework but you don't wanna lie to her

ellamarie13 : _i c a l l e d t h e h e a d o f p a y l e s s_

MH_1231 : I feel like I'm watching the Eric Andre show


Jonathan Garrett : Thanos: Black Panther is dead! Peter Parker is dead! Gamorra is dead! I called the head of SHIELD and I'm like 'You're dead!'" Blip! *snaps fingers*

Nico Nico need to kms : you can see the pain in ellens eyes

TheMaestroChannel : The guy who edited this is a genius. All the clips were perfectly rearranged to make it seem plausible and awkward.

MichiganCowboy : Even though this is fake, I find it real.

Chris Alvarez : why is this an ad?

john doe : "I called the head of Payless, I'm like I'm dead." lol

Lord of the Birbs : The best part about the video is Ellen's slight look towards the camera

kat : For every time he interrupted saying "ye's in the buildinn'" I lost 5 brain cells

samajé Manuel : dumb mfs thought this was real😂

Spacelord : This is how I imagine the interview actually happening.

Brett Robbins : You hear the air horn, you know shit's goin' down.

Brian : This edit isn't too far off how this interview really went lol.

adrian lago : I lost half of my brain cells

Richard Fairchild : I feel like we need this video more than ever.

Teddy Murk : I'm dead it ain't no joke who do u kno dat's dead I'm dead lmao

Duhreel Vlogs : lmao the editing is stupid funny

Jeremy Cline : What am I doing with my life...

Devine Wynder : Mj is dead, Prince is dead, Bowwow's rap career is dead, Meek Mill and Nicki Minaj relationship is dead, after watching this video I'm dead!

Rhi : I'm sorry Payless I'm sorry daytime television blip

Steve Harvey Is The Illuminati : When you think you've done _all_ you can do, and you can't do no more... *_Do some more._*

Mercy Mercy : he has officially became my biggest nightmare

Sun&Rain : This was brilliant 😂

Alice A : Ellen is triggered😂

Jolan XBL : I thought this was a spoof video, but I just watched the episode and I'm like holy crap this is accurate

Derek Pettifer : MK Ultra Monarch look into it sometime.

Danielle Marotel : ellen is like "..."

Niels : This is like an Eric Andre interview.

Brandon Bajin : So the real Kayne is actually dead. The clone Kayne realized this from dormant memories of his pre-blankslating time in the MIC celebrity indoctrination facility.

Zach Jones : Kanye what are you doing

Skyler P. : Killuminauti

brain attack : Never thought I would say it but this is a PROFESSIONAL "YOUTUBE POOP"✌✌Great Fcking job super deluxe you deserve every subscription you guys have………WOOOO!!

johnny dank : glorious video.

John Mayberry : picasso is dead.

Esketit Esketit : I am so confused

Heather Klein : So, this is what happened to him

Ian Phoenix : I don't even know what is real anymore...

Grindenhausen : this kills me every damn time

PapaSacKou : This is probably what usually goes through his head lol. Mans been sleep deprived and dehydrated for the longest

Kurlyo : *WTF YO LMAO?*

Mr Toker Smoker High All : This would have been a better interview for him to have done. Maybe he would not have looked a twat!!!

Reece Crump : Ellen's pleading eyes slay me

Frightenedtv drew : how many drugs is he on.

ThESLyGuY : well....it was good while it lasted...r.i.p. Kayne

Kamyia Nile : I think due to recent events there needs to be another kanye video. Like if you agree