Snap Out Of It // Arctic Monkeys (Cover)

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ThatOddGirlSophie : I love you so much your so genuine, one day your gonna be a star <3

Ephie : This is perfect

Poewers : You’re such a cutie! I loved this cover, as always.

Bel Watson : I don't really listen to Arctic Monkeys but hOlY HECK THIS SOUNDS SO GOOD!!!!! xx

Nia James : You’re so talented!! Keep being wonderful and also: yes.

muirmaid : i. love. this. so. much. you're so talented keep making stuff !!

Purple Green : So good :)

Jules : Honestly didn't think one could nail this song so perfectly, yet I was surprised. This is flawless!

Johnny Killjoy : Welcome to my keychain, we have bananays, and alvacadays

lemonteeth : wow i love your voice

Gabby : Love it so much!!!

ccbbb23 : That was done very well. You have an amazing voice. Hope you get to share it more. (Ignore the trolls & haters.)

Aidan Hunt : That was just plain awesome

noel : aaAH your voice is soso nice and soothing i looove. <3 a possible video suggestion: i suggest doing ‘what’s on my mind?’ videos! they’re just chit chatty videos that can totally be personalised and it gives a chance for you to connect with your audience via weird topics that you’d talk about with your friends! also i think i could listen to you talk all day you have the nicest voice :’)

David Cat : Typical indie voice and out of tune guitar.

Megan Cunnington : gosh your voice is so beautiful

Liam Gilmore : so good!! tune that damn guitar!

Axel McDoo :

aisha x : you're amazing! your voice is so good <33

je suis amelia : you are so amazing my gosh

idatherese : ✨YES!✨

peyton hoggard : Love it so so much! Great job :D

GodessOfGlitter : This is wonderful I love it so much. You did a really good job❣️

powerofwaffle : yes omg you could rock old yellow bricks

sasha samara : you have such a beautiful voice and this arrangement is gorgeous! I love the higher octave layered above your super rich velvety voice hot damnnnnnnnnnnnmnn !!!

cooct baddo : yall need a shower b

GodessOfGlitter : yesssss

Ophelia Lane : I love you bubby