Making chainsaw noises while cutting cheese
Making chainsaw noises while cutting cheese

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EM A : I gave it a like because it’s not clickbait. I got it exactly what I came for. Thank you.

Pheonix level 1 : Well, I can't say that I was disappointed

ء : This is the greatest thing ever, 13/10 would recommend

roneybill : I think we have reached peak human evolution

Ebrahim Kakhi : YouTube suggestions are weird, yet we always follow them 😂

Beef Stew : Next cut down a tree making knife noises

PekosYT : I like how this channel is called exactly what my thoughts are at 3 am and whst i usually watch Edit: 90 likes already wowsie

Mohamed Emad : They will have flying cars by 2019 *2019* :

1BigBasket : Me: Watched one repair video YouTube: MaKinG ChaiNSaW NoiSEs wHiLe CuTTIng Cheese

ZRgaming : And I ended up at this video once again. 5th time nice.

JAZZZ : Ladies and gentleman welcome back to: why was this in my recommendations? Today: making chain saw noises while cutting cheese!

Alm Tre : Person: what is the weirdest thing you have ever heard of Me: the YouTube algorithm

Inflake : Friend: What do you watch on YouTube? Me: *it’s complicated...*

xd Vosso : This is the most useful recommended video ever! Good job youtube!

Nick Norton : YouTube’s algorithm for recommended videos is finally starting to coincide with my broken brain.

Garrett McKinnon : No one: YouTube recommended: "Making chainsaw noises while cutting cheese"

Jacob Bissen : Nobody: Every person on a recommended video: Nobody: YouTube: watch this random video we found

Xxspectacular : Everybody: No one: YouTube recommendation: *HERES A GUY CUTTING CHEESE*

SamBro2901 Playz : Welcome back to another episode of "Why is this in my recommended ?"

Name not found : This video is exactly as advertised. 10/10 would watch again

Aden Annane : The youtube recommendations are just a scientific experiment to see if we will watch what they show us. and we will

Blatser : Nobody talking about how much spit there would be

Chase The F. : who's here from 4587? Edit: This video has saved humans from extinction

randomAUplays : You never realize how much we need this until you actually see it

Carazy123 : _Some content creators spend years of hard work and dedication to bring a million views to their channel..._ *_Others A P P E A R_*

Mitchell Moan : i’ve watched this video before 3 times and everytime it surprises me lmao

Cristina Simoes : Welcome back to the 46904th episode of, “why is this in my recommended?!”

Happyguy 18 : Was this on your reccommended page too?

3LNO : Youtube: 2016: neh 2017: nope 2018: naaaaah 2019: hell fuckings yess brodda

asianfasian : *Next Video: Cutting a tree with a chainsaw with cheese noises*

Frolic the Cat : Its 3 am and im watchin.... *Wait a minute* 😡

Appul : Me: Just... Just one more video before I go to bed... **2 hours later** Also me:

GrahamCracker09 : "What the hell brother" Daequan 2019

fistick gamez : This is content that I should be paying for

The Beat Vandal : *Not Clickbait*

romdon ромдон : I want whatever YouTube recommendations smoking.

Hailee Nickel : I still have homework to do.

Ethan Shendo : No it's 1:03AM Also I'm glad to see this in my recommended

America's Firstborn : Wtf are my recommendations 😂

Abner Luiz : *I knew exactly what I was going to watch and you still managed to surprise me*

The_TNT_Hunter : I tried and I got a farting noise.

Cooper Allen : Here we have another episode of... Drum roll please.. WHY IS THIS IN MY RECOMMEND?

Jack Barringer : Homeboy just spit all over his cheese🤦🏻‍♂️

Charlie Hill : That's funny Cuz when I cut the cheese it sounds like a chainsaw too. 🤔

Carlos Matos Fanpage : *For once the YouTube algorithms actually did a good job* 👏

DaveSause : Me: You have 35 seconds to live. Doctor: what

Merlin Nelson : You have 35 seconds to live what do you do? Me:

JJ Justin Jokes : When a person tries to give good advice in life Me:

Kwasa : Me: YouTube: let’s put this in your recommended