GRADEAUNDERA SEASON 2! - Where I've Been, Depre55ion And Wtf Happened To Youtube

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Kewl Potato : 3 months.. holy shit time flies

Jowel Martin : Can’t wait for season 3!

0-0 dart monkey : Grade is dead

Nico__XD : He‘s not coming back, is he?

Lottie J : In all fairness, he didn't specify WHICH weekend he was uploading, right?!

Silver Snail : I think we got pranked

Trap Samurai : Who else is waiting for season 3?

Jeevzsk : 1:36 lol

Hesusio : Your cousin Dickhead wouldn't have gone silent for five months.

Ronan Dre : Announces grand return Leaves for an even longer time

Sykes Freerunning : Season 2 seems fun, right??? Right... guys..?

Chris : **_a year has passed , last real video was uploaded on 11 march_**

Toxic Chocolate : " Video in the next few days " Still here 5 months later waiting....

Kittykat Draws : 5 months........AND NO VIDEO. I hope ur ok grade

Pebkio Nomare : Hey, Grade, what'd you think of the new Star Wars movie? The Last Jedi.

AstroCatWizard : Leme guess theres a season 3

OmgGamer767 : 'Video in the next few days!'

Booking Booker : I've officially given up on you grade. From the not uploading to the massive drop in your video quality, I got to say goodbye. It's been nice riding with you in your prime, and wish the best.

Bernhard Wittner : Gotta tell you something now... I‘ve been sittin here for like, what now, 5 F***ING MONTHS now, just waiting for just SOME kind of response, but nothing happened. I‘m not mad, nor I wanna be impolite, but I just miss the tiny stick figurine discussing the important things in life. I want to let you know, that I‘m certain of your depression, but I‘d like to see a video telling me to sit tight, because I can‘t tell it myself enough anymore. Still do I keep the hope of you making a comeback, even if the string of hope holding me from falling into the abyss of dissapointment is as thin as the chance of this comment being read by you, Grade. I just miss your videos, man. I mean, look at all the others. We all just want at least something that tells us you are at least alive irl. Anyone feeling the same?

Giraffe GamezYT : Grade Is Definitely Dead...Been 5 Months LOL

Proving Demons : "video in the next few days." that was 4 months ago mate, wtf lol

Unleash3d64 : Y’all just got bamboozeled.

Tom tha Dude : Wait . . . It's been 5 months since he posted this and nothing since ._.

Code[Sixx] : I think im going to go sub to his cousin dickhead's channel now

HEADCLEAVER : 5 mouths garde R U DEAD

WizardScrub : Wow That was a quick season 2

Benjamin Rich : I'm here still. All 5 months. See ya soon!

MaveriKat : Hope you're doing okay, Grade.

Sam Shady : i think he is dead now its been 5 months now im unsubbing

bin.exe : I'm really enjoying this series where Grade claims he's coming back every 5 months or so and then doesn't deliver

AXMN : See you next year guys

Armo8703 : Anyone still here 5 months later? In 2018?

lauren : Press F to pay respects

DeAdShOt_KiNg578 : I feel like he just made these videos just for money then once he got money he just stopped.

Leo West : can't wait for season 5

xCWANIAK : At least we had this 5min video... Right?

CrazyRob52 : 1 year ago today was his last real video. His better off not making videos anymore

Jiuberto Joubartos : 2018...?

GooboGabbaGabe : He uploaded this on April fools for a reason. How many of you actually believed me?

Rannarr CSGO Content : #prayforGrade

Frédéric Chopin : And he's dead again...

Totaldrama Duncan : Grade died.

Godzilla2016 : It's 2018 but he still hasn't uploaded any videos

CoopDoop : The funniest part of this video was 1:36

Zoom? Edits : 5 Months:O I Miss Him

England Is My City : *Season 2 started and also ended* *in the same time* #StopItGetSomeHelp

Jett Ankermann : Dude, Depression is awful. It hits hard and it doesn't seem to stop. Takes a lot of willpower and a little bit of time to find a way to make things just a little bit better for yourself everyday. I'm glad you're feeling better Grade. Your videos shine brightest when you give less of a shit about how they turn out. It's honestly amazing that you can make something so simple so popular.

OakKey6678 : Anyone from 2018

Joey Zoota-Lucero : It’s so bad how often this happens. A YouTube channel gets really popular, takes a break for a couple months, comes back and says they have all these ideas and the channel is gonna be so great, and then just disappear

Phoenix_ Is_A_Taco : At this point I'm not even sure if I want grade back. I check everyday and nothing new is here.