GRADEAUNDERA SEASON 2! - Where I've Been, Depre55ion And Wtf Happened To Youtube

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Spicy Meme : We've been socially experimented (pranked)!

Quinton Reviews : Wow man season 4 is looking good

oreomonogatari : Can he just admit that he doesn’t want to do YouTube anymore

Mr Awesome : 2 months until a year since his last video.

Magnetism : September “Gonna make videos again “ December: Nothing Top 10 anime betrayals

HortlerHearsAJew : I’m giving 1.3% chance that grade is actually dead

Arniel Gane : My dad will return home before he makes another video

Isaac 230813 : Are you gonna come back at any point or was this season 2 just bullshit??

Gameguy 886 : Aight see you guys in mid 2019

Frédéric Chopin : And he's dead again...

Not McCree : Hi Grade, I really hope you’ve been able to crawl out of your depression at any pace suitable for you. However, I do believe that while you do this, you should be forthcoming with your fans and patrons - simply admitting that you will no longer make videos. The why does not matter, but you have thousands of loyal fans (including myself) hoping to know why Season 2.5 never occurred. I think at least a formal goodbye will set everything on a better field, and not leave all of those who are concerned for you out to hang. Bless you, may you stay strong.

AdventerousDerps : But when the world needed him the most, he vanished...

Audacity : STAY STRONG LADS BELIEVE IN GRADE HE'LL BE BACK 3 months later Yaaaaa I tink he dead

iThaSpartan YT : Please dont let this channel die Grade.

Antonia xx : OMG I’ve missed him also I diddnt know this existed and he’s like my fave YouTube come back pleaseeeee💗😭 Edit: 7months ago: I’m dead I’m coming back 4 months later: I’m dead I’m coming back 3 months later: still gone🖤

micotojami : We just got pranked

Omar Moemen : I always come back to this video so I can remind myself to never trust again . Also to read the comments because they're hilarious .

David Sanchez : I always knew this nigga wasn't gonna do shit.

AXMN : See you next year guys

Tytan Havok : What a weird finale for Season 2

Reactor : when's the season 3 video coming out?

xXX xXx : Dont come back

Mike Sula : Grade at least tell us if your quitting, don't make us wait and if you don't feel like making videos then at least start a discussion on youtube and keep us updated

Evil Boobookin : Well... see ya in like four months

The Epic Gamer : LPT: when you are going to announce coming back from a long break, have videos prepared before announcing it

Levi Ackerman : Just admit you're done with YouTube. Put us out of our misery.

Colonialist Glory : He is not depressed - he’s just playing the sympathy card.

Bitchboyardee : Dont come back thanks

Jimmy D. : WHERE R U

The VBMS : Alrighty, time to unsubscribe! I waited for 3+ months and not a single update on your channel's situation, what a loyal creator you are to your fans!

ChibiSteak : Top 10 Most Anticipated Anime Sequels

SSSNNNAAKKEEE!!!!!!!!!! : I don't think that I am ever going to trust you again Grade.

Faisal Khurshid : How long does your planet take to orbit?

Gaxxor : Oof

Bob Wilson : when you make a video saying you will start making videos again... then 4 months later you make another video saying you are going to make videos again... ...and then 3 months after that there still arn't any other videos

Justin Idelfonso : Tbh i thought he would post on January 1st, a week later i lost hope

Jaime 295 : 2018 no videos

Huracan360 : March 2017: Grade disappears May 2017: "I'm back guys!" September 2017: "I'm back (for real!!)" January 2018: Still no upload...

Silver Snail : I think we got pranked

Djordje Pavlic : We are about to hit the 4 months mark, so the next “return” video should be uploaded any moment...month.

Axel Henriksen : Remember in September when we all got really excited, because Grade was back? Good times...

watzit 235 : See ya in 2060

Imperial Guard : Season 3*

Movie Man : WHAAAAAAAAAA?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

DatGamerBoy : I think I can speak for everbody when I say this Grade wtf man you said that you were going to come back and ya didn't so ethier make some videos or just come out and say hey unsubscribe because I'm not doing youtube any more

Error4-07-99 : “Video in the next few days”

Kris Hi : Just at least tweet that you quit or stream or make a video or even do a facebook post

The Glitcher356 : It's only a matter of time before season 27 is out and it is exactly the same as the last 26... not a great show

The Funnys : It's been more than a few days

green gamer : man depression is hard to handle