GRADEAUNDERA SEASON 2! - Where I've Been, Depre55ion And Wtf Happened To Youtube

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England Is My City : *Season 2 started and also ended* *in the same time* #StopItGetSomeHelp

Aquarius Mandolin : I am sorry but grade at this point is clearing saying faulty statements to cover his butt.


some random dude : Are you putting on the "I'm Sick" voice so that you don't have to upload?

Roi da Boi : *Bruh this time away from YouTube is longer than his damn chin*

Squid Nugget : Ru coming back I want more videos

Austin Hood : I love Grade, but this is getting ridiculous

Hoi Hoi : Grade A bye A

Tom Wood : Your cousin dickhead wouldve come back by now

Sean Walcott : Fuck grade he is jus a money hungry bitch who uploads every couple months for some views

Channel : Well your cousin Dickhead would have started Season 3 by now.

Codclover 565 : Season 2 is over when is season 3 here

Lord Narwhal IV : This guy is like a zombie, starts out as a human, dies, uses his one arm to put himself back together for a little bit, then dies again, and the cycle continues...

Taylor Edgell : Grade, when's Season 3?

illishots iOS : “see u in couple days” 1 month later... where’s season 3

Mr. Fernler : KSI: I can dissappear of youtube. Grade: Hold my beer Grade now: Hold my champagne

yraco : Shitty period wouldn't be shit and a period, not having a period is worse.

Alex C : Just quit or come back. Don't be a cock tease.

Turkey Tom : hypocrisy was my favorite part of your old drama videos, cant wait to see it integrated into your main content

jay hobbs : And that concludes season 2 stay tuned in for season 3 in another 5 months.

Jetman999 : If he’s not coming back till next year, hopefully we get a Warriors rant

iDankCai : grade if u hate youtube and wanna quit just fuckin tell us stop getting our hopes up to destroy them and making you money for fuck all. Cunt. But if you still like youtube and want to do it show us, you didn't need to do this video you shoulda just uploaded videos, I love your content but you have really let me down man.

Andrew Christodoulou : I thought you were dead GradeAunderA

gamer4life : He lost about 135k subs just for this shit in a month.

Tom Krys : New video??!! It's been a fucking month!!!!!!

Thomas Dillon : And he's dead again

Elliott Moore : I'm depressed and I still make funny videos

BowFire5 : Welp, he's dead again. Give it a few empty months and the only episode in Season 3 will come out.

Knowledge Of Lamborghini : Grade are you still depressed?

Ultimate K : Are you dead yet?

Lewis Sowerby : Did he die again

happyerin1997 : ai good in the end youtube is only as good as their uploaders if only more ryoutubers would stick to beeing theirself and have their own oppinions. keep up what you like to do

Alan Hagerty : Wait. Grade hasn't made a real video in 7 months (i am not counting the previous video and this video is suppose to be the hype video for new content) and he is making still making $431 on patreon ?!? Is this the new spoony?

Fog 201 : Well what shit happened to you know

Samuel Allen : You haven't been doing any videos in a month

Xor'Kov : At this rate, you may as well just stop putting out the "What happened to grade" videos and just put up your regular rants whenever you can.

Brian Fleisch : Alright guys time to start the tally marks again 😥

Mystic Mushroom : That was a quick season 2. Can't wait for october 2018 when season 3 comes out

Lizzardtong : grade i know you have to deal with all that private personal stuff. but what exactly is your idea of "a few days", last time i checked, a few days didn't mean a whole month.

Franz Liszt : We still love you

Alox : Are you dead yet again

Silverwind Nightmare : Used to not watch your videos because I felt bad for keemstar, and while I still support him, I'm actually super surprised how funny and awsome these videos really are

MrGollum1996 : Grade you are destroying one of the simplest ways to earn money on this planet. And it much money. Literally every other job gives you less for more work. Not to mention that your true fans (like me) miss you. You should make videos... dont waste this chance, please!

- PaulDFlips - : Says he’ll upload weekly or more... hasn’t uploaded in 1 month

Logan Virgo : When i saw this video i was like, ALL OTHER VIDEOS BURN IN HELL THIS SHOULD BE ON TRENDING

Ryder’s Youtube : I love u grade sick videos

Motavar : it's been a bit more than a few days...

TheOldPinkChap Phone : Im gonna make a vid about me just saying video

Sunjog Bhogal : It's been a month grade

Mikael Refatllari : What about now? You dead or wtf!