William Shatner "Rocket Man"

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Shatner's "Rocket Man" condensed to just the performance.

Comments from Youtube

RubenLopezL : 62 dislikes are Kahn and his men.

Frederick Email : This should be the national anthem.

KingsnakeSince1986 : It's Shatner's World: We just live in it.

Ryan Wirth : i wonder how many commas his script had...

Alexander Wyatt : ...he knows what it takes to be cool

Clem Mason : this is horrible but yet somehow it's also awesome:-)

Chris Patrick : imagine being in the audience as this is unfolding hahahaha

Max Langerud : The "Rock. It. Man."

j2times2006 : One of the greatest things ever recorded lol

Robi Kurtinovic : I never realized that Gus Sorolas' wife uploaded this..holy shit.

Herc Zeus : Where is his Oscar!!!

TheBlackNerd : This actually about brought me to tears from the beauty of it.

Hatelyn : I often go to cons where Shat is a guest, I wonder how pissed he'd be if I asked him to sign a printed screenshot of this...

Dan S. : A little suffering is good for the soul, as Captain Kirk once said, but this is too much.

Spazzitron McGee : Whenever I'm having a bad day, this makes me laugh so hard!

Gerald Schafer : There is something so calming about Bill's version. As Stewie Griffin said "That's the good stuff!"

MsLilyhorse : This is sublime.

Caleb Harris : 62 people arent Rocket Men

Lisa Springs : So bad, it's good...don't think he meant it to be! LOL

PrincessMonstertruck : Oh Shatner, you legend :)

Nitro Zombies : I love Will Shatner... Takes me back to my childhood :3

Dinoman217 : Shatner does a good spoken words cover!

Tom Shad : This is hilarious.......and how cool- like Captain Kirk delivers it...love it..

Dwight Lollar : I least I understand the lyrics now. Thought Elton was saying " burning through the perilous zone"

jane k : i'm…GOING TO, memorize…this VERSION of the-song IF it…KILLS me.

Sitizen Kane : Everyone in the 70s were coked out of their minds

pretzelbucket : Why couldn't there have been a "Behind the Scenes" video to this performance?  Just to see the faces on the production people while he was performing.  Were they dying or buying it or what?

Eamonn Nugent : Jim Kirk's version made it to no1 on Vulcan & Klingon however, Spock thought it was illogical...

cgrant26 : Oh audio torture chamber, how I missed you. I think it's going to be a long, long time before I listen to this again.

MikhailMeowsky : KHAAAAAAANNN!!!

Rooneysithmaster : seriously ive just pooped my pants with laughter!

I. F. B. : Kim Jong Un brought me here.

Ryan Hough : Can i bring this piece to karaoke night?

The Pursuit of Success : rock it man

basedifference : Love him!!

gorge works : the is the greatest thing i ever seen

Righteous God : William Shatner's performance on the original Star Trek could be said the first truly 'postmodern' acting ever witnessed. An actor quite self-consciously acting yet not acting but being himself. Simultaneously serious yet satirical. LOL. He is a legend.

heliumtrophy : Donald, man. Burning out his fuse out there on Twitterland.

Jason Collins : Family guy brought me here

hgwells 1899 : No, Shatner. Shatner. NO.

Gerald Schafer : Is it bad that IT brings a tear to my eyes?

JIm Davis : He was a pretty damn good actor in his day.


flamtambler : Beautiful rendition, Kirk. The true Rocket Man...

itachilover87 : "Dammit Bill, you´re an Actor, not a Singer" - DeForest Kelley ;)

Chris Virnig : After this go click Telly Savalas doing If by Bread. They must have shared the same agent

Mateo Ceballos Querol : wow i didn't know youtube existed in 1976

foxking39 : How high even am I

Fred Flinstone : Haaaaaaighhhhhhhhhhhhhh.....