William Shatner "Rocket Man"

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Chris Rowley : This is what happens when you get beamed up too many times

KingsnakeSince1986 : It's Shatner's World: We just live in it.

RubenLopezL : 62 dislikes are Kahn and his men.

Frederick Email : This should be the national anthem.

Ryan Wirth : i wonder how many commas his script had...

APodbayDoor : This had to have been the video that family guy made fun of

j2times2006 : One of the greatest things ever recorded lol

Clem Mason : this is horrible but yet somehow it's also awesome:-)

Max Langerud : The "Rock. It. Man."

TheBlackNerd : This actually about brought me to tears from the beauty of it.

Alexander Wyatt : ...he knows what it takes to be cool

Chris Patrick : imagine being in the audience as this is unfolding hahahaha

Hatelyn : I often go to cons where Shat is a guest, I wonder how pissed he'd be if I asked him to sign a printed screenshot of this...

Lisa Springs : So bad, it's good...don't think he meant it to be! LOL

Dan S. : A little suffering is good for the soul, as Captain Kirk once said, but this is too much.

jane k : i'm…GOING TO, memorize…this VERSION of the-song IF it…KILLS me.

Caleb Harris : 62 people arent Rocket Men

Spazzitron McGee : Whenever I'm having a bad day, this makes me laugh so hard!

Herc Zeus : Where is his Oscar!!!

I. F. B. : Kim Jong Un brought me here.

Tom Shad : This is hilarious.......and how cool- like Captain Kirk delivers it...love it..

MsLilyhorse : This is sublime.

PrincessMonstertruck : Oh Shatner, you legend :)

Gerald Schafer : There is something so calming about Bill's version. As Stewie Griffin said "That's the good stuff!"

Ryan Hough : Can i bring this piece to karaoke night?

cgrant26 : Oh audio torture chamber, how I missed you. I think it's going to be a long, long time before I listen to this again.

Rooneysithmaster : seriously ive just pooped my pants with laughter!

Nitro Zombies : I love Will Shatner... Takes me back to my childhood :3

foxking39 : How high even am I

Righteous God : William Shatner's performance on the original Star Trek could be said the first truly 'postmodern' acting ever witnessed. An actor quite self-consciously acting yet not acting but being himself. Simultaneously serious yet satirical. LOL. He is a legend.

gorge works : the is the greatest thing i ever seen

MikhailMeowsky : KHAAAAAAANNN!!!

Dinoman217 : Shatner does a good spoken words cover!

Eamonn Nugent : Jim Kirk's version made it to no1 on Vulcan & Klingon however, Spock thought it was illogical...

JIm Davis : He was a pretty damn good actor in his day.

Sitizen Kane : Everyone in the 70s were coked out of their minds

Gerald Schafer : Is it bad that IT brings a tear to my eyes?

Dwight Lollar : I least I understand the lyrics now. Thought Elton was saying " burning through the perilous zone"

The Pursuit of Success : rock it man

SIMPLE SPIN : Funny as hell

hgwells 1899 : No, Shatner. Shatner. NO.


heliumtrophy : Donald, man. Burning out his fuse out there on Twitterland.

Jason Collins : Family guy brought me here

King Mojo : what makes me laugh about this video is at the time I don't think William Shatner really knew the meaning of Rocket Man...it's about a guy who has a secret life and he likes to do drugs... William Shatner was such an egomaniac he actually believe this song was about him .

Chris Virnig : After this go click Telly Savalas doing If by Bread. They must have shared the same agent

Mary's Catholics : Better than the original.

Jim Bklyn : This is entertaining !

ReverendSyn : When you go into this expecting a straight performance of course it's gonna look awful. But when you go into it knowing Shatner was just fucking with us, it becomes comic genius. Shatner has always been known to pull peoples leg.

HardDrive12100 : Family guy