Rats After 1 Year In Soda, what will happen? (Read Description!!)

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Marina Martin : 6:02 is what you came for

DuKiP : My poor right ear

StaticDreamsEntert : Are they okay? Might want to take them to the vet .

RAMPYVAMPY : I guess you could say the rat was 🅱️oneless.


Mohammad Anwar : All that drama in the video description...damn all that for a rat? in 2020 there will be something similar to it for killing an ant? I see a rat in my house i burn it with fire.

Unicorn Sparkle : “It’s still a rat “ what it’s a green fricken blob

Follow me on ig Wayouttapocket : Lemme get uhhhhhhh 🅱️oneless rat.

Foresterr : They must of drowned

Bear Mcbearface : Not my proudest fap.

Mistah Mew : why did you put dead rats in soda.

Rob : why didnt you drink them?? would have been interesting to hear how they tasted

jonah2017 : Which ones for lunch

A Dogs Evil Clown : I want to die

Sarooi M : “But it’s still a rat.”

Aldo Martinez : What am I supposed to do with this information?

fa2eX ‘ : Oh god i think I’m gonna throw up

the zombie hunter 28 : Man he talks way to much

Kenny Vang : FAKE the rats were paid actors

Sherman is Watching : Rip mickey mouse

Wells Shelton : Is it bad if I’m drinking a coke while watching this.

Mohamed Shour : You used coca cola zero which has no sugar in it for the bacteria to digest and disintegrate the mouse; thats why it is still in shape relatively, as for the bones they disintegrated because of the acidity of the drink.

Issa_Me yayeet : The rat 🐀 looks like a seal.

Deccadeo Youtube : You forgot to give them food

-Teaspoon- Mouthful of Suga : Well, I’m never drinking soda again😂😅

Jace Polito : Why didn't he do a taste test????

-CurlsNCoils - : Ok um get tf out of my recommendations pls and thanks

Panda Squad : The green rat looks like a roasted jalepeno

Kryos : My left ear enjoyed listening to this

Avid Inspiration : Who else felt that tugging sensation in the back of their throat as if they were about to throw up?

mohammed haris : Eat it

We're the ONES //Clash Of Clans : How else is vomiting

Jaush : taste test it

Alex Ander : taste the feeling...

Sæmə : Kermit the frog is born at 8:50

I love nick but I dont like you : Yummm i want to drink that left over soda on the plate👅

Kristine : I am severely grossed out and disturbed and I don’t wanna eat anything or drink any sodas ever again for as long as I live, but goddamn it I cannot stop watching!

eat my ass : My right year enjoyed this video first the left now the right

TheGroxNL : Why in the name of god was this suggested to me ?!?!?!

xlanexboyx cx : I was expecting PETA comments all over this

Extreme Lunatix : Gonna trigger the rat rights advocates

wholeLottaReal Shitovaheaaar : I'll pay someone 100mill to drink both

Madeline Thompson : It looks like a green chilli.....🌶

Jake DuQuenne : The Mountain Dew rat looked like a pickle

TheCuriousSloth : 6:02 Gummy soda bottle

Brucey : *DO A TASTE TEST!*

Princess Wolfie : I didn't have to read the description or listen to what you had to say to understand that this was for science and then it seems Mountain Dew is more harmful than Coca Cola Zero

Jimmy Nelson : Why is he playing with his food like that??

Ez 420 : That's soda abuse.

ScribbleTheFox : *Can you put my right ear in Soda so it doesn't have to be raped anymore?*