Rats After 1 Year In Soda, what will happen? (READ DESCRIPTION)

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Luciano Vargas : You should've done pepsi like the ORIGINAL claim since each sofa obviously has their own reactions

Dorian Woods : don't you remember the worm in tequila what if they try it with a rat would you drink it?????😆

eat my ass : My right year enjoyed this video first the left now the right


hayden Scoots : how much would I have to pay someone to drink the pop :)

YourRustedNuts : I had to laugh at the Mountain Dew rat at 9:21 Amazing

Oh .-. : I felt kinda bad for the rats... I know they are for labs and shit but still! Such a terrible way to die...

Grante xpe : He should’ve cut it open it would’ve been satisfying

king clasher 99 : It looked like a sock puppet

Lennart Wich : Who would drink this for 1.000.000 $

Jugg Universe : You should of used coke instead of DIET coke

ATHI-Enkosi MAPUKATA : lol, somebody said this is fake those rats were paid actors.

Amanda Scott : Stupid why would you do that wiper

Zachary Galindo : Did the guy grab his with tongs?

Brandon Chavez : I’m watching this durring English 3

Häna lav : All I can say is oh fuck

Young Reap : Shouldve used the pepsi and not squeezed air out of one. Alsodid a 2 step 1 a year the other about the same time as the packing of the soda

J0UN : Fake, they were just sleeping.

J G : This made me want to clip my fingernails more than anything else

Dream of a Utopia : Children in Africa could have eaten those rats!

Mistah Mew : why did you put dead rats in soda.

zayn tv : Rat is bonless also read the fucking description fucking twats

Kelli Kinney : Should have used coca-cola, not coke zero. Failed experiment as the mountain dew had sugar in it. Both should have been either diet or regular, not one of each.

Dabby Dod : Great...just as I'm drinking my soda

Jessica : Ew I can smell the rat through the scren

FanGirlingForYou 19 : I feel like he should have used REAL coke. I'm sure it would've had more effect

Dwight Bamfiel : ill pay u 4k to drink the soda

Imperfect Blade 2 : What will happen next? I wanna see you drink it Next

XxcoolinquisitormasterXx Xx : I'm about to puke

Valerie E. Case : It's cool but he kept saying "so the guy grabbed his with tongs"

Devon Migliacco : you used coke zero. the sugar is what ferments stuff.

Ricky harris : believe this or not I cracked a 24 ounce of reg budwieser chalada beer and tasted something gross towards the end, i shook the can towards the end of the drnk, i barely felt something in there. i then ripped the can open and wallah I was fucking sick for like a couple days.. yeah it was a mouse in that mutha truka

Joe floyd : Could it be the chemicals in the soda that makes the bodies react that way? I put a (Wild house) mouse in the mason jar and in water, air tight seal, it reacted the same way after a couple months, just like the mtn dew rat

Chaz Roberts : You forgot to give them there food

Steven Schultz : Has ro be Regular Coke. Not coke Zero.

drixppy. lana : Why did he want to do this...

Simz : I dare you to drink it.

Richi Pena : The coke one looks like a little puppy

Sonnys Mummy UK : I've done it again..... start watching videos on how to clean grout off of tiles and end up at rodents embalmed in fizzy drinks bottles

leo c : I was hoping that once he poked at one of them he would get squirted on the face

-Blue Bri- : I remember our music teacher told use to sort things out in her room,long story short I asked her if she wanted me to do something extra.Never thought she would give me coke with mold (i had to grave the cup and pour it out in the schools bathroom).I hated it because as I was walking with the cup I could feel the mold hitting the sides of the cup.

How2drawAnything : Truth or dare? I dare you to drink both of those sodas and wait a day and I'll see if your still alive

Savior Of Noobs : This is how the Bubonic Plague started.

Jimmy Padilla : How Did I End Here? I Was Looking For Clash Royale Vids 😂😂

Sydney Blair : Why did I laugh as soon as he said "coke rat" ? 😂

tommy k : They had an sweet dead 😂

PINEAPPLE SODA : Bro you got issues. How the fuck did I end up here

Faith Logic : that bitch turned into a swamp monster fuck kinda shit is this

Madison Dowd : Acid desolves rats and mountain dew defiantly contains Acid so yea and you filmed this on my lil bros birthday 🗣

Dale Campbell : I thought this was kinda disgusting, but in a cool, scientific kind of way... hell, I was expecting a rat soup... mmmm sooouuup....