Rats After 1 Year In Soda, what will happen? (Read Description!!)

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StaticDreamsEntert : Are they okay? Might want to take them to the vet .

Kenny Vang : FAKE the rats were paid actors

Koalaty Rebel : My poor right ear

Jatin Chaudhary : this reminds me of wrong turn.....R.I.P to stuard's cousins.😇😇

A Dogs Evil Clown : I want to die

Miky Jr : It starts at minute 6:08...you welcome

Mistah Mew : why did you put dead rats in soda.

RAMPYVAMPY : I guess you could say the rat was 🅱️oneless.

Chris Hernandez : Why you do master splinter like that🐁🐭🐀

Puppy Lover : 6:02 is what you came for


AH Gaming : 8:50 Please don't do that, *uuuuugh

Mr. Random : This is a really interesting experiment and all but the real and most important question is... Did you drink that Mountain Dew?

Darkspirit : All that drama in the video description...damn all that for a rat? in 2020 there will be something similar to it for killing an ant? I see a rat in my house i burn it with fire.

Deccadeo Youtube : You forgot to give them food

M. Smith : mountain dew looked like a taco truck pepper

PinkCloudTutorials : They must of drowned

God Church : Lemme get uhhhhhhh 🅱️oneless rat.

D3vinThaDud3 011 : But if you put a rat in a Sprite an quickly put it in a freezer three weeks later thaw it out will it still be alive???! WHAT A TWIST !!!!!!;

Unicorn Sparkle : “It’s still a rat “ what it’s a green fricken blob

Rob : why didnt you drink them?? would have been interesting to hear how they tasted

Sarooi M : “But it’s still a rat.”

Issa_Me yayeet : The rat 🐀 looks like a seal.

Kryos : My left ear enjoyed listening to this


the zombie hunter 28 : Man he talks way to much

Wells Shelton : Is it bad if I’m drinking a coke while watching this.

Sherman is Watching : Rip mickey mouse

Alex Ander : taste the feeling...

-Teaspoon- Mouthful of Suga : Well, I’m never drinking soda again😂😅

jonah2017 : Which ones for lunch

The Tech Boys : Hahaha 6:58 "So this is the coke rat, its black."

吃我的屁股fa2eX : Oh god i think I’m gonna throw up

Ez 420 : That's soda abuse.

Mohamed Shour : You used coca cola zero which has no sugar in it for the bacteria to digest and disintegrate the mouse; thats why it is still in shape relatively, as for the bones they disintegrated because of the acidity of the drink.

Jace Polito : Why didn't he do a taste test????

mohammed haris : Eat it

TheCuriousSloth : 6:02 Gummy soda bottle

El Ganador : he killed my 🅱iggas remy from rattoulie rip bro

eat my ass : My right year enjoyed this video first the left now the right

Victor Reznov : Kermit the frog is born at 8:50

We're the ONES //Clash Of Clans : How else is vomiting

Bear Mcbearface : Not my proudest fap.

TheGroxNL : Why in the name of god was this suggested to me ?!?!?!

JoshuaS : 22pm: one more video 3am: 6:05

Madeline Alise Thompson : It looks like a green chilli.....🌶

Avid Inspiration : Who else felt that tugging sensation in the back of their throat as if they were about to throw up?

Kanto Raticate the smug ass dinosaur : Uhhhhhh........ I got here from Patterrz.

Jake DuQuenne : The Mountain Dew rat looked like a pickle

Dolan Vibes : Ok um get tf out of my recommendations pls and thanks