Death metal vocal exercises

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Łukasz Król : 0:47 Tyrannosaurus Rex 0:52 Pterdactil 0:57 King Kong 1:02 fat pig What a talent ;p

Blade Spark : do not step between the Nazgul and his vocal exercises.

is da vog : what are you doing oleg?

Światłoczuły : 0:54 PTERODAKTYL 

Burak Çalık : This is one of my random favorite videos on youtube, probably the best one :D

Beemo Negaposi : Il n'y a que moi qui est ici grâce à Antoine Daniel ?

Neru Voc. : Antoine nous fait découvrir de ces trucs (´・ω・`)

andyabomb : He seems like such a fun and loving individual....

jawdropperTV : So that's what a pterodactyl sounds like

geekixel : Nazgul !!! 0:52

James Callahan : 0:53 how the hell did he do that??

Corey Mineard : Sounds like Cookie Monster.

Lilou Kessler : There is 666 on the number of views

JSG1138 : C Is For Cookie

Aztecius : Well this opened my eyes a bit. Also, some of the sounds sound like scrabs from Abe's Oddysee which is always a plus in my book.

Lexa From HELL : J adore ! Mais quel rigolade quand meme S echauffer en se defoulant y a pas meilleur exercise en plus sa detend l atmosphere ^^

Stewee : 0:55 pterodactyl >.> Nice

Juan Gonzalez : so cookie monster?

alessandro abbatiello : Now youre ready 4 jazz music

DER ENGEL DER EINFRIEREN : And this is how Jurassic Park's Dinosaurs were voiced.

Cyberfips : really cool :) even a growling deathmetal singer needs some kind of scale :D anybody knows the band he is from? would like to listen to them  \m/

santaclauseisgansta : The ptertydactl scream made me lose it

iamcarpetpython : This is gold

김평수 : LMAO everytime I watch this

Laetitia Gp : Il m'a trop fait rire ! J'adore ! =D

Gabriel Elias : lol that was awsome like Nazul or xenomorp. i wanna do that too

Antti-Jussi Nieminen : I fucking love this.... I really wish I could do that.

Carolina Murtha : This is one of my favorite things in life.

Thomas Cldn : wtf euh pardon wtc

Gliztron Mudflap : Funniest video in years. I’ve played it so many times my wife is going to divorce me , especially after playing it under the table during sushi night

varez1 : Shared this on my FB on 2011, still laughing at this on 2018. Thank you very much!

Succ : Cookie monster

Andrzej Górski : Lekkostronniczy?

NiceGuySly : How? ._. i wanna do this too

Cliffjord : Hahaha this is awesome. \../

Melson 250 : qui as vus sa sur wtc ?

clf400 : :C \m/

Metalfist : lol

Hélios : ^^'

thorpsy100 : Panterradactyl

Soma Cruz : My favourite anime

A. Od-Reszki : What a fry...

Trankvillin t6 Shirokovskih : Теперь понятно кто делает криповые ролики на ютуб с воплями "рейка"

Balázs Szomor : What band are they? Do they have a record?

Alha pro : This guy is very good!!!

Max Max : Is this guy a Nazgul?

John Smith : lol

Mordecai Pants : pterodactyl scream  

Eduardo Navarro : You sir win the internet. 

khalilSan : Deals death! /,,/