Hikaru Nakamura Attempts "One More" Puzzle Rush

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"One more..." GM Hikaru Nakamura can't stop solving chess puzzles in Puzzle Rush. Watchzle Nakamura solve these puzzles in mere fractions of a second. Become a fan on Facebook ➡️ facebook.com/GMHikaru Follow me on Twitter ➡️ twitter.com/GMHikaru Watch my live shows on Twitch ➡️ twitch.tv/gmhikaru


Some Dude : Does Kasparov wear a "Nakamura" shirt ? 😄

eric gerard : " just one more , guys ".... 5 hours later, he is still playing

Jan Mazur : "Hikaru Nakamura attempts to move on with his life"

Marianczello Dominoni : "Does black go down, aaaaaa?

Blue Jam : Damn, how does he know the moves instantly? Is it connected to chess vision? Does he see everything instantly? :)

pints of watermelon : as a 1900 player who thinks that he is decent in tactics i now realize how utterly garbage i am lol. hikaru is god and i am a worm literally mindboggling talent

ham burges : I wonder how Magnus would do in a puzzle rush.

Jonny Nik : This made me want to try puzzle rush and now I'm crying.

Reshad : after solving 26 puzzles only in one and a half minutes; "... ok 26. wow very slow. why am i at 26 right now? it's insane!" and i begin to feel like an old pc, watching a new macbook pro not satisfied with its performance.

Nirbhay Agrawal : The legend says that he is still going for that one last game

Mark Stump : In his last try Hikaru did 25 in the first minute. Whereas my FIVE min record is 23.

Mauri Sombowadile : "I don't understand chess anymore." — GM Hikaru Nakamura

African MusicGenuis : 11:49 wow, that's the position where Josh Waitzkin won his first game against a GM at the age of 9.

v. v. : I've never seen crazier chess video...hikaru is a beast.

Matic : After 8h of playing Blitz it`s too much, just too much I`m tired, just too much, yeah I`m tired, yeah it`s hard too much, that's annoying comment ok one more! Hikaru is such a king

Gabriel80546 : 8:25 if Nh2+ then Ke2 -> d2 -> d1Q

Eric Anderson : "I feel like being a tilt machine, just like Eric".... HAHHAHAHAHAHAH

Tempestas : And here I am just happy to be able to reach 20

Jessica Majka : Did you hear Hansen got asked "Would live in a mansion for free, if the mansion is shaped like a giant Hikaru head?" Hahaha

Lee Oades : "ok, it's time to slow down and just get to 50" 😂

scattolileo : GO to settings and change the video speed to 0.25. Than maybe you will be able to solve one of those puzzles faster than Naka

Piotr Zuchowski : I love videos off all kinds that I have to check if i have normal speed of playing and not 1,25x

Yash Baghel : @GMHikaru please post your streams here on YouTube more often

Wrongthink must be purged! : He solves puzzles before I can even see where all the pieces are. And i'm considered godlike in my irl circle (although not that impressive online, at roughly 1500 on chess.com & 1600 on lichess)

Aaron Bruce : There is a level of idiocy sought after by chess players around the world, known only as : "Hikaru Idiocy"

Linda Scoon : 08:41 lol I feel you Hikaru, I feel you.

diztiinct : Too fast for me Im 2000 on chess.com and still just a peasant Lol

Renrian Mauricio : Love how hikaru rage in chess it's like watching Dashie playing Mario maker lol 😂

jerckï72 : 14:04 ah yea this is how it is

Cashane : *misses Rcd7 followed by Ra7* 'what? I'm confused.. I am so confused!..".and loses 7 more seconds trying to figure out what he missed. At least he's human like us :)

Utpala Hazra : Nakamura you are really great....

Klaus Serra : Netfix should do a season with Naka, some AI took over Naka's mind and can't stop playing chess until he become World Champ

JT : This is so frustrating, if you do maybe 15, feel great about it and than watch this...😔 deep respect.

Emily Cao : u know Anna Rudolf??? shes a Chess ♟ GM too!!!!!! i saw that she had a YouTube channel.. she also plays “Puzzle Rush”.

Ala Abdo : 7:50 1Rxb2 if (h1=Q Bb7) Bxc7, yes it's hard in puzzel rush :)

William Bowman : Awesome job Naka! Thanks for posting.

Pianochess 1 : Observation: he says ”ahh” at the start of every puzzle

keytrixz : One of the best at what he does...Look at how he enjoys chess...Samurai spirit, Super Grand Master of his craft.

Lumineon : 3:11 I liked that little puzzle! Its a nice position. 1. Kc5 takes Bd7 Black takes on d7 with Kight. 2. Rf1 takes Pf7. Black takes Rf7 with Rook. 3. Queen checks on e8. Rook is pinned so king moves h7. 4. Bc4 takes Rf7 with check. Black can't prevent losing the undefended knight on d7. Later followed by Qg8 checkmate. Edit: Black can prevent checkmate with Kf6 if white makes the mistake of not capturing the undefended knight when it was on d7.

Cashane : Amazing but would be way more interesting watcing him solve chess studies (without timer or much longer one)

Mario Christopher : 15:47 Hikaru brings his rook down with such power, that it goes beyond the board and the screen shakes :)

Ace Reaction : Me trying to work out which colour pieces I am. He proceeds to play 5 moves in a row while I still cant work out which colour piece is mine.

xeelions s : Exelente playera Nakamura Nice puzzlerush

pk10006 : knight h2 doesn't work because of king e2, and you can't stop queening.

Japonte Andre : can I sue Hikaru for brain damage

Captain Charisma : GM's are so brilliant!!

mvjs27 : This is amazing and depressing to watch at the same time.

Ahmad Alkadri : 7:47 is the best reaction ever

Mark A Cesare : Lol. Enjoy to your hearts' content Naka. Thanks.