Mayim Learns How To Play Fortnite || Mayim Bialik

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Freedom Strider : Kids explaining video games is one of the best things in the entire world. They are so enthusiastic to be explaining one of their favourite things :D

Gerrie Louden Bell : I loved when they told you “look down” and you lowered your head and looked at your lap! 😊

ldlms _ : 4:37 - 4:45 When my teacher tells a joke

armadillerff : “Shouldn’t I be a lady?” “No you can’t because it costs money” “EXCUSE ME?!” I laughed so hard. Also I can totally relate when my son tried to teach me to play Minecraft.

Whats In My Life 2017 : I can't handle games like that!!! Waaaaay to confusing! Give me Tetris and old school Mario Bros any day!!

Theresa Lawson : "You can't be a lady. It costs money." Tell me about it!

Andre154 : Your son trying to get you to buy skins looool

Lobo & System : X'D " excuse you i have to pay to be a woman????" This is my favorite video yet by you

ldlms _ : That fornite article was so cute!! one of my faves tbh!

Regina rgbcn : THAT is the video I didn't know I needed, you were RIGHT! Love your sons!

skijumpnose : I will watch this even though i am supposed to be at an Amnesiacs Convention but i forgot about it

Linn Jeanette : This is very sweet. Your kids sounds so encouraging.

Jody Kelso : So cute! I love hearing the boys 'help' you out. The giggles and fun all of you are having truly makes my day. :D Thanks for sharing this bit of your family.

allaudrey : Watching you stream while playing would be awesome! Twitch needs you! Major props to your son, he is a great teacher. Much better than my husband when I was learning.


Naomi Bowen : I’ve been sitting here laughing. You should play more video games. LOL, I play a lot of Fortnite and I am impressed at how patient your boys are to teach you. If I had to teach my mother, I would’ve probably walked out within the first minute. Hahaha

kiesha p : She has a PS controller but on fortnite it says XBOX and it has everything of Xbox on the screen. I'm confused now 😂 😂

HikeGardenTravel : I love that they call you “mom”; in Hebrew. I haven’t heard that in a while. This cracks me up.

ZG : i died at "EXCUUUSE ME?!", and also rip headphone users at 8:14 :"OHMYGOOD NOO -shit- NOOO" lololol. best gaming video on yt <3 still waiting for elder scrolls part 2😂

Andre Rosberg : So you are starting a YouTube gaming channel next?

Lady Satanga : I never laughed that much on one of your videos ! Your sons are so cute as well as the article. Definitely one of my favorite videos of yours

Carrie : Love it... "matchmaker matchmaker, make me a fortnight!" lol!

Ed Jones : You're going to wind up like Penny when she started playing "Age of Conan" in the Barbarian Sublimation. #TheresaCheetoinyourhair

Slocum M : Love how your son calls you Imma! רֹאשׁ הַשָּׁנָה 💙

H Simpson : your sons are ready for voice over work !! this was so fun,

Lykotic : That was GOLD! Soo funny xD I would definitely watch more videos of you playing this!! Btw, the word "Hima" (אמא) that he's saying, means Mom

Vulpix Vulpix : You can't be a lady. It costs money. XD loved the video. Would love to see you play more Fortnite or other games. My 8 year old plays the game a lot and was trying to teach me how to play.

Angela Oliveira : I'm a gamer and it's a really sexist enviroment. I play swgoh and dragon age. I always use a kind of male name... unfortunately. My nick is RogueMorgothT when I wanna use just Angela :/ but I cant. Just google "gamer girl" and see wtf is that. I was crazy about lineage but all female caracter is a little cute baby 😐 it's so wrong! We deserves to choose strong female caracter too. In dragon age I'm a proud female dwarf warrior, with a 2 hands sword and I love it. Why they think that we don't play? We play, but with male names...for protection :( Speak for us, we are not little cute unicorns...

Fizzy Lifting Drink : Yes!!! Please play Fortnite! Even if it wasn't genuine that you kept looking down yourself when your sons kept telling you to have your character to look down... that was my favorite part.. soo funny!

Victor Cruz : 03:21 - 04:05 _"I have to pay to be a woman?... I PAY EVERYDAY"_ 😁😂😂😂 *melhor parte do video* todo. Fiquei aqui me divertindo com esse video, de um jogo que nunca me interessei só pensando o quanto *deve ser incrível* ter uma mãe como a #MayimBialik. _Não à toa que esses meninos parecem ser tão legais, essas crianças tem muita sorte_

blueribbonash : Love that rant. Represent women! 😊😊

chicken2jail : Good job! I'm sure I would have somehow died before I even hit start # I'llsticktoqbert

Graciela Cortes : And after that, she is still playing Fornite

Vanora Moon : So funny... You did pretty well. Knowing me I would have crashed and died before I even got to the ground. 😄

Alex Q : This reminded me of communication with my family. Everyone talks at once and then laughs at their own jokes haha

Nathan Haynes : Any one else notice that it is a ps4 controller with Xbox gameplay????

GingerNotANinja : I love that your boys are so used to feminist type rants that they are just like "focus on the game mum!"

Rachel Hasson : I love to hear them call you “אמא”... and I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t get it...

Tom Schrader : Mayim, it was so so funny when your kids were telling you to look down and you actually LOOKED DOWN. I about peed myself laughing so hard when you did that, TWICE. There is a reason that I don't play Fortnite and it is because there is just too much going on it's hard to keep track of it.

sefhyro : Well you have a PhD so this is a walk in the park it's just motoring skills... And memorising what the keys on the joystick do... And you're more then halfway there

Fabelly 51 : You are the coolest mom! I'm very jealous right now

Vasiliki A : Top 30 is great for a first time! Good job

Regina rgbcn : You did it! I'm glad you tried it! Watching!!!

D. H. : Mayim, I recommend you play Zelda Breath of the Wild. It's the top game for 2017 and has won several awards. It's beautiful. Just search here on YouTube and pull up a video to see what it looks like. Your kids will love it too. Check it out.

Tim Varney : One: As kids, most of us were adorably obnoxious like this, especially playing video games Two: She was close to having a mental breakdown assimilating all the info being thrown at her. Videogames can make anyone feel stupid at times. Three:. This was super hilarious 🤣😜.

Chandler Bing : I can never understand these fortnight, pubg things!

Marieke : That was hilarious. It was like I was watching myself play! My sons play this game also. And I've tried it. First time it was in playground mode, is it? Him (9) and me, running around. Building. Exploring. But then I had to go my home (divorced, we played at his dad's house) so the darn kid switches to battle mode or something. Hunts me down and executes me on the spot, all cuz I couldn't find the right button to aim...I'm still in shock. But yay, fun game. Cool video. Let's vow to not do this again, lol.

Ala Han : Oh my god 😂 I'm from Poland and I'm only 15, but I love all your videos 💘

Shelly Reinschmidt : Too funny.. trying to learn now to play with my grandsons

CHIEF CHILI : Can you start a stream while playing fortnite? That would be awesome btw :P