Project BoxBoom

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Gus Johnnson : 99 Luftballons at the end killed me a little. Cool project though.

More Bacon : Where's the screen closeup shots? 😓

Nick Knorr : This is awesome, wanted to do something similar for a while but couldn't find a nice (and affordable) boombox for the love of it :) but yours turned out awesome,and I couldn't stop laughing when I heard Nena at the end.

mike dmann : Awesome project. Great instructions. Putt Putt Golf Claps! TY 4 sharing.

Eric Potter : I'm sure those old speaker drivers sounded like garbage. If you gonna go though all that trouble, why not update the driver for a few bucks more? Mabe even add a few small sub drivers in the back, with a nice lithium ion upgrade. Oh well..