nina simone-montreux 1976 - how it feels to be free
Nina Simone Know How It Feels to Be Free Montreux 1976

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Nina Simone performing live How it feels to be free with piano improvisation.


AlfristonTV : OK so now I've sat down I'm going to change the tempo and the delivery, oh and the lyrics and have some fun improv. Just because I feel like it.  Mid performance but so what?  That's jazz, right?  But hey, now I think I'll change the structure too.  It's going ok and I'm staying with this seagull idea because it's kinda working for me.  But now I come to think of it, I'm not sure I  like the idea of this song any more so I'm going to write my own version as a kind of response.  Here.  Now.  Live.  In front of this audience at one of the greatest music concerts anywhere.  Oh and also on camera.  Because that's the shit I do.  And yeah I'll take a load of risks with it but I'm never, ever going to mess up because, well I'm Nina. Just awesome.  Is there anyone alive today in 'popular music' who could come even close to this genius? 

CzarJuliusIII : When something is so real that it gives your body the chills.

WTS X : words can't describe this woman...she is one of a kind

lelmDR.WHO? : I'm a 20 years old and honestly I'm learning more from music and YouTube than I ever did in school

Adam saoud : Nana u are my heroine here in Syria now we remember this words now and listen to every single word

ogbono soup : This one moved me! A genius in every sense of the word, She never just sang, she uttered every word with feeling and emotion as she battled with those demons raging inside her. What a woman!

Hashim El-Tinay : This song captures the essence and the promise of what it means to be fully human. Amazing.

Investing for Tomorrow : On a par with Nina's rendition of "For All We Know". The lady is an inspiration. Thanks Truong.

Anguzu Robert : From Uganda, I just love this kind of music. It awakens your soul.

hpilson : Even God gave this a standing ovation

Norman Leach : Heard her long ago...saw I'm in love...jaw dropping tandem: piano 'n Nina. She's free, free...and I'm in awe.

Coco Sasetsu : Wow... The shortest six minutes I've ever had.

LJH : She's a wise soul from another dimension. Thank you Youtube for keeping her immortal.

Mother Alice : Beautiful African American Queen, Nina Simone. She Always Rocked Her Natural Beauty Unapologetically !!! Love Her Music!!!

Holly Burke : from any point of view - this performance is a game changer

Mathis Hopquin : Anyone 2019 ? 🙄

telebob : When I was 20 she completely changed my idea of what beauty is. That was 58 years ago. Her ghost can still bring a tear to my eye.

Mark Da Silva : The reference to Jonathan Livingston Seagull did it for me.

PLANET INFO : Totally rips me to pieces. Cried for the first time in decades.. And then smiled the longest smile ever...

Tony O'Mahony : Ladies in the blues, March 30th, Bray. The spirit of Nina.

Karine Tovmassian : This is what a walking spirit sounds like

Lucky Luke : I would give a leg to play piano like her. What an absolute original. No one compares, Nina.

gr8toluv : Incomparable!!!!!

richard jordan : *Standing Ovation*

Pieter Grimbergen : This video gave me the power reflection joy emotion one needs...thanks!!!!

Luke Capasso : To whoever disliked this you're broken inside.

Nigel Bullock : One of the most riveting, evocative and emotional performances I have ever and I mean ever witnessed.

Nafisah Mohamed : Her singing. Her piano playing. The backing musicians. This is perfect and gorgeous. My mother loved you. I do too now Nina.

JayLeePoe : That woman channels the spirit like very few are blessed or courageous enough to even try. And she's almost melancholy yet still proud to be un-tethered. She must have felt quite alone, struggling to make peace with that estrangement. Blessings that also feel like a curse, may she live on and rest in peace.

Keke Fdez : Es un icono, una maravilla de voz, de genio!!! Desconocía este tema de Nina y me ha alegrado el domingo!!!. Amazing!!

Mai Louis : Definition of a Boss!

clumsiii : magnificent pure - i can't stop replaying this. She breaks me down and builds me back better

itsstillfriday : So.. This has to be the most amazing performance ive ever seen!! :)

Vitani B Mamba : "We all should be free-- because if we ain't, we murderous"😂😂

GAB GAB : That montreux show was amazing.I wish i was born 20 years earlier so i could be there is person.

Marco Ursi : Excellent camera work.

Romarina : Lyrics: And I wish I knew how It would feel to be free I wish I could break All the chains holdin' me I wish I could say All the things that I should say Say 'em loud say 'em clear For the whole 'round world to hear I wish I could share All the love that's in my heart Remove all the doubts That keep us apart I wish you could know What it means to be me Then you'd see and agree That every man should be free I wish I could give All I'm longin' to give I wish I could live like I'm longing to live I wish I could do all the things that I can do And though I'm way over due I'd be startin' a new Well I wish I could be Like a bird up in the sky How sweet it would be If I found out I could fly So long to my song And look down upon the sea And I sing because I know yeah And I sing because I know yeah And I sing because I know I would know how it feels I would know how it feels to be free I would know how it feels Yes, I would know I would know how it feels, how it feels To be free, no no

Wil C : Such an inspirational Icon, with such a strong message of courage and empowerment. Every single song and melody moves you from the inside out....

Miss Fantastible : i almost clapped at the the middle of the night on my own. What a woman, what a journey she took us on.

Gerald Reddick : A goddess did walk amongst us and her name was Nina Simone

David Esp : How come FaceBook only lets me "Like" this and not LOVE it ? RIP, troubled genius.

Madie Dee : Stumbled upon perfection. There is so much beauty in this horrible species we belong to; when I feel it's not worth fighting for, life throws me music as this and I can go on believing a little longer.

Sithembiso Nyembe : Superb, brilliant, wonderful, and worth listen to. the nicest part - why was she sing particularly this song - still singing yesterday, today and forever. Thank you LORD!!

Anna : A beautiful woman and a beautiful song. Love you Miss Simone!

Chia Swinger : My whole body like feels this song. This music confirms there is a God.

小島信一 : Honorable favorite her performance and singing voice is the moisture of the hearts of urbanites who are tired of the hustle and bustle of the city like Tokyo , Paris , New York , London , etc. of Megalopolis . From Tokyo in the dizzying Megalopolis ablaze with neon Which national are you watching this video ? Nina is forever Forever is Nina .

Gabriel Batista : Não tem como não se emocionar com a sua força nessa performance. Estupendo.

Globelamp : QUEEN

Tim Johnson : Genius piano playing & singing.