Ugly Face Prank

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Gerald Jordan : They dont make good pranks like these anymore

Your Neighbor Amos : LOL dude this is great material. I think if a date goes wrong, I might do this!

Ben Tyreman : this made me cry with laughter, it's genius ed.

Feepque : He was acting really proffessional, props to that guy.

Phantm King : 😂😂😂 I'm laughing so hard I'm having chest pains!!!

PervySage : It would've been better had he continued the sentence as if it never happened. 

Raylon Havard : I don't see how he kept a strait face the whole time lol

Riad Ouaquil : This is by far the funniest prank I've seen on YT 😂

Darius Snow : This is how my mom looked when she first caught me jacking off

$I.Need.Money$ : The guy cant even look him straight for more than 3 seconds... i feel for him, he really fell for it lol

jojo ginie : the moment when he acted it out at 3:13 was extremely funny

DeyZeus : I burnt 50 calories after this

OwnRules : Haven't laughed this hard in years!! Simply awesome!

Wesley R : Would ya just look at it

RETRO SAUSAKE : UGLY FACE 2018~ would be great

Liverty : Ed Bassmaster really is the original "prankster" on Youtube.

Dr. Weak Licks of Crashed & Cursed : I challenge anyone not to laugh when watching this! Great, liked

Stacey_amor : OMFG, this is to much for me! IM DYING!! hahahahahahahahaha. i cant breath hahahaahahahahah

Brett J : This will be Hillary Clinton a year from now.

TheEveen77 : the guy with the pen was like "Im in hell rn"

Benjamin squires : I almost died of laughter from this

Quick Clips : I had to stop the video at 1:40, if I didn't I would of died of laughter

nashrox61 : LMFAO at 2:05 the guy on the left is just like... "god damnit it's happening again isn't it...."

Tyler LeBlanc : You looked like you were about to have a seizure

fifa882010 : I can't stop laughing!! Omg

Melissa Liner : Oh my gosh! I almost peed myself

Sam Smorcington : This is one of the funniest things I've ever seen. Ever. I'm crying right now :,D

fanta : Probably the best one so far.

Nick S : make that face, and pretend to twist an invisible door knob continuously

bobbyrutz : I know it's old AF.. but that was awesome.

i3yucougar23 : this is one of the funniest things ive seen in a while. Its been a while since a youtube prank made me desperately try and hold back laughter while at work

Wade Wilson : I wouldnt be able to keep a straight face doing this shit lol keep us the good word ed

Afghanrebel : you deserve to have more subscribers

Deathwish of AuXx : I watched this stoned last mistake I'll ever make.....

Are We Not Men : why didn't I know about this guy before? You're so funny dude!

G G : I lasted about 3 seconds until I was in tears from laughter. how does this have only 3 million hits ?

anotherone10 : 0:49 That ugly face looks like the scream mask lol!

Shak : Man this is actually more painful to watch.

stanley gluck : it shouldve been longer

wwemonkey619 : When did Tommy Dreamer work at a mortgage company?

HYDRA Studios : Oh man. Thats seriously awkward situation lol

Angel Rodriguez : Wow :') right when I started watching this I heard that my dad got in a car crash and I started crying then I waited and went back to this video and it made me instantly happy thanks very much for making me happy in times of saddness

Arne : This is my face when i bite my tongue.

richard wilkinson : why isnt this guy in holloywood , he should call saturday night live and get an audition

Im Nobody : " he doesn't remember .. " 

jvnic3 : LOOL this was waaay back then when the pauses was longer lol now theyre shorter and better!!!!

QuartetmanIA : Some Day your face is going to freeze like that

Chessa Horsley : this is like theyre making fun of handicapped ppl :(

여누 : I was laughing so hard! Props to that guy for reacting so well because if it was actually a customer who had tourettes or something, you would have to be sensitive towards it. Awesome :D

Jeff Fuehr : that guy with the pink tie is a cool ass boss