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bongo cat blesses the rains {Twitter} {Discord} {SoundCloud} {2nd Channel} p r o f e s s i o n a l s h i t p o s t i n g


Oreo Sauce : *Give the left cat an oscar for being the most patient cat on internet*

Rico Cilliers : finally, a cover that will dethrone despacito

IIRoloII - : Jesus really does love us after all.

antoine griezzman : Damn I can't believe they named a whole continent after this song

ma3 the unbeatable : If we reproduce music using bongo cat, the EU can't detect us.

soft milk : Who would win? A band made up of professionals that have been playing for their whole life or A smol band of bongo bois

Fionna32 Gaming : *1969:* I hope we have flying cars in the future! *2018: This video* *1969:* EVEN BETTER

Jace Melvin : There’s nothing that a hundred bongo cats could ever dooooooooo

*gasp* : Doctor: you have 5 min and 3 sec to live Me: BONGO CAT - AFRICA

Hydras : That concludes the National Anthem, you may be seated

The ULTRA ROBLOXians : *despacito has left the chat*

Reese Carmody : This is the cutest shit I’ve seen all day

NixGaming 29 : That one cat who is patient enough to wait for his turn. Ugh too much cuteness!

Cereal Killer : You have made Wakanda proud

Vladimir Lenin #1 Communist : The cat on the far left is me during a group presentation

Communistleader19 : I didn't click on this, it just came on as I was listening, and I have to say. Top 10 songs of all time right here. N O I C E

John Simmons : The 750 people who disliked should take a nice warm bubble bath with a high voltage toaster

iHoverZz YT : Bongo cat does not bless the rain, *HE IS THE RAIN AND EARTH*

Scooter Yooper3 : 1960s, we will have hover cars 2010s, bongo cats come out

TheNguyenGPham : You had the chance to call this *Africat* but you left it?

Tristan Fox : That kalimba cat just sitting there

DudeAndroid : Alright, Ima go untie the neck rope.

Theodor Crainic : Put it at ×2. It sounds like a video game

Awesomeguy 4000 : 1800 - wars and survival 2018 - virtual cat on a computer playing instruments and singing

Disciple Flame : *God has joined the game*

Anne 12345986 : I’m blessed to find this heavenly video now I can finally live in peace thank you

S. Spyro7956 : The Cat on the left is Drama kids when they get a really small part in the play

Wxnner TheG0D : Toto-Africa but it's all cats <3

Blue Chicken : Aliens: Let's check in on the humans Aliens: *sees this* Aliens: They have surpassed us centuries ago.

BakuGod : Doctor: you have exactly 5 minutes and 3 seconds to live. Choose what you do wisely. Maybe visit family and friends or cherish moments with your pets. Me: .*watches this* nah I'm good

StarFox 837 : This is very beautiful.. Spread love to world and lets make it a better place.. One bongo cat at a time..

LemonTown : Doctor: you have 5 minutes and 3 seconds to live Me: *watches this video*

AirforceOne2900 : Facebook: Sex: Male Or Female Me: Where’s the bongo cat option?

Yveltal : It’s nice to see such a pure, beutiful, meme like this these days

Říkejte mi Val - Mýval : BONGO CAT : born to play but born in bad times for MEMES EU please stop 1 Like for Bongo cat and other memes videos = +1 hour of Memes life in EU

Ken Junior : B Bo Bon Bong Bongo Bongo c Bongo ca Bongo cat Bongo ca Bongo c Bongo Bong Bon Bo B I LOVE BONGO CAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

hannah obra : **wipes dust** I HAVE BEEN BLESSED

Gamingto : I bless the bongos in africa

Ocean of Sand : For once, my recommended feed has not disappointed me.

T O V I C H U : This is why I never decided to kill myself uwu

NeroZerone : Why am I singing to this.? Why am I here? What are We?

Mayro : Congrats u earned another like

GDBOY 123 : 1:19 I came for this part

Starling Skys : Me: Yo pass me the aux Friend: you better not play trash Me: *plays this* Friend: *starts to cry* so beautiful

Taylor Hinckley : Well I guess I’ll just live the rest of my life without any depression knowing I experienced pure happiness

kitzune 101 : Scientists found proof God exists! Right here.


Bearriifur : Left cat? Patient. Bongos? Played by cats. Rains? Blessed. Hotel? Trivago.

Henry Carbone : Suicide rates drop to 0%