Bongo Cat - Africa

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PowahSlap Entertainmint : Here before 7 billion views.

Rico Cilliers : finally, a cover that will dethrone despacito

Patterrz : we have been blessed

ryan parcell : I didn't click on this, it just came on as I was listening, and I have to say. Top 10 songs of all time right here. N O I C E

Victoria : Born too late to explore the world, born too early to explore the galaxy. Born just in time to experience things like this.

Timotainment : Africa(t)

JJShwa : the left cat is just patiently waiting for his turn.

Rumbo Jumbo : The perfect video doesn’t exis-

antoine griezzman : Damn I can't believe they named a whole continent after this song

Just an innocent Pomegranate : I’ve paid a therapist 100 bucks an hour every week for 3 years, but this video cured my crippling anxiety in 5 minutes for free.

U N D E R D O G S . : This is oddly satisfying *_"It'S GOnnA TakE a LOt to dRAg me AwAY fROm youUUUUUUUUUUUUUU"_*

IIRoloII - : Jesus really does love us after all.

Reese Carmody : This is the cutest shit I’ve seen all day

Onion Bagel : Doctor: you have 5 min and 3 sec to live Me: BONGO CAT - AFRICA

Logan Thomas : Africat by bongo were close brothers to our road to 100 likes

Gavin : “Why do we have beat the bongo drum.” -Timotainment

GuiPlayingYT : Who said africa is just for slaves *Portugal is typing*

TheBlue Gamer : 1951: We will have flying cars in the future 2018: too lazy like plz

Cereal Killer : You have made Wakanda proud

Keirynic : *wipes tear from cheek*

Thiccston : This Is The Only Time I've Cried.

Rachel Brown : This cured my depression.

Jace Melvin : There’s nothing that a hundred bongo cats could ever dooooooooo

John Simmons : The 750 people who disliked should take a nice warm bubble bath with a high voltage toaster

Cold Zodiac : _Finally, some good fuckin' music_

Gehab : This is how you cure depression.

Oreo Sauce : *Give the left cat an oscar for being the most patient cat on internet*

GoLuckyz : This is the gift they present you with in heaven.

Scooter Yooper3 : 1960s, we will have hover cars 2010s, bongo cats come out

RottaPoika : I was born too late to explore the world, too early to explore the galaxy, but just in time to experience this.

Sometimes I'm late Sometimes I'm not : Best cover ever! **sobs**

Samuel Ranney : *suicide rate drops to zero*

Garcielia Nnn : It's like I'm hearing guitar pro 5


Mad Soldier : I bless the purrs down in meowfrica

Xefz : real talented turtle here

Jason Hu : I’ve never been more happy in my life..... Wait never mind that’s not saying much

Dhruva Navale : Bro just saying that was the most soothing thing ever

Ken Junior : B Bo Bon Bong Bongo Bongo c Bongo ca Bongo cat Bongo ca Bongo c Bongo Bong Bon Bo B I LOVE BONGO CAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

surreal entertainment : This is so cute

NixGaming 29 : That one cat who is patient enough to wait for his turn. Ugh too much cuteness!

XxDemon_GamerxX : Roses are red violets are blue i liked my own comment cuz no one else will do

DarkMaster : TUTUTUUTUTUTUTUTUTU right timing.

Kasey O'Connor : We got him folks, we got him.

Letycjusz S. : In Ancient Egypt cats were worshiping like an incarnation of the gods. Now I know why it was.

Tristan Fox : That kalimba cat just sitting there

MMA Videos : Toto-Africa but it's all cats <3

LordBaneThePlayer : I was the first one to dab to this song.

Fionna32 Gaming : *1969:* I hope we have flying cars in the future! *2018: This video* *1969:* EVEN BETTER

Meme Insider : Keyboard cat 2018