Guard Beats Bank Robber to the Shot | Active Self Protection

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Active Self Protection : Why are there comments on this video about the race of the perp? First off, it's irrelevant. Secondly, you're likely wrong about the race thing here. So stop.

Jet MaX : People still rob banks?

BabyGameFreak 04 : He clearly played Red Dead Redemption 2

[REDACTED] [Ethical Hacker-Hidden for Securiy] : That guard should get a raise

Sven Figueroa : A person is either going to harm you or not. This jerk intended to do harm the second he got out of that car. It does not matter if he was white, black, camo or whatever. He was a menace and he was stopped. That’s the way it is. Period.

Eduardo Freitas : Oh man. I wonder how it feels, even if it is the right thing to do, to suddenly go from a regular day to have killed someone... Gotta feel bad. It's sad really, seema robbers don't really measure up the consequences of their actions, now he's done.

JTsuits : He just ranked up

MusicalRosevine : I can't help but feel bad for the robber, in a way. I know I shouldn't....

gibbers05 : you are entirely too hung up on the two hand crap my man.. they beat you over the head in law enforcement to be able to shoot with one hand.. it's a pistol not a rifle learn how to do it.. in this situation using one hand allowed him to maintain most of his concealment.. he did exactly what he was taught

Drak1n : Lmao this fool probably just saw an episode of Spongebob where they rob a bank

sea gull : 1:08 that car in the back just pulling of

comrade pudding pants : that bad ass old man rode his wife like a wild stallion when he got home ! hee haa!

hiccup1dt : Some of you aren't using your head, just because he dropped his gun doesn't mean he wasn't carrying another one. Just something to think about if you are ever in a similar situation one day.

ZR Films : Oh my gosh stop commenting on how bad the gaurd did at least he got the job done?!(talking about the guy commentating in the video)

Alpine K9 Hans : I would feel worse if I would step on a cockroach .

Aaron S : I realize this isn't about how the perp ended up...but it is related. Shot placement is key. The key shot that ended this fight was the reach around shot the guard placed. From what I can tell, shot likely entered the perps right shoulder or neck area and traveled through his body and out his left kidney area (you can see the stuffing come out of his jacket). That's a hell of a wound trajectory...this perp was already dead without follow up shots. He was going to collapse where he did already, in fact he never really got his legs back after he rolled away. Hard to believe he made it as far as he did. Very good shot sir.

Loxley Odin : The robber deserved to be shot and killed. Props to the guard for taking the initiative, shoot that effer down.

Neezy Boii : Perfect reason why practicing shooting with 1 hand is essential. You may not always have your other hand available

whitesmoke hiding : That's why you rob a bank with a note no weapon. If you get caught with no record and no weapon you wont do much time. If you're literally on your last leg with literally no other choice. Go to a different state and just use a note. You'll probably get 10k quickly

Chris Whitney : 3:17 you can see the lady in the background at the drivethrougj

Anthony Blue : Another dead coward.....the air is cleaner!

I Polaris I : Payday 3 looks great

SirQL8 : 'Room Temperature Challenge" LOL ! that's a good one.

Adam Spears : The attempted bank robber EARNED each bullet he got. He worked harder to become a maggot's buffet, than he probably would have, had he just earned money the legal way. Oh well!!!!! 1 less pos on Earth😉

bachelors of trolling degree, 2013 : thank you officer for making sure the scumbag didnt make it out alive!!!

King Arturia : Respect for the Security guard, he didn't shoot more than was necessary, once he saw the guy on the ground he stopped. Moreover, who robs a bank like that? You run in with your gun clearly seen out the window? Has this man never seen a Bank Heist Movie like *Heat?*

Bryan’s Locks : It’s easier to judge this situation when it’s in the future and you have all the information that already happened. It’s called Monday morning quarterback.

Naruto evil twin : The guard plays too much rainbow 6 seige

Osama6najar Gamer : My man is aim bot

CauliFleur : lol the driver in the drive thru is like, " well...another time guys!" and drops it in reverse lol

Christian Sams : Little info about the armed guard. Hes a retired sheriffs deputy, and is working as an armed guard. Luckily he had his skills from his law enforcement career.

Francisco Novas : It’s high noon

me nkat : Shoot him till you run out of bullets!

Thinker , : You can't pull a gun out the right way fast with a potbelly the guard has.... same thing would happen To you in that situation in that spot

Mega Pelotes : Police training < Security Guard training

conspiracies are just great stories : So I bet the dead dudes family tried to sue saying the guard didnt have to shoot him because he didn't shoot anyone in the bank. There gonna be huge threads where this guard is called a racist will happen. So glad that guard was there and did what he did. People like that robber don't deserve to live a free life.

Drater Diputs : Thank you, you did this guard well. He did well too, I hope you don't blame yourself. You did what had to be done. Your a good man.

The Casually Competitive Shooter : I suspect the malfunction was a stove pipe due to the slide not cycling all the way because he was one-handing it. Maybe that's another lesson to learn from this video.


wartem : Only in USA

Bo Toichi : I just got robbed by my bank today

RAG3 Shoji : 1:07 wow look at the bad guys back the bullet went through him you can see the white thing

Arsenal 4Life : As u can see the guard turned on his aimbot as soon has the robber entered

Germanophilie1 : Alpine Bank, 20 January 2017  … Brian Harrison: great shooting!

MrFantocan : Well this guard did an amazing job given the circunstances. BUT if there were more robbers coming next like 2 or 3 more the guard would probably be dead.

NOR CAL : 😂why run in like that? He was asking to get shot

Vitor Mendes : bro you talk a lot about the mechanics keep it simple.

Lee Bruns : Thank you for commenting on that final shot. I'm not in agreement, but the guard saved the people in the bank, and that's the important part.

Green Klover Gaming : Commentator was top class 👏👏

Roche fort6 : Room temperature challenge 😂