Guard Beats Bank Robber to the Shot | Active Self Protection

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Active Self Protection : Why are there comments on this video about the race of the perp? First off, it's irrelevant. Secondly, you're likely wrong about the race thing here. So stop.

JTsuits : He just ranked up

MrSmid888 : Over analysing split second decisions. This is the streets not the movies. Nothing to see here the good guys won.

NateIsGod : His ping was a lot higher

Mixu Maxu : Incredible how many people here are on the robbers side. He could have killed many innocent people.

Christopher Tucker : Good work give the man a medal.

LNxTCB : _Room temperature challenge._

Dipguru : He finally got to use his pistol before he retired.

Mixu Maxu : Give that guard a bigger paycheck and the medal! ♡

ღ ღ UNDEADZ ღツ : Imagine planning to rob a bank to only be killed in 11 Seconds

Valentino Vallente : Ok, the guard was good at being aware and getting the first few shots off... BUT... The real prize winner here is the young woman with the yellow cardigan... she saw the robber from a mile away and took off running like a track star ⭐️

Christian Sams : Little info about the armed guard. Hes a retired sheriffs deputy, and is working as an armed guard. Luckily he had his skills from his law enforcement career.

Guns n stuff : best youtube channel

The Quarter Sawn Craftsman : I love watching bad guys get the business

Jin : People sympathizing with the robber disgust me.

Stranger : I wonder why it's called "Room Temperature Challenge"

Blinky Pinky Inky and Clyde : As soon as John said "I wish every bank robbery went just like this one does" I knew someone was gonna take the room temperature challenge!

Francis Helem : Gold nova 2 guard vs silver 3 rober

milkmandan77 : Sadly in many states (like mine), that forth and fatal shot, because placed in the back when the robber was fleeing, would constitute murder.

Scott Moore : And hats off to that guard. Well done at protecting everyone from scum.

GAMEHUB : Shoot first ask questions later

NOR CAL : 😂why run in like that? He was asking to get shot

ab cd : he forgot to drill 15 rounds into the corpse's skull

Janni Hainer : Thats a lot of damage

Fred Derps : To all the people saying that the guard was wrong shooting the robber after he dropped his gun: 1. The robber already initiated Role Play by brandishing the gun when he entered the door. 2. He was also most probably screaming in Direct Chat that it was a robbery. 3. At this point the guard is free to start the firefight as soon as his gun is drawn. 4. The firefight stops when all active shooters are dead or 5 minutes after ceise-fire. -Conclusion: The guard will not receive a ban from the RP server.

gary smallwood : Banks are thinking of get ridding of guards.Big Mistake.

amity dual sport Utah : For an old man...he did just fine

Christopher Hutton : Should have an old man like this in every school. Good job pops !

Alex Haussman : $100 that the robber was black.

BigJeff S : "Mission Failed, we'll get em next time."

Weague of Wegends Boy : Im not being rude or anything but that would actually be fun being the security guard in that situation.

ghostofmars83 : "The Room Temperature Challenge" ------------> I love it!!!!

alan30189 : So the guy died with two assholes. Nice! As long as he died.

Yung Butler : *Duude must have massive balls to do that type of shiit!*

Asphalt Ricky : Hi John. The only thing you need to fight against is obesity

commanderLL : Robber tried to alt+f4 and disconnected. No respawns remaining.

Who's yo Daddy? : The bad guy disarmed himself @ 3:40

El Camino del Conversó y El Justo de las Naciones : Love your Channel !!!! Keep the good work, buddy....

acer : nice shot!

Swilto : Active Self Protection i have a question at the end Once a robber comes in it turns to a life and death situation, everything is fast, so a fast response is needed. The guard did the right thing, fight back to like ensure every ones safety. So when the armed robber was running away, he dropped the gun, its possible the guard didn't see that , cuz its a fast paced situation, its life and death. So when the robber dropped his gun, and ran outside, was it necessary for him to shoot the robber when he is crawling his was out?

TerrorTot999 : I felt bad for the robber

Jehuty989 : If you threaten innocent people's lives, you better be prepared to lose yours too..

R H : Room temperature challenge... Lmao this guy got jokes

JulieClean : Did he died?!?!?

The Neo-Epicurean : 03:40 he clearly drops the gun. He killed an unarmed man. Just kidding. He was asking for that. The guard is lucky he didn't get shot tho, the perp had the gun pointed at him before the guard fired, looked roughly on target but he didn't want to fire first I guess.

David Gass : The old fella isn't just a barking dog past his prime; his bite is much stronger than his bark. Bravo sir!

Crimson Sin : Bad guy gets a 9.5/10 for that bad ass tactical roll

gods eye : old mans got a quick draw

Starman : So satisfying to watch him fail to escape. Wish he had caught fire instead, but whatever. Dead scum is the only good scum

jitzmaster : funny how the guy talking is saying on how to fire a gun, yet this armed guard handled everything perfect. Hes got mad skills. The guy talking on the video prob lives in parents basement and plays COD.