Guard Beats Bank Robber to the Shot | Active Self Protection

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Active Self Protection : Why are there comments on this video about the race of the perp? First off, it's irrelevant. Secondly, you're likely wrong about the race thing here. So stop.

Jet MaX : People still rob banks?

Junito Punto Comm : I enjoyed every single shot the guard got on target !!

TheLoneCabbage : Robber : "This is robbery!" Guard : "This is America"

general mayhem : it's called occupational risk. if you commit a violent crime you may die in the process.

Marco Martinez : only took ten seconds for him to die when he first gets shot, must have felt like an eternity to him. crazy how fast things happen. one less idiot to worry about i guess

comrade pudding pants : that bad ass old man rode his wife like a wild stallion when he got home ! hee haa!

Junito Punto Comm : 3:05 The guard is accompanied by 4 people...all of the sudden, at 3:25 He’s By himself !! Lol

Chris Rivera : That old man is badass. You can sit there behind the camera and criticize him all you want I'd like to see the mistake you would make in that situation. That guard is an absolute badass.

Albee213 : Shooting criminals in the back shouldn't be illegal.

Antifaith29 : Shame he died. Hindsight is 20/20 though. The guy was unarmed at the end, he dropped the gun and was running away when he died BUT.. as I said, hindsight is 20/20 and the guard had what...seconds? to react? he did the right thing. I bet that he wouldnt have killed him had he known the guy dropped the gun and was no longer a threat but realitically, how do you know in that time? Clean shooting.

David Kennedy : That old guy was incredibly quick on the draw, plus I like the way he ducked into cover all at the same time. He truly earned his pay that day, for sure. A legend, because the robber certainly wasn't slow in firing, if it wasn't for his incredibly quick thinking this could have been a bloodbath!!!

Heydrian : 1:07 If you look close enough after the guard shoots the robber, you can actually see the bullet go through him :O

wrexx : Perp planned and planned this robbery and was so confident about stealing people’s stuff. Now he’s dead as hell laying face-down in a doorway. Maybe should have planned and planned for a job like the rest of us.

CyanGaming | ᴹᶦᶰᵉᶜʳᵃᶠᵗ ⁻ ᴳᵃᵐᵉᴾᶫᵃʸ : That woman saw him from a mile away!

JTsuits : He just ranked up

Shrek The ogre : He deserved to die

Zen : Don't think you need to analyze the situation bro; this went down so fast that he can't go down the checklist of "correct form" and no you do not always need two hand grip.

Muhammad Farhan : 0:42 press Q and E to peek

jiu jitsu : Room temperature challenge 🤣😂

conspiracies are just great stories : So I bet the dead dudes family tried to sue saying the guard didnt have to shoot him because he didn't shoot anyone in the bank. There gonna be huge threads where this guard is called a racist will happen. So glad that guard was there and did what he did. People like that robber don't deserve to live a free life.

The Miles : The older gentalman held his own. I think he did amazing. The bank robber tried to shot him.

bigbluesparky : Guard should get a medal....The taxpayers thank you for putting this animal predator down for good.

XxShockTrooperxX : The dislikes are all liberals that think by taking away guns would have helped this situation. All that would have done would make sure the guard would have a harder time defending the bank. It would have been a cro bar vs a baton.

Raij Patel : Hell yea fill em all full of bullets don't give them a chance, he could of done with a few more in him tbh...

King Arturia : Respect for the Security guard, he didn't shoot more than was necessary, once he saw the guy on the ground he stopped. Moreover, who robs a bank like that? You run in with your gun clearly seen out the window? Has this man never seen a Bank Heist Movie like *Heat?*

Rick Jasper : But don’t worry. When MORON Democrats finally ban guns, the streets will be SAFE.... FOR CRIMINALS

Jim Halpert : That guard felt like a BOSS

mooky : My favorite was the last shot he put in him 🙂

Hawaiian Constitutionalist : How on earth is there so many thumbs down... This world needs an enema.

Christian Sams : Little info about the armed guard. Hes a retired sheriffs deputy, and is working as an armed guard. Luckily he had his skills from his law enforcement career.

Reflx : the guard should have not shot more when he dropped the gun

al bahtimie : Nice channel.

Neil Conde : Was i the only one who swore that the perp dropped his gun at that round table when he stumbled,u can see something silver fall from his hand...?..just curious

Ben Neumann : I don't see how morality could play a role in this one. The moral thing to do is unload until he is dead because he JUST TRIED TO SHOOT YOU AND YOUR BANKERS DEAD. "Oh he dropped his gun." Oh you're certain he doesn't have another on his waist? In his car? Self defense all the way here IMO. Finish him.

Bo Toichi : I just got robbed by my bank today

Sonic_1000 : Lol @ all this critiquing bs. This old man nailed it. The end.

Jonn K. Customs & Fabrication : It's a Robb....clap clap clap, Merica mf!!!

George Johnson : That fool lost his life is under 30 seconds.

Capronice : That guard did some great shooting

NOR CAL : 😂why run in like that? He was asking to get shot

Paul N Sarah Apodaca : I’m pretty sure the bank gave him a really nice bonus check well deserved everyone went home to there loved ones in good health!

Dapperdan Man : BRLM (bank robbers lives matter) the guard could have tased him n spared a life. This guy was probably like Michael Brown...good guy with a bright future shot down like a thug.

D. D. : So, did the guard get charged for shooting the attacker in the back? If not, why do citizens get charged when they're defending their families in the same situation??

eduardo ulloa : Thats why you train in the shooting range, and take courses of self defence,to when the time come you dont freeze or mess up, i think was the best result that could come of this situation, plp say dont have shoulda killed the guy, are you kidding me, that guy was armed dont matter if he dont shoot or if he was running, as long he have the gun and not dead or unconcious hes a serius threat even unconcious he could accidenal discharge the gun.the last 2 shots its very evident that the guard dont see the thief drop the weapon so he he keep firing.

ღ ღ UNDEADZ ღツ : Imagine planning to rob a bank to only be killed in 11 Seconds

Kanye West : Robber: What a glorious day to rob a bank. I think after I'm finished at the bank I'll enjoy life.

TECH-NO MONK : Thanks for teaching me how to rob banks the right way 🤑🤑🤑

Similak Child : LOL! left his ass dead at the door.

Ian Crook : *active doing your job