Guard Beats Bank Robber to the Shot | Active Self Protection

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Active Self Protection : Why are there comments on this video about the race of the perp? First off, it's irrelevant. Secondly, you're likely wrong about the race thing here. So stop.

Jet MaX : People still rob banks?

NarrowSkyGamer : lvl 1 crook fails to rob bank

Linda Catton : Taking the law in his own hands? Give me a break! He was hired and given a gun to protect the employees the robber showed up waving a gun, so shooting him was justified.

ALIEN O : plot twist: the robber was just a prankster...

Bernard Crowley : Nothing worse than dying, then being handcuffed

comrade pudding pants : that bad ass old man rode his wife like a wild stallion when he got home ! hee haa!

B Patrick : He made sure the perp was completely out the door before shooting one last time saving the bank $180 on carpet cleaning. it's like a 2 fer 1.

Dan Sager : Though this guards adrenaline must have been off the chart he reacted almost perfectly..... we need men/women like this protecting our schools..

mike : This commentator way over steps his bounds. "Shoot through cover"??? My man have you ever even been in a gun fight?

xXSilentAgent47Xx : Next time: Juggernaut outfit.

JTsuits : He just ranked up

Big Chungus : excellent job by the guard, the shooting was completely justified

Agent Smith : Just came here to see a robber get shot dead. Elapsed time 56 seconds, mission accomplished. Bye everyone.

OH Yeh! : The biggest victory here is two millennials understand the right to bear arms now lol

F125AXer : 0:34 if only the guard had been facing the glass, he'd have seen the perp running towards the front door. That 3 to 4 seconds loss of time made the situation so much more dangerous!

Sagee4 : Mission failed , Franklin was killed

Baldy : If this was England the cop wouldn’t have a gun and had been dead.

Disney is the Devil : Damn. That guard kept his cool so well he just effortlessly cleared that malfunction and kept blasting. Should have had a Glock, though.

Moshe Greenberg : I advise you to stop giving legal advice in your videos.

Jeff Ray : Ok for the people thumbs down.if you where back there under the counter at work this guy could have blown your head off if it wasnt for the guard.damn snowflakes

King Arturia : Respect for the Security guard, he didn't shoot more than was necessary, once he saw the guy on the ground he stopped. Moreover, who robs a bank like that? You run in with your gun clearly seen out the window? Has this man never seen a Bank Heist Movie like *Heat?*

max a rider : He saved some lives, end of story.

TruthB Told : The family of the robber probably sued the guard, bank, and manufacturer of the guard's gun and ammunition. Excessive use of force . Total violation of the robber's "Constitutional Rights". After all, he was only trying to survive the disaster of the Trump economy. Yadda Yadda Yadda. It's not called the "Criminal" Justice System for nothing.

LightningBoyPlayz : My guy thought it was GTA😂😂😂

Techno Djole : How did you do that Guard:red dead redemption

Lieutenant_ JG : He's got aimbot

Robert Blackford : 7,000 dislikes from BLM supporters.

Maaz Waseem : Anyone noticed the tv was shot. RIP

Jesus Frankenstein : I just keep coming back to see all of the lefties throwing a fit in the comments 😄

Anthony Blue : Another dead coward.....the air is cleaner!

kinkku ufc kinkku : *Thats a lot of damage*

wagsouza : KILL ALL TRASH ROBBERS :D !!!

Bill Randall : if the robber had not put on the mask and drawn until he entered, he'd have caught that guard flat footed and killed him, unless armor saved him. Armor would have saved the robber, too

SHSSH : A black costumer being killed by white supremacist guard in front of the bank!

conspiracies are just great stories : So I bet the dead dudes family tried to sue saying the guard didnt have to shoot him because he didn't shoot anyone in the bank. There gonna be huge threads where this guard is called a racist will happen. So glad that guard was there and did what he did. People like that robber don't deserve to live a free life.

Brandon Inc : If he had shot again he would have been charged. See that is where I have a problem. Prosecutors are nothing but builies that play god. Because of this America is a scary place to live when one must defend themselves.

K Edmodson : The robbers papa had a negligent discharge, right into his mama about 9 months before he was born.

Cole D : But we should ban guns. LOL and to anyone that says “if guns were banned the robber wouldn’t have one” you really think he wouldn’t be able to get one illegally?

Grunkle Kashoot : *it's high noon.*

Christian Sams : Little info about the armed guard. Hes a retired sheriffs deputy, and is working as an armed guard. Luckily he had his skills from his law enforcement career.

Justin A : Its weird that the no gun sign didnt stop him.

Papa Smurf : Mission failed, we’ll get em’ next time!

Rick W : @ Active Self Protection Since your using this as a training aid you should watch the films better yourself. The robber in this video drops his gun when he was rolling out of the line of fire, you can even see the pistol on the floor while your commentating @ 3:42 . So at no time does the guard go up and disarm the suspect, the intent was there, but your statement is wrong. Putting more validity to the adage that no witness is a good witness.

10MIL subs with no videos : He did not know how to rob a bank

NOR CAL : 😂why run in like that? He was asking to get shot

goodkarma99 : justified shooting ol man was like "not taday bruh!" 😆 salud!!!👏🏽👆🏽🙌🏾💯

andrew zweiger : Malfunction? Dude get a Glock

John Thomas : I liked the video. But u kept saying he went and disarmed him. but the robber threw his gun down before he ran out. And yea he could have had another gun. But im just saying.

Angelo Pacia : *When being rude and trying to kill new people but you didn't know that there is lvl 100 on their back*