Do you hear "Yanny" or "Laurel"? From a Guy Called Yanny!

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SlightlyUnderAverage : You can hear both. Talk along with it with a high pitched voice saying yanny. Do the same with a low pitch voice and it'll say laurel

anonymous : How he gonna say "I can't believe people say this sounds like laurel" while he plays it and it says Laurel nice loud and clear

Tiger 21 : Yanny

Benny's Customise : you cant hear the L in it, i hear Yanny

Bright Ivan : It’s nowhere even close to being “YANNY”! It’s Laurel! Laurel from Laurelmize!

DISKS : Most people at first hear Yanny, but after eventually hearing Laurel, they can pretty much only heard Laurel after that.

Charlie Williamson : I can hear both

Rosen Edits : I can hear both. It is easier to hear Yanny through "tinny" speakers or earphones which are not in your ear. Otherwise I can mostly hear Laurel with earphones in, or on decent speakers.

Megan McKnight : I love the guy who says oh yeah then holds up yanny. it’s hilarious this is hilarious I heard yanny too so don’t worry but I love Anyone’s response In this video who hears yanny their responses are just funny I can’t stop laughing

Saud Khan : Sometimes i hear yanny and sometimes i hear laurel 😂😂.

Im epix mohammed : I vote Yanny bro

Agent 37 : Its YANNY as in Yiannimize

Allie Modz : Put captions on

Steven : I'm trying to hear Yanny but it aint happening. All I hear is LAUREL.

xhtx bad : Lanny

Harry Chahal : Sounds more like a Frog saying JERRY!

SAJI7864 : laurel is what i hear everytime

Gustaf Christianson : laurel

Ava Gong : Yanny

abdullah alblushi : Yanny

Ah B : I can hear both of them 😳

Yassin Sahari : It's laurel

Ara Bozadjian : lol I heard YANNY this morning and now it's always LAUREL! 🤯

Arron Chana : It’s a trick. It’s like true in false in one word by adjusting the handwriting so that it looks true and false. They do this by saying yanni and laurel in a particular way and merging them. So it sounds like either one when In fact it’s both. But you already knew that

A Hi : Its Yanny

AK46PlusOne : I swear the first time I watched the video I only heard yanny. I've watched it 2 more times... All I hear is LAURAL now, this is a mind fudge!!!

HassanS TV : I swear i heard laurel EVERYTIME but now i hear yianny

Lupita Rosales : Wtf I was hearing Yammy yesterday & now I’m hearing Laurel but now I’m hearing both😂😂 who else hears both

mason mb MING : Yanny

Leandro De-Pina : i don't about you guys but i can see that he changed his channel to Laurelmize

Fardin Ali : Laurel

Ace : Omg it sounds like laurel how does it sound like yanny

Ace Vlogs : It’s yianny

Simone Geldon : I might be wrong but I think it said Laurel

Nat Walker : It’s bloody both

Bendarnette : I hear yanny how tf do u hear laurel

Ahmad aman : Laurel

Lloyd 12 : I hear yammy

itzsayef : Laurel

Alfa 123 : Omg yesterday when I was not ill, I heard Yanny now I’m ill I hear laurel!!!!

Matthias Van de Velde : 0:00 - 0:07 I heard yanny, after that I heard laurel the hole time. I went back to 0:00 - 0:07 and I hear laurel there now hahaha

Justin McKain : I only heard yanny when yanny was saying yanny

Ciaran Walder : It actually says 'Laurel' but some people can hear the higher pitch better where it says 'Yanny'

Charles E. : i hear Yammy

Ezan Boss : I hear both

Voltage 7 Longo : Yanny

Darragh Mc Mahon : 100 percent laurel can't hear yanny at all

Con Longstaff : My mom said “floorboard” lmao

Itachi Uchiha : I hear laurel i swear !!!

KIAN COOKE : I can. Hear yammy. Lol