Do you hear "Yanny" or "Laurel"? From a Guy Called Yanny!

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SlightlyUnderAverage : You can hear both. Talk along with it with a high pitched voice saying yanny. Do the same with a low pitch voice and it'll say laurel

anonymous : How he gonna say "I can't believe people say this sounds like laurel" while he plays it and it says Laurel nice loud and clear

Bright Ivan : It’s nowhere even close to being “YANNY”! It’s Laurel! Laurel from Laurelmize!

Ben drifter1 : you cant hear the L in it, i hear Yanny

TITCH : Most people at first hear Yanny, but after eventually hearing Laurel, they can pretty much only heard Laurel after that.

Steven : I'm trying to hear Yanny but it aint happening. All I hear is LAUREL.

Tiger 21 : Yanny

Axel Karlsson : You only say you hear Yanny cause your name is Yianni...

Allie Modz : Put captions on

ραяαѕутє : I hear oogi... is there something wrong with me

Yassin Sahari : It's laurel

Farhan Ali : If you wanted to know why that happens let me explain. Basically the transubstantiational sound waves in the bio-audical section of your eardrum can hear the longnitudinal waves of the psycho-chemical imbalance in the gauntlet of your brain. This therefore, cause you to sometimes hear the voice hear "Yanny" and sometimes "Laurel". The occurrence of this happens at a ratio of 43:76 depending on your gender. For males it causes a movement in the trachea making them hear "Laurel" more often and a similar thing happens to females but they hear "Yanny" more frequently. It also has to do with a person's IQ as the higher a person's IQ the more frequency their ears can handle thus meaning if you can hear both "Yanny" and "Laurel" simultaneously you are a biopshyciatricchemical genius. Sorry for wasting your time. Like if you DIDN'T believe me.

SAJI7864 : laurel is what i hear everytime

Saud Khan : Sometimes i hear yanny and sometimes i hear laurel 😂😂.

Darragh Mc Mahon : 100 percent laurel can't hear yanny at all

sam sprod : *at first, all i was hearing was "yummy"* 😂. but then, wen i did wat that pinned commenter above sed, only then did i "gradually" start hearing "Ya" for the 1st ½ second, but then "Laurel" after that. for me, if i *think* it's Laurel, and look at the word/name "Laurel" at the *same time* , then only i can hear Laurel. and vice versa. i think it's mind games. actually, now i can hear both, first Yanny, then Laurel, and then Yanny, and then Laurel 😕😮😱😂😂

Megan McKnight : I love the guy who says oh yeah then holds up yanny. it’s hilarious this is hilarious I heard yanny too so don’t worry but I love Anyone’s response In this video who hears yanny their responses are just funny I can’t stop laughing

Roland Bat : SEEK HELP If you hear anything other than Laurel

NZ Vlogs : Yo, guys, don't pretend like you are hearing Yanni - BECAUSE IT'S CLEARLY SAYS LAUREL!! AND THERE IS NO DISCUSSION ABOUT THAT

Ara Bozadjian : lol I heard YANNY this morning and now it's always LAUREL! 🤯

xhtx bad : Lanny

NOT ME : It laurel omfg im going crazy

FUT PACK OPENER : It’s for sure yanny. You must be off your head if it’s laurel

Gustaf Christianson : laurel

Roast Lord : You make yourself look like an idiot sitting there listening to it saying Laurel and pretending it says Yanny.

Rishi Naik : Its Laurel.....


Heяø GaMeR : Laurel

Hatty xD : I love your cupra

Nobody Else : Laurel.

Joravar 123 : 376th

xd FinesseMonkey : #YANNY

Epic Tron : I hear *NANI*

YNTR UK : no question deffo laurel tried to hear yanny but couldnt hear it

Rico Rajveer Gulbagh Singh ll Of The The World : Both

Simone Geldon : I might be wrong but I think it said Laurel

Arron Chana : It’s a trick. It’s like true in false in one word by adjusting the handwriting so that it looks true and false. They do this by saying yanni and laurel in a particular way and merging them. So it sounds like either one when In fact it’s both. But you already knew that

Speedos 28 : 0:00 - 0:07 I heard yanny, after that I heard laurel the hole time. I went back to 0:00 - 0:07 and I hear laurel there now hahaha

Ahmad aman : Laurel

jamie : Its both being played at the same time. Just different frequencies. Different people here different ones because not everyone hears the same frequencies. Is not that hard to figure it out. And i nearly failed sound engineering in college

Leandro De-Pina : i don't about you guys but i can see that he changed his channel to Laurelmize

itzsayef : Laurel

Lupita Rosales : Wtf I was hearing Yammy yesterday & now I’m hearing Laurel but now I’m hearing both😂😂 who else hears both

Justin McKain : I only heard yanny when yanny was saying yanny

Alfa 123 : Omg yesterday when I was not ill, I heard Yanny now I’m ill I hear laurel!!!!

mikachuu : I hear yanny how tf do u hear laurel

AK THE GAMER : listen closely at last bro laurel

Fardin Ali : Laurel

Con Longstaff : My mom said “floorboard” lmao

Harry Chahal : Sounds more like a Frog saying JERRY!