Amazing Experiment Actually Makes Black Fire! The Shadow Fire Experiment

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The Action Lab : This was the most amazing thing I have ever seen! It made me want to travel around and show all of you in person. Everyone must experience black fire in person! It literally seems like you are part of a movie special effect. I've got to think of a way to incorporate this into my Subscription Box so you can see this in person!


Do not read my profile picture : How to create black fire *Witness the death of your best friend to unlock the mangekyo sharingan*

Raymond V.M : Not black fire. and the thumbnail is super misleading. It's just normal fire under a special light and burning sodium. It's a cool illusion but it's not what I came here for. Disappointing. Edit: before anyone reading this sends another comment about my expectations being ridiculous or how this video produced exactly what the title and thumbnail represent, (It clearly didn't) know that I genuinely do not care. I posted this a week ago. It's old news. If you want an opinion of this video based on my very limited physics experience, I will. Here it is: This experiment is pretty cool. I had no idea that a light could produce a nearly perfect single wavelength of color. That's awesome, and the fact that a flame could be manipulated to absorb light and produce a shadow is awesome. But my eyes were not fooled into believing this fire was black. Like any other light that manipulates color, the brain easily compensates and concluded what the original color may be, and so while it did LOOK black. It was just a deep orange under an orange light. It's a cool trick, and it would be even more impressive if one could somehow compress the wave absorption to a small box or object to make the fire indefinitely appear black like an illusion of light often done for magic tricks.

Tampatec : 🤔 hmm black fire? now that I have to see, 4:57 😱

baluardo salgassi : Black flame Pyromancy discovered by grave wardens after high lord wolnir fell into The abyss Creates a giant Black flame in hand

Avo's Channel : Any Naruto fans here Edit:Sub if you want

Jesse Ybarra : I wonder if the police beated it for being black

Specter Overlord : FAKE NEWS: This amaterasu didn't spread into the lab turning it into ash.

SyN : *Blaze control: Kagutsuchi!*

Brian Mcdonald : Take a drink every time he says "black fire" or "basically" and try not to die from alcohol poisoning.

55Ramius : I was shocked when it turned black. I knew it would because you said it would do that but the effect was way beyond what I thought it may do. Really liked this experiment and it was presented welll too. : )

Hobiron -senpai : this video is fake, that guy is using Amaterasu

ThEV0rnfasT : Sasuke: No one will make this Fire (ameterasu) Action lab: Seriously? look sasuke: 0_0 N-NO WAY


Jorge Navarro : Black And Yellow, Black And Yellow, Black And Yellow

Faruk Kızılkaya : Every time, every bloody time I don't believe the title of the video would come true and every time it does. Congrats.

Tonilei Gumabay : legend says it still burning up to this day

Megan Lundeen : I Learn More On This Channel Than I Do At School

Jose Galvez Hernandez : Is it actually black fire though? You only did it under a monochromatic light. So from what I saw it’s only black under the lighting in which you performed the demo. I’m expecting something yellow if you do it under normal light.

ErololX : He used mangekyou sharingan

CHETAN TECHNOMANIA : Thumbnail looks fake but not content, Not like others....

scp agent neon rose : ZOMG he just made the amaterusu 😯 wif SIENCE 😦😺

TOXICTacoLOVER69 : Ok so BASICALLY im monkey

Omkar Moghe : Amaterasu 👁️

AkatsukiMurderer : Man used Amaterasu with alchemy

mdh recoil : Being a firefighter, I find this super cool. There can be invisible flames to.

Thunder Bird : How many people just clicked on the video because they watch naruto?

White Chronos : AMATERASU!! #ITACHI

thevegeta 223 : Amaterasu

FluffyAndCuddly : I think your camera went color blind.

Annike Downey : 1% of comments: Ooh science 99% of comments: *AMATERASU*

Blackman Whitesuit : But does it actually change anything about the fire? The fire temperature may have dropped but it seems to be burning the same. Edit: I gathered my thoughts and realized that the fire itself is just a yellow/orange sodium fire that appears black because the sodium light allows it to appear black. Thus the flame isn't black but the conditions allow the flame to be perceived as black and thus the flame has the same properties of a sodium fire.

Linwood King : Got damn it Itachi

Blitz Nimbus : *AMATARASU~* ‼️👁

WaffleJunior Pancakes : Amaterasu! NANI?!

Rob Esposito : Which friend did you kill to get the mangekyo?

Ross D : WOW! My fav part was 6:24! 👍🏻👍🏻

juan paulo dela cruz : When i see this on my recommendation, commenting amaterasu and people already comment it, well....

redfoe77 : And this benifits humanity how? I'm joking. It looked 👍

Matt Bimbo : Amaterasu

Francisco Rosario : Sasuke: “Amaterasu!” *makes black flame* Action lab:🤔 “Hey guys today we’re going to be making black fire”😂

Ronit Gomes : Wow

MaharlikaAWA : Not really black fire...

notrodog : i thought this video was just about adding something like paper with a highliter and it would change the colour so i can show my friends in my science class

Solo Trench : Amaterasu

Lunar Kat 911 : I swear one day when im smart enough to light a fire, im going to do this experiment. Damn you inspired me.

Julie-Ann Vaillancourt 20 : BatIM fans here looking at the yellow colour scheme and thinking "Did joey replace all the lights with sodium vapour lights????"

StoopVital : *Oh no the weebs are taking over!*

ICE BEAR 25 GAMIN : He has Amaterasu Sharingan 0_0