Amazing Experiment Actually Makes Black Fire! The Shadow Fire Experiment

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The Action Lab : This was the most amazing thing I have ever seen! It made me want to travel around and show all of you in person. Everyone must experience black fire in person! It literally seems like you are part of a movie special effect. I've got to think of a way to incorporate this into my Subscription Box so you can see this in person!


Lobetec : Whoa I never new you were a Uchiha, you even unlocked the mangekyou sharingan o.o

ABC DEF : Half the viewers are Naruto fans....😂😂

NoNeedSubscribers : Sasuke:no one can make this fire The action lab:Hold my beer

EDU : This comment section: people saying Amaterasu/other naruto stuff 95% people saying this is fake 1% people saying "wow amazing" 4% Woah, so many likes. Thanks :D

Jesse Ybarra : I wonder if the police beated it for being black

obito nigga : *ITACHI JOIND THE CHAT*

PeriPeriPomPom Desai : Uchihas are still alive confirmed

Nights Edge BombSquad : *A҉ M҉ A҉ T҉ E҉ R҉ A҉ S҉ U҉*

55Ramius : I was shocked when it turned black. I knew it would because you said it would do that but the effect was way beyond what I thought it may do. Really liked this experiment and it was presented welll too. : )

GunPoint : Humans in 1800s: "In 200 years we will be able to teleport" Humans in 2018: "And here, students, we have dark fire"

Blackman Whitesuit : But does it actually change anything about the fire? The fire temperature may have dropped but it seems to be burning the same. Edit: I gathered my thoughts and realized that the fire itself is just a yellow/orange sodium fire that appears black because the sodium light allows it to appear black. Thus the flame isn't black but the conditions allow the flame to be perceived as black and thus the flame has the same properties of a sodium fire.

ThEV0rnfasT : Sasuke: No one will make this Fire (ameterasu) Action lab: Seriously? look sasuke: 0_0 N-NO WAY

Love Beats : who else thinks it's Amaterasu or its only me?

Faruk Kızılkaya : Every time, every bloody time I don't believe the title of the video would come true and every time it does. Congrats.

Hello ツ : Or you could have done 'Amaterasu'.

72speedway : Is it true that film doesn't respond to sodium lamp light?

Mahin Khattak : Who else saw the lighter's flame turning black as soon as he sets the alcohol on fire? 4:04

Avero Mugi : Sensei pls teach me Amaterasu 🙏🤣

mdh recoil : Being a firefighter, I find this super cool. There can be invisible flames to.

ErololX : He used mangekyou sharingan

GaBe SanChEz : *Sasuke has left the chat*

MunMun Madani : itachi was here.........

Magicpond : All the comments are about naruto you WEEBS

Rob Esposito : Which friend did you kill to get the mangekyo?

TOXICTacoLOVER69 : Ok so BASICALLY im monkey

hasnu alam : This coment section make my day

Dale Justin Peraz : Still, you should have showed it without the monochromatic light to see what it would have looked like under normal light.

helmy azis : amaterasu

Francisco Rosario : Sasuke: “Amaterasu!” *makes black flame* Action lab:🤔 “Hey guys today we’re going to be making black fire”😂

Kalpesh Patil : THE FIRE HAS *N WORD* PASS

Naruto Uzumaki Wanna be : Sarada's father had the same jutsu :O


Dan H : Sanderson Sisters *heavy breathing*

CHETAN TECHNOMANIA : Thumbnail looks fake but not content, Not like others....

LordPiotrus : 05:25 LOL he peed on it.

Nouche : Something *BLACK* again.

Icey : That thumbnail tho 😂😂

Unsub Scrub : Total shade of grey

Йосеф сталин блять : *a m a t e r a s u*

1000 subs with useless videos : If it was comepletely black i would've arrested it by now

Andy : video starts at 5:00

raymond valdez : AMATERASU

Šimon Gálik : Amaterasu

Annike Downey : 1% of comments: Ooh science 99% of comments: *AMATERASU*

Hardik Nepal : AMATERASU

ASEL BILASPUR : Amaturatsu!!

Ashu Ad : Cool

Starman : The render doesnt allow black colors