Amazing Experiment Actually Makes Black Fire! The Shadow Fire Experiment

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The Action Lab : This was the most amazing thing I have ever seen! It made me want to travel around and show all of you in person. Everyone must experience black fire in person! It literally seems like you are part of a movie special effect. I've got to think of a way to incorporate this into my Subscription Box so you can see this in person!



resasuke masumune : The action lab is an Uchiha confirmed?

marad zz : My sharingan can' t copy this


Lobetec : Whoa I never new you were a Uchiha, you even unlocked the mangekyou sharingan o.o

[stares in japanese and summons satan in spanish] : Real life *-amaterasu-* black fire

Bat Man : Don't overdo the may lose ur sight bro.....just be careful with that😂

Rafi Aryax : so, we can easily make Amaterasu without using mangekyo. wait i see sasuke and itachi behind his wall

Doom : Wanna hear original comment? Amaterasu

55Ramius : I was shocked when it turned black. I knew it would because you said it would do that but the effect was way beyond what I thought it may do. Really liked this experiment and it was presented welll too. : )

Akina Mori : So the secret of the uchiha has been unfold.

Arthur Vieira : Correction: Black and yellow!! xD

#ALLTUBER # : Legend says that it burns 7 days long

DeadMistake : i though the title said *_"Amazing experiments back fired"_*

Caterpillar c15 6NZ : Being a firefighter, I find this super cool. There can be invisible flames to.

Naruto Uzumaki Wanna be : Sarada's father had the same jutsu :O

Vinzazayn Dizon : Oh its amaterasu...are u itachi?😕😕

sebas99m : My man out here doing the “AMATERASU” jutsu 😂

Nagato Uzumaki : Amaterasu

CHETAN TECHNOMANIA : Thumbnail looks fake but not content, Not like others....

Yun Izon : Saskeeeeeeehh...

Madara not sadala : My god, I love Naruto to death but can y'all stop with the armetarasue? For once I'm watching a science video instead of Naruto and all I get is Naruto references

pein yahiko : Amaterasu

Shaquane Boyce : AMATIRATSU

Faruk Kızılkaya : Every time, every bloody time I don't believe the title of the video would come true and every time it does. Congrats.

ABDULLAA MARIII : wow amaterasu

Deena Schmidt : Is there something wrong with my eyes bc everything looks yellow not grey

Zukato Kun : Amaterasu

The Lord Kraken : похоже на пиздатый монтаж)

Mini MaxD : Katon........amatarasu 😉

Akshay Panchal : Amaterasu!

12345 678910 : You came here for 4:13 You're welcome

Matrix TV : *i think the uchiha police force will come and get you*

the unspoken one : Itachi gave us amaterasu

Ted Bear : Weebs be attracted to dark flames like moths attracted to lamps.

yall are_ ded0_o : **AMATERASU CONFIRMED**

ZeptanOfficial : Sasuke can do that with a blink on his eyes tho.. 😂😂😂 Edit: when I scroll trough the comments I can see uchihas fans. Or naruto series fans... Or whatever you want to call it bcs there is too much names.

DaGuy2094 : Amaterasu

Šimon Gálik : Amaterasu

MAKL : I was expecting some more steps, then BAM suddenly black fire haha.

Animu Otsutsuki : This would be so time consuming during a fight.

Superfast Potato : You should rename the video to: Science behind Amaterasu

72speedway : Is it true that film doesn't respond to sodium lamp light?

Melis Derveni : AMATERASU!

Do not read my profile picture : How to create black fire *Witness the death of your best friend to unlock the mangekyo sharingan*

Cross! Sans : *amateratsu*

Дядька Птиц : Мангёко продашь?

Mohini Ujire : Can we make a smoke-less fire ???😎😎😎