Parlor Roller Competition

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A very short video showing parlor rolling pigeons during a competition


Poppy : Yay for inherited neurological problems!

MariaMaria : This is like rolling mentally disabled children down a hill....

Martin Garrett : I have a lot of respect for pigeon keepers for the very reason that the birds can leave the loft and have a good fly around. I don't see much harm in the breeds that occasionally tumble mid-air. But this is inbreeding to the point of severe disability. Imagine in Crufts had a category for dogs that couldn't physically walk and instead scuttled along the ground like a beached walrus?

Ravie3 : What the hell is wrong with people.

Julius Reigns : Today I found out? I thought it was some weird April fools joke in May. NOPE!

NotOneToFly : Now you're bowling with pigeons!

stallen : Poor music choice!!

Kathryn : I can't say I fully understand the need to select for birds that exhibit behavior like this, or that for extreme appearance like the american fan tailed pigeons (love the indian strains, however). Interesting, to say the least.

gstoe : they see me rollin' they hatin' this is the epitome of that lol


RussianAlexandrite : This is a glitch in the matrix

Christopher Raff : Have some pride bird, don't you know you can fly?

alper adıgüzel : what is this? same like a headles pigeon. these birds are beautiful cat toy

rosazone85 : Im half British and I don't know whether to laugh or feel horrified.

xylfox : The Britains have a strange sort of humor.

Tatsumi972 : So how to know a high quality roller? The longer they can roll straight?

I tried : those pigeons are rolling in the deep.

Rex T : Props to ThunderOrb for recognizing the distinct difference betwene a Brimingham and a Parlor... Briminghams can fly and so tumble in the air. Parlors, as ParlorRoller said, can fly when young but lose the ability and instead tumble on the ground.

Baldoxxx4000 : Id use this for bowling.

ThunderOrb : I'm sorry YOU'RE misinformed. These are not birmingham rollers.

Wes Bowen : @ParlorRoller Sorry, you're misinformed. This breed was created in Birmingham, England - hence the name Birmingham Rollers.

yellowmoped : i suddenly want to go lawn bowling

lcutie36 : nice video.... i too raise parlors

greedypotato : *rolls*

AngeLife : WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE???!!! That's just wrong.

jthowery : I was curious ... id like a few . can you help me out? i have a great loft and take excelent care of my birds. im a stay at home dad so the kids and I would much apreciate any help thanks jason (816)248-9005 northern missouri

Steve Randall : I have lived in several different parts of the United States of America.

jthowery : where u from?

RPD : Go America. We breed retarded pigeons.

razvanstomatologul : tcfuturevet How old are you !! Have you ever watch Stan & Bran !!? from there is the music not european ,not any close Hungary .

Karagianis : The music is the Laurel and Hardy theme from the 1920s

tcbio : That music sounds like some type of European Folk music. Kinda like hungarian type. But i agree, i really want some of these parlor rollers. Know any place to get some nice ones.

Ryan : AHAHAHa

Georgian Alexandru : cat costa

Bill Cipher : im now rolling on the ground like them in laughter

Pezhman Abbasi : stupid competition pigeon have to fly not lolling like this

Kevin Cejas : pajero no las maltrates 😠😠😠😠

GmodPlusWoW : I have a feeling that these pigeons have been playing too much Sonic.

A C : I honestly thought this was a joke, I have mistaken...

Freemason : Can’t believe this is legit

EbberDeeMills : Simon Whistler sent me.

Dillmo : this is cruel

vspitter : someone should breed you to roll like this too

Paula Simpson : Fee pigeon

Laura Paci : what an idiotic and useless sport!!!

anon anonson : "can we breed a rolling pigeon?" "more importantly! can we race them?" god I love humans

mikis i : Yes the bird is bred like this but even though it was bred to do this that doesn't mean the animal is not in pain. Even though the animal was bred not to fly doesn't mean its instincts don't tell it to but it cant. Imagine how that must feel. Life as a show pigeon is far from comfortable. They are othen kept in gross conditions cramed into small cages for days have difficulty eating flying and even walking because they are bred to be so unnatural.

STAY CLINT : inbreeding breeder cunts

Minty : This is hilarious to watch, but cruel.