Homemade Natto by Natto Dad
Homemade Natto by Natto Dad

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For more infom please visit my Natto Dad blog. Thank you for watching! Forgot to mention... After the fermentation is done, store natto in fridge up to 2 weeks. After that, portion out and freeze. I also switched to sanitizing with boiling water instead of using chemicals so thank you for the input! -Natto Dad


Succ Papi : Nut dad

Pigglesworth : Why am I here? And why am I watching this? I don't know whats going on...

Aas112mm :]]] : Natto dad: I have a pack of fresh frozen natto here. Gordon Ramsey: it is not fresh if is frozen! .....

Natto Dad : Hi Natto Fans!! Thank you for all the comments. Forgot to mention on the video that after fermentation, I store natto in the fridge for up to 2 weeks. After that, I portion out and freeze. Also, I switched to sanitizing with boiling water instead of using chemical so thank you for the input! -Natto Dad

oyamat2004 : I just tried it it tastes like a bit salty and a bit of barbaque flavor it smells like old socks and chese its weird. But i liked it 👍👍

Niels Cremer : Anyone want some creamy nutz from daddy?

Maya Bahar : This is by far the most helpful natto making video I've seen, when you are making your own fermented foods it can get confusing sometimes but thanks to you I finally had the courage to try and make my own natto! Thank you for sharing this information with us :)

swirlingabyss : Wow. That is the most gorgeously stringy natto I have ever seen.

Ray Mak : Of all the tutorials. Your natto looks the best

Kayloww F.I : Natto served with hot rice is amazing.

Melvin Jansen : Seems like alot of electricity for some fermented beans

P R little B : It looks way thicker and yummier than store bought ones

Andres Ramos : I wish I didn't need equipment to make, but thank you I like your method.

Paige A7X : I don't know how I found this channel but I subscribed so now your stuck with me forever

Marty Bronson : emmy brought me here

Zree : *_U H H_*

D at : who else got this is they recommendations 🙋🏽‍♂️

aMARKan comment : Well yeah but... In order to make natto , u need.. natto ! Sure is easy for u in japan or whatever but here in europe its a little impossible

grumblekin : I eat 3 packs a day! Kanto people love natto!

Open World Gamer : Looks like spider webs I'd still eat it though

ZILLA Productions 303 : My favorite morning dish Must have with Miso Soup

Dizzy Meowth : This is actually very informative. Good job on the video👍🏽

Weaslly Edmund : "ive eaten some of em already"

Veronica W : Could you please tell me if I could use the oven at a low temperature? Why do you need a thermostat? Thank you

roberta peck : Thankyou,this is very helpful.

Esperanza : It looks like something trapped in a spider web.

Karan Thapar : -Are you my dad? -I'm Natto dad. liek if u cri evrytiem

Jacqueline Oscvirk : Amazing! Looks like a healthy rice Krispy square with melted marshmallows all over it!! I'm going to try it!

David Haggerty : I purchased the Hydro Farm Jump Start Heat Mat Thermostat like the one in the video and it doesn't seem to work well. The temperature fluctuates from 96 to 105 degrees.

isabela cola : After Emmy I just had to come here

Lavatian : Those are some impressive strings! Prepackaged natto is nonexistent in my country, so I can only make them with spores. Have you ever managed to get these type of strings with spores? Mine never come out stringy Also, would love to see other ferments on your channel!

Fehnik : Look at those forearms. More like Natty Daddy owo

Peter Murray : Thanks Natto dad, how would you recommend sterilising the pyrex tray if I'm not able to submerse it in boiling water? I don't have a pot big enough!

jean booby : Thank you for sharing your experience ...i just did my first batch ,your video helped me ,nice!

Ray Mak : I love natto a lot and this is making me very hungry

Bogdanov : Natto,what an irony

Dwight Gordon : This is amazing! I love this stuff (unfortunately I'm the only one in the family that eats it), and definitely want to make my own. Question about the starter you are using. Is that store-bought, or is it one of your own batches? Does one have an advantage over the other? Thanks! Also, is the four day storage time at room temp or refrigerated?

Troy S : I'll stick to yogurt, thanks. ;)

bredcrumbz : hi dad i'm natto dad

ABC-ZのマスオTV : めちゃくちゃ美味そうやん...

Ms. Woodard : i want some so bad im scared to make it though

Terri Edwards : Thank you! This is the best video! Made my first natto today :)

Gutrot : How are you supposed to make natto without natto starter though lol....

toshiyuki suzuki : and one more thing.... the nebari is awesome!!!!!! really impressive😊

Treyon Daren : while that looks amazing, i dont believe i can eat that without gag reflex

Kerry Orwat : Hello, thank you for this great video. Can you explain a little bit more your reasoning for sanitizing the glass dish and spoons?

Christopher Pepe : I agree with Maya, this was so helpful. Your natto is beautiful. I'm excited to keep learning this one.

Miss Caféine : This is so nice, thank you!

Kurenai : Thank you Natto Dad for the excellent guide. I'm also trying to become a Natto Dad like you. The family misses good natto that we can get in Japan. My question is more about the other 29 tries where it didn't work out. I'm using powdered spores from a company on Japan but often I find it doesn't ferment that well. What factors are most common in failures? - starter amount? - cooking time - fermentation temperature - fermentation time - foreign bacteria? I use a yogurt Maker at 24hrs and 45degrees with a cheese cloth on top. It doesn't turn out very stringy and there is excess liquid left on the bottom. Could some types of beans not ferment very well due to some treatment?