Homemade Natto by Natto Dad

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Natto Dad : Hi Natto Fans!! Thank you for all the comments. Forgot to mention on the video that after fermentation, I store natto in the fridge for up to 2 weeks. After that, I portion out and freeze. Also, I switched to sanitizing with boiling water instead of using chemical so thank you for the input! -Natto Dad

Britt Natto : So this is the food everyone tells me I'm named after lol

Succ Papi : Nut dad

Melvin Jansen : Seems like alot of electricity for some fermented beans

Niels Cremer : Anyone want some creamy nutz from daddy?

Zree : *_U H H_*

Andy B : What is that brand of soy sauce? I don't recognize that bottle.

Maya Bahar : This is by far the most helpful natto making video I've seen, when you are making your own fermented foods it can get confusing sometimes but thanks to you I finally had the courage to try and make my own natto! Thank you for sharing this information with us :)

Tobbe Sjöberg : 8:13 looks like someone nutted on some cereal

swirlingabyss : Wow. That is the most gorgeously stringy natto I have ever seen.

P R little B : It looks way thicker and yummier than store bought ones

Luptuous Life : I don't know if I can ever try this. It looks like lumpy snot. >.<

Pigglesworth : Why am I here? And why am I watching this? I don't know whats going on...

ABC-ZのマスオTV : めちゃくちゃ美味そうやん...

Bob Wareham : I have followed your instructions: Clean and wash soybeans (not organic this time) 1.) Put beans in slow cooker for 24 hours to cook until soft (I only have a slow cooker) 2.) Wash beans and move to small clean container 3.) Add powder from Japan (small bottle with small spoon Natto powder) 4.) Move container to yoghurt maker to ferment for 48 hours at 37c 5.) Problem I end up with beans that look ok they have a white film on them but smell of ammonia my wife said it takes her back to Nappi times 6.) All items were scolded with boiling water to destroy any other bacteria Any help, do you know hat would cause this, please Bob

Andres Ramos : I wish I didn't need equipment to make, but thank you I like your method.

meat : Natto looks so good but I have no idea where to find it in Canada lol

Jenny Chen : "I have a fresh, frozen pack of natto here" what???

Marco Donati : Thanks for your clear explanation, but I can't overcome it's slimy texture, although I like the taste and flavour. A pity!

Rene Oswald : Thank you so much for the great advice. I just made my first batch and it turned out great! I just have one question....during the 4 days after you took it out of the oven, did you refrigerate it or leave at room temperature during that time? I refrigerated mine and it tastes great, so I'm hoping I did the right thing. Thank you again!

Esperanza : It looks like something trapped in a spider web.

Shiori Nakamoto : I've never had Natto, what does it taste like?

Jnigo寒意 : Thank you very much for this beautiful guide! I wanted to get in touch with my culture via food *I'm too poor to travel* and this really immersed me! Thank you natto dad :D

Dwight Gordon : This is amazing! I love this stuff (unfortunately I'm the only one in the family that eats it), and definitely want to make my own. Question about the starter you are using. Is that store-bought, or is it one of your own batches? Does one have an advantage over the other? Thanks! Also, is the four day storage time at room temp or refrigerated?

rakesh Chandra : Can kidney beans be used for making natto?

Paige A7X : I don't know how I found this channel but I subscribed so now your stuck with me forever

Idk And Idc : Looks kind of like floam slime😂

bredcrumbz : hi dad i'm natto dad

Re : Is it possible to have a batch of Natto turn out as well as yours if the starting Natto was of weak/crappy quality? All my attempts at fermenting Natto always match the quality of the starter (which was a crappy starter).

Robin Correll : Absolutely the most disgusting tasting stuff EVER! Def an acquired taste!

Bob Wareham : Loved the video very good and easy to follow 5 star but how much should I eat per day or is there a set amount? Thanks for any help Bob-UK

Treyon Daren : while that looks amazing, i dont believe i can eat that without gag reflex

meesteve : never tried it though

oyamat2004 : I just tried it it tastes like a bit salty and a bit of barbaque flavor it smells like old socks and chese its weird. But i liked it 👍👍

Lavatian : Those are some impressive strings! Prepackaged natto is nonexistent in my country, so I can only make them with spores. Have you ever managed to get these type of strings with spores? Mine never come out stringy Also, would love to see other ferments on your channel!

Celery Stick : After the soybeans have fermented and have become natto it appears that the color darkened and became more dark brown. So does the color change to a dark brown when fermenting natto?

Arian White Women Feet Fetish : look like sperm

Creative & Random : This nibba eating beans

Roberto Fonseca : Muito obrigado! Também acessei seu blog e encontrei valiosas dicas lá.

Safiyaa Ali : Good day, can you kindly let me know if there is any way of.getting around the temperature setting for the oven? I do not have a an electric heating core or temperature setting. why is it important? anyway l can use just my oven?

The guy with the angry faces : I thought this was *NONI* !!

Hai Wu : Can I just set my oven 98 F degree instead of using the single cool electrical burner for fermentation? The other thing is the Natto just stays in room temperature 4 days for the rest of fermentation after 18 -22 hours in the oven.

Argon Behaamorh : Not your dad((

Bastian Wangsa : Where I can buy that pack of Natto ?

Selly : Pretty cool

陈杰 : Subarashi

Etherious Raiden : I thought natto was just beans with cheese...

Kerry Orwat : Hello, thank you for this great video. Can you explain a little bit more your reasoning for sanitizing the glass dish and spoons?

Gucchi Stuff Taehyungs : .... so that’s what Natto is...

Dodgy Bishop : It LOOKS absolutely disgusting.