Foo Fighters Carpool Karaoke

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Da1ienx : and every single piece of merchandise in the store that they touched was then sold for 10x the retail price lol

ItzActivex : Why does one of the Foo Fighters look like Steven Ogg aka Trevor from GTA 5 but with long blonde hair and younger?

Your Mother : Dave Grohl looks like the from Nirvana

Solid Chief : We need NIRVANA

Gabriela Guerrero : This is amazing!

Maracatu Jundiaí : The Best!!!

Robert Edmondson : Wow this is lame

me : That was the yanks say..... awesome!!!

law73737 : At 3:44, the moment when Pat said No enthusiastically and I was waiting for him to continue speaking but he just stops there.. Lol..

polly wants a cracker : i'm only here for dave grohl 😂

Waddy Watchell : 0:11 lmao look at the phone screen

No andno : Im so mad they didn't do The Pretender but this was awesome

Alice Manson : Did we just get rick rolled by the foo fighters?

Emilie Cunning : Where's The Pretender?? One of the best but RHCP Karaoke forever number one.

Michel G : He's in a fucking parking lot at the start

Naomi G : it would have been fun if they sang a pop or hip hop song or something like that

Bryan Vidian : Please carpool with Fall Out Boys!

Lora5547 : How fucking cool it would've been to have been at guitar center that day!!!

Grzegorz Ziobro : Carpool Karaoke with John Mayer please!

Chelsea Ellis : Green Day next please!!!! That would be freakin sweet!!

Dave Clark : So are these guys "normal" like this often? My guess is probably, not too big an ego as a band or individuals. Awesome to think they could just roll in and have some fun. LOL ;-)

Kimberly Lindner : you're the guy from Nirvana?


Dizzy Makavelli : Was HERB DEAN on the crowd? 10:55

Gracie Bodine : i saw them in concert last night they were SO DAMN GOOD

Numbskull 999 : RHCP episode is awesome!

jessahmary08 : Do a Carpool Karaoke with the band Phoenix. Pleaseeee

Dejah W : I love their songs... It helped my mom get through her brothers death but if she sang it at the top of her lungs she would cry. But I am just so thankful for the band, so thankful. Their songs ligit make me feel happy, ILYSM !!

Jack Naughton : To be honest this is pretty awkward, it looks like the whole band doesn't want to be there. I don't know if it's just me but tell me if you agree? Cheers!

Hi_HowAreYou The_UnfinishedAlbum : Well..... Looks like we were Rick-Grohled........

Michelle Leto : I love this episode ❤😍

guitartec : So James is an Lyft driver?

Mr Deadman : The Rick Roll at the end LOL

Eli Stevens : Pearl Jam carpool!!!!!!!

zanygris0612 : well I'm here just to say that Dave said he did not like it at all.... he called it a weird experience...bye now

EL SCIENCE : i lose respect for every artist on this show. definition of selling out.

Eduard Areglo : Please if there’s a extended episode of this release it! Please

Arlee Christian : Jesus foo fighters are so fuckin awesome

ZyndiKal : James was in the home screen when making the phone call.

Kattegatt93 : I was on that show!! It really was the best show ever!!! <3

hearddemonta4 : AWESOMENESS!!!!!!

Harvey : Yeah

Lợi Phạm : Nirvana carpool karaoke

LilItaly : kurts rolling in his grave


Cecilia Villarreal : ❤❤❤❤❤❤

Yabuki Joe : Jame Hatefild in Foo Fighters!

Matilda Ihrén : Queens Of The Stone Age please! Queens Of The Stone Age please! Queens Of The Stone Age please! 🤘🤘🤘

indiiebreadkid : Saw the guy with the shirt in the guitar center scene and made me think can we get Coheed and Cambria on here please?

Stephanie Freberg : Loved this!! But damn it if I just didn't get Rick Rolled!!! 😜