Girl joins rapper in the subway for an impromptu jam session (INFIDELIX ft. EllandM)

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Jessica Amster : I have 2 children, a wife, a big house, a good job and this guy looks more alive than me.

Sis0BJJ : INFIDELIX doesnt need mic. His energy is over9000

Frankske Verstraeten : In my opinion what "makes" this video is the guy's passion. This is what a musician is - no matter what style. To a true musician, music is all that exists. Being a musician isn't about being able to play an instrument - even at genius level - or having a great voice, or being marketable. It's about being obsessed with music every single second of the day - even when asleep. It's about wanting to create music, no matter if on a stage in front of a million people or sitting on the floor in a subway. This guy is a true musician.

Joo nas : 99% better than all the shit produced today, keep it coming!

Toys for Boys : I'm totally feeling them! Too bad that great music is in the sewers and the shitty ones are surrounding us! Respect from Amsterdam!

LeTürke : This dudes raps with so much emotions, it's just incredible.

darkaquatus : Look at the poor, sweet lady right at the end, looking inside of her little cup with coins, trying to figure out how much she can spare to give to these two people. It just breaks my heart.

JonnyUnderrated : Did you get all his money yet or what? Nice squatting , both on his music and literaly.

Jallyman : You need to find this guy and record this properly.

Corn Bread : Someone get this guy in a studio. His passion is unparalleled by most artists I've seen in a long time

William Chang : Wow, did you really file a copyright claim against him? Stay classy...

JustLooseMe : I love peple who are so into something! it makes things so special

MotiveDVD : Favourite song of 2016. I hope this song gets produced and released and not left in a subway station.

Manny Garcia : 3:45 who the hell that woman think she is? Don't you dare interrupt something like this.

Scott C : She has an amazing voice. Wish we had more people like this in the mainstream instead of all the manufactured talentless twats

Mad Tad : Damn that beat is niiiice!!!

Qizot : the man is a real passionate, the world need people like him!

Richard : That lady in blue at the end: WTF is she doing?

Evan Warden : great god I got chills this guy is amazing I heard every word he said I felt it to I had to watch this over

miko Thunderblades : that moment you realize improve is better than most written rap

ArnoId Schwarzenegger : I need a official track from this...

Johnny Savage : Damn she has a great voice

JamesPrime : I'd purchase this.

David Igleniec : Gotta be 50 times iv played this, not enuf.

Emmanuel : If this guy make a cd, he's rich. But he seems to be already, in a different way, in a better way.

Shawn Grant : INFIDELIX the Orchestrator. This composition is everything I love about improvisation. He sets up the beats, the music, she lays down the sickest organic backtrack I've ever heard. She sings what she feels straight from the music at that exact moment and nails it. Like the Butterfly Effect, any small change could have ruined the entire song.

Balazs Tancsa : Guess, the lady who comes in at the end, is trying to scratch out some coins from what she had collected that day. To share it with the guy. Life is beautiful.

G Irby : Better than shit on the radio, that's for damn sure.

KevinCummings Fitness : I would buy their song just so they can make a few extra bucks

Virgelis123 : whats the beat or the original song??

Tudor Ionel : Damn she's so hot!

Marcus Knight : that shit is FIRE!!!!!

ANDY B : his head might explode if he sings any harder

Mission Dan : shit! i would buy albums from these two, love it so raw!

Paul Scholtes : He may not be a beastie boy, Dr. Dré, Eminem or whatever but he does'nt suck. infact, i think he's quitte good.

The Pro Pole : Now that is a burning passion for music

Melinda Nordman : I can watch it over and over again. It's the best clip on YouTube, getting addicted to it.

DizzeeSpellz : I love how a clearly hot girl joins some creepy looking guy just because his bars are on another level. This is all about the music alone and nothing else

BB1CC666 : Girl, your vocal is amazing, but you gotta share this revenue with the rapper dude, he is equally amazing (if not more) ! I think everyone is hoping you two can collaborate and produce some dope songs, make it happen !

alm roth : when he stopped singing for the audience, co-singer and even himself.. when he started to sing out to the air, to no one, ignoring the microphone.. i really enjoyed that

Gen Alex : This dude and woman rocked the shit out of that song! Im bumping to this joint right now

Ezra Suhr : Putting his talents aside, he is truly passionate about what he's doing. Greatly inspiring, and wonderful to see.

john smith : both of them should have YouTube channels. I would subscribe.

waynemartini0 : Now this is a man who seems truly inspired and motivated by music

MrKydaman : They both killed it! This is so good. Someone get them out the subway and into a studio.

Der Pyromane : Love it. His Passion and her powerful voice. great

Konrad Sutherland : Background song?

Thomas Team Skar Audio Vacanti : I've watched this 100 times. loved it every time. can someone tell me what they are saying? Fuck it. don't. I love it any way

Jacob Morales : This is absolutely some of the most amazing impromptu music I've ever heard. I loved it in every way. I would buy this 100 times just to get it more exposure because this is what music today lacks. This is gritty, raw, and absolutely beautiful. Both of you were willing to just go for it and yet feed off of each other. If you need or want help getting this recorded HMU, I've spent years in the industry and this is better than most artists with years under their belt that I've worked with. Hope to see you both succeed!! Best wishes!

milk mon : good shitzu!