Girl joins rapper in the subway for an impromptu jam session (INFIDELIX ft. EllandM)

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Jessica Amster : I have 2 children, a wife, a big house, a good job and this guy looks more alive than me.

Ashy Larry : You 2, get your asses in a studio lol.

Mad Tad : Damn that beat is niiiice!!!

Nock : I Know this Guy, he is in Berlin @Warschauer Str. almost every day. Good MC.

Paul Scholtes : He may not be a beastie boy, Dr. Dré, Eminem or whatever but he does'nt suck. infact, i think he's quitte good.

R Will : I would buy this. No lie this shit is dope

JustLooseMe : I love peple who are so into something! it makes things so special

Emmanuel : If this guy make a cd, he's rich. But he seems to be already, in a different way, in a better way.

Qizot : the man is a real passionate, the world need people like him!

KustomGraphics206 : This is what real talent sounds like. Amazing, I'm really feeling this. the lady at the end, bless her heart for giving you money even though she doesn't have much.

William Chang : Wow, did you really file a copyright claim against him? Stay classy...

Jallyman : You need to find this guy and record this properly.

A Goat : Reminds me of oldschool shit like Nirvana and Sublime etc.

Aisling Tracey : thats fucking blue topped bitch at the end ruined it

Manny Garcia : 3:45 who the hell that woman think she is? Don't you dare interrupt something like this.

darkaquatus : Look at the poor, sweet lady right at the end, looking inside of her little cup with coins, trying to figure out how much she can spare to give to these two people. It just breaks my heart.

Corn Bread : Someone get this guy in a studio. His passion is unparalleled by most artists I've seen in a long time

Ruben Melendez : idk how I got here, but this shit is dope ass Fuk!!!!😎

Mission Dan : shit! i would buy albums from these two, love it so raw!

LeTürke : This dudes raps with so much emotions, it's just incredible.

John Ashley : I luv to see real talent out in the streets. So much of the music now days is flat out shit. Keep dreaming big.

DizzeeSpellz : I love how a clearly hot girl joins some creepy looking guy just because his bars are on another level. This is all about the music alone and nothing else

Tudor Ionel : Damn she's so hot!

Out and About : Why do people criticise this and leave negative comments , you are really bad people and should honestly not live just go and take your own life no one will miss you trust me

Hanzen Peter : I wont this Song on my Music Playlist

A fire in the puppet theatre : IT's all cool but I can't distinguish a single word...

Dosenmilk : Meine Stadt Muhahaha Berlin ick liede dir

fKBFOx35O : ach das berlin :D

Mr.kozmo : did anybody else notice the girl in the background 2:35 steel from the ground

KustomGraphics206 : he kinda sounds like atmosphere/slug. right?

Konrad Sutherland : Background song?

Richard Alls : Put this on the radio,,, this was bad ass,, all the crap on the radio today, these two are incredible and we have to watch them like this. But I'm glad I found them, HELL YEA

Blob : What beat is this??

you can call me Andy : his head might explode if he sings any harder

Adam Moer : Berlin is a magical place. Best city ever

Anthony DeRosa : she's HOT

Батрић Гарић : For a minute, I thought he is Brother Ali

Jeff Williams : I hope you made enough money to get your Daily Dose of heroin

Walk Michigan : Great video!  The guy seemed like he was "enhanced" by something, but the girl was amazing.  Actually, he was quite amazing too.

elijahpickens : This is phenomenal!!

PietreADI : Fucking tourist-y bitch at the end pissed me right off

Wanye Kest : Is he running his setup from a car battery?

Virgiz : whats the beat or the original song??

Jerich Morey : holy shit!!!

devon harach : 2:49 <3

Thomas Team Skar Audio Vacanti : I've watched this 100 times. loved it every time. can someone tell me what they are saying? Fuck it. don't. I love it any way

micky01827 : that guy has got serious passion, what a waste of talent

ISuperbad2I : 2:29 this mobile drop in the background haha

DizzeeSpellz : These two round a table, few lines, a glass of captain morgan's and my vapour. I'd be in heaven

Yomi O. : How is it impromptu when you bring equipment