Girl joins rapper in the subway for an impromptu jam session (INFIDELIX ft. EllandM)

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Sis0BJJ : INFIDELIX doesnt need mic. His energy is over9000

Evan Warden : great god I got chills this guy is amazing I heard every word he said I felt it to I had to watch this over

Joo nas : 99% better than all the shit produced today, keep it coming!

David Igleniec : Gotta be 50 times iv played this, not enuf.

MotiveDVD : Favourite song of 2016. I hope this song gets produced and released and not left in a subway station.

JonnyUnderrated : Did you get all his money yet or what? Nice squatting , both on his music and literaly.

William Chang : Wow, did you really file a copyright claim against him? Stay classy...

Jallyman : You need to find this guy and record this properly.

Andres Vernazza : so much talent!

Richard : That lady in blue at the end: WTF is she doing?

Mad Tad : Damn that beat is niiiice!!!

JustLooseMe : I love peple who are so into something! it makes things so special

The Journalist : I'm a spiritual lyrical individual

Corn Bread : Someone get this guy in a studio. His passion is unparalleled by most artists I've seen in a long time

JamesPrime : I'd purchase this.

Scott C : She has an amazing voice. Wish we had more people like this in the mainstream instead of all the manufactured talentless twats

miko Thunderblades : that moment you realize improve is better than most written rap

Paul Scholtes : He may not be a beastie boy, Dr. Dré, Eminem or whatever but he does'nt suck. infact, i think he's quitte good.

ArnoId Schwarzenegger : I need a official track from this...

Evo Dingo : Wow. just Wow. local talent is the best talent just goes unheard

patrickJMT : Wow, really amazing! And: strike while the iron is hot! People are really digging this. Set up a GoFundMe or whatever, get a few $$$ and produce a few videos for the Youtubes and see what happens after that. Oh, and re-post afterwards to Reddit. Kudos to both of you on your talent, very impressive for sure. You two work together really well. On rare occasions, the sum is greater than the parts!

D : I'm totally feeling them! Too bad that great music is in the sewers and the shitty ones are surrounding us! Respect from Amsterdam!

Mission Dan : shit! i would buy albums from these two, love it so raw!

HolyGayfish : Can you relase studioversion on spotify? This song will get big.

A fire in the puppet theatre : IT's all cool but I can't distinguish a single word...

Johnny Savage : Damn she has a great voice

Melinda Nordman : I can watch it over and over again. It's the best clip on YouTube, getting addicted to it.

Tudor Ionel : Damn she's so hot!

Der Pyromane : Love it. His Passion and her powerful voice. great

G Irby : Better than shit on the radio, that's for damn sure.

Dosenmilk : Meine Stadt Muhahaha Berlin ick liede dir

amadeus999 : Gritty, raw, and powerful. Talent extraordinaire.

Drai fly : Can't stop watching this 😍😍

DizzeeSpellz : I love how a clearly hot girl joins some creepy looking guy just because his bars are on another level. This is all about the music alone and nothing else

Ezra Suhr : Putting his talents aside, he is truly passionate about what he's doing. Greatly inspiring, and wonderful to see.

Thomas Team Skar Audio Vacanti : I've watched this 100 times. loved it every time. can someone tell me what they are saying? Fuck it. don't. I love it any way

fKBFOx35O : ach das berlin :D

elijahpickens : This is phenomenal!!

Jacob Vin : most powerful street performance i have ever seen!

Hanzen Peter : I wont this Song on my Music Playlist

micky01827 : that guy has got serious passion, what a waste of talent

SyouL TsB & Ataney : OMG 😍😍😍😍

Kozmo• : did anybody else notice the girl in the background 2:35 steel from the ground

Wanye Kest : Is he running his setup from a car battery?

LeTürke : This dudes raps with so much emotions, it's just incredible.

EinfachDean : Als ob du aus Deutschland kommst :o Das in ner Studio Version wäre für immer mein Lieblingslied ^_^

louis stout : Not in to this kind of music but got to love the way he gets in to it and she is the cherry on top of the cake!


richard smith : love the way he gets so into it so much passion in him

HoneyBadger : That was epic!