Guy does an amazing impression of what Post Malone Better Now would sound like if it was an 80s hit

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This is the first episode of STYLESWAP! I love Post Malone's "Better Now" and I love 80s music, so after some playing around, I ended up with this... Enjoy! Available on all streaming platforms: https://fanlink.to/better-now-80s You want to decide which song next time? Follow me on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/musicbyblanks/ Subscribe to never miss a video: http://goo.gl/kXIS6J Follow me on Spotify: https://goo.gl/ofbNwl Social Media: Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/musicbyblanks/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/musicbyblanks Snapchat: simonwitoos SoundCloud: https://soundcloud.com/musicbyblanks


Chris 05 : This song is "Better now"

Mikaela Joy : This could've been the biggest 80's bop

deebleu carpeso : looking through the comments and didn't see one comment (correct me if there is one tho) that said this: Today: Post Malone 80s: *Pre-Malone*

Ihsaan Quader : Why do I like this more than the original?

BeefBurger Leo : 80s: Pre Malone 00s: Malone 10s-20s: Post Malone

Theesl : Blanks: post parody Tik Tokers: hIpItY hOpPiTy ThIs Is My PrOpErTy

Manon Ayen : This should be in Stranger things season 3. No joke.

Winkie : Music by blanks: "i technically own this interpretation of the song" Tiktok users: "well yes, but actually no"

Dudartist : I swear this is even better than the original version HOLY-

Franky_PT : Was i the only one that noticed a bit of a "New Light" by John Mayer inspiration on 2:02 solo?

KBGlitch : getting rick astley vibes from this

dank memes : Tik tok has entered chat 0:16 Tik tok has left chat 0:24

The Maskeretta : I can’t believe Post Malone covered your song! (this joke is trash, I know)

Gus Johnson : This is a god damn banger.

Opinionated ! : 80s: Pre Malone 2000s: Malone 2010s: Post Malone 2030s: Far Too Malone

Twilight Wolf : Quote from my parents (both born in the late 70s): This DOES sound like it's from the 80s...

It’s Jeffy : You know you did a good job when this is all over Tik tok, thanks for blessing the world with this masterpiece

SᄃӨЯPIӨП - سِـکْوٌربًيِّوٌنِ : And now my mother freaking house burn down House burn down And now I don't have anywhere to live Where to live

OsibGaming : Man this will always be better than that post malone cover, gotta love the oldies!

Lilly Swanson : You remind me of Eric from that 70s’ show

Max Bsox : Getting some serious John Mayer "New Light" vibes from that guitar solo

I amPixel : This is so insanely accurate to what shit sounded like back then

Define Fade : May I have your jacket? And this song. I need them. Like man they so gud

kerrie price : I played this back at 1.5x speed and it was amazing 😂😂

Lauren Woodley : nobody: tik tok: i just put a can of beans in the microwave, but little did i know i forgot to take the beans out of the can

Alexander Caradonna : Your versions are so amazing man! I jammed to this all morning to pump me up for a job interview - thank you!

Kasket007 : Everybody's saying play at 0.75x and 1.25x speed but yall forgetting hyper *2X SPEED*

Jonathan Lewis : Is it weird that I like this one more?

K&K Studios : I remember listening to this after my first boyfriend and I broke up in the summer of 1985. Ah, the nostalgia.

red : 1. great smile 2. eyes that one could get lost in 3. AmaZIng V°iCE 4. he made the song way much better now

Raghad Eldeeb : The guitar solo sounds like John Mayer’s New light

Andy PnV : I know I’m late but bro!!!! Boy Pablo Shouted you out

Stan Dan The meme man : Only 80s kids will remember

Mandy Tesselaar : I love this one 100 times more than the original! Nailed it!!!

Dörko : *in the 80's* -*goes to arcade* -*this song starts playing* -*me and the boys thinking about her* -*NOSTALGIC MEMORIES*

I need Meme's : 2019: Post Malone 2020: WATER MALONE

Srijit Mondal : Solo from new light, gotcha :)


萧Tony : I don't know how many times i have watched this cover video🔥🔥🔥super cool!!!

kuba : I have watched this so many times I no longer know the original

Binta Ndiaye : Who else sang bad romance by lady Gaga during the guitar solo, no one? Just me. Ok

not as it seems : *and now my mother-freaking house burned down* *house burned down*

Bob Jones : switch to 144p and now youre back into the 80s Update: holy shit i didnt realize i just gotten 1.5k likes. i feel so validated. thanks ya'll

Wynorra : i thought this was the original song xD

Tới Nguyễn : i from VietNam, you know SON TUNG M-TP and Big hit HAY TRAO CHO ANH, let hear now :))

Fucking Meaning Kitten : Heyyy, this song sound fit with 80s perfectly Well done Bros !!!! really love it Thanks for this nice version 💗

AlexisDawn : I’m sad this isn’t an actually cover and I can’t listen to it on Spotify un-ironically

Emmeline Turner : I'm serious, can you please make a CD of all your 80's songs and I will buy it because, I need

dennijeu : i was already listening to this on spotify and have it in several playlists and i never realized it was posty's better now til now