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Music by Blanks : Hey guys! Due to popular demand, it's now available on all streaming platforms! Check it out: https://fanlink.to/better-now-80s thank you for the amazing response <3 x Simon

RandomSpaghetti bowl : I guess you could say that it’s *_Better Now_*

Quin F : At 1.25 speed it suddenly becomes a 90s song

surlydame13 : im glad this was made cuz i like it more than the original....

habib prout : this makes me want to accept my emotions

Gus Johnson : This is a god damn banger.

darlingretrosweetheart : Yooo I remember when this shit came out back in 85’. Good times my dude. Who else remembers?

Laser Mayonnaiser : Every dad in America: *Cranks this up in the car* "I used to listen to this all the time in high school while driving my '78 Mustang!" *Sings along while his kids are facepalming*

Ayda Moftah : Why is this better than the original?

[WUT] Woomy : Tik Tok would like to know your location

ReplayStation : Don't you love how LADbible posts this video on their own facebook page, it gets over 5 million views, and they don't even bother to link back to this page or its creator? Can you sue? You should sue. I had to look it up on YT just to give you props. This is rad.

John O'Reilly : This is like groovy!

Squidward Sereno : I litterally cum when i see that this was in Spotify

Stan Dan The meme man : Only 80s kids will remember

Rasssper : My parents told me they listened to this song as kids.

squttnbear : When people ask why malls across America are closing down, the answer is because this isn't what's playing in the background.

Muhd Najib : change the quality to 144hp.

yung swine : Honestly better than the original

Tait ʕ •ᴥ•ʔ : *tik tok has joined the chat*

#DubWIN #SLAMrocks : if i showed this to my dad he would think its good but if i showed him the original he wouldnt

Tessa Violet : i’m OBSESSED with this.

unhoes : This makes me miss the 80s and I wasn’t even alive in the 80s

justpeachii : I’m in 💖💗💕💞 💗L o v e 💖 💕💗💞💗

Ikonik 2K : Any bad song out there: *exists* Music by Blanks: *makes it 100 times better*

Budder fan : This is a really good song to start off my February!

erik lopez : Dude I like this better than the original 😂 sorry Malone

Jordi Marie : I want to touch your hair

Kebu 34 : 1,2 thousand people disliked this video because they were dancing and accidentally missed the like button because this is amazing

TheLegendOfTheWest : Plays this at my funeral please

juany boi_playz : I like this *BETTER* then the original

Yasmin Khairunnisa : you’re so talented im gonna cry 😭

Totallyawesomes 2 : At 1.5 speed it sounds like a 2010 song

Hugo The real : I love this better than the original

Cameron Coleman : I want the real better now *puts on better now by post malone* I said the real better now *plays this song* Perfection. (Yea I know this meme is dead but it's the only thing I could come up with

I Am Draven : Dude you're a goddamn beast please keep making and covering music.

maiphammy : fun fact: post malone’s DJ and crew has seen this :)

Liam Reed : The perfect song doesn’t exi...

Jonathan Lewis : Is it weird that I like this one more?

Too broke for netflix : I could show this to my mother and she’d think it was actually a song from her ages.

Riley Thiede : is it weird that I like this better than the actual song?

Fujii Kaze : I got “physical”(Olivia Newton John) vibes

Epic SB : *TikTok has entered the chat*

_leilah19leilah_ : i OBVIOUSLY didnt come from tiktok...*wink *wink

Totallyawesomes 2 : You probably think you are BETTER NOW

Nevaeh Davies : *Destroys replay button* I LOVE THIS SONG

OGbaby lu : This song: *exists Tik Tok: It's free real estate

Colbrettmann : Who's here from mini ladd?

ava sucks : better now - pre malone

Ardazure13 : I'm here from the pigeon girl video

Marquis de Lafayette : Holy fuck, I hadn't heard this whole song, but this is much better than Post Malone's version! How do you do it!?