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Music by Blanks : Hey guys! Due to popular demand, it's now available on all streaming platforms! Check it out: https://fanlink.to/better-now-80s thank you for the amazing response <3 x Simon

ReplayStation : Don't you love how LADbible posts this video on their own facebook page, it gets over 5 million views, and they don't even bother to link back to this page or its creator? Can you sue? You should sue. I had to look it up on YT just to give you props. This is rad.

onyetenye nani : This song is "better now"

godfrey st. fleur : Dude you did a great job. I love 80’s genre music. I bumped this at my job and my coworkers were looking at me like I was lame. But I didn’t care. I was jamming out 🙌🏾🕺🏾🕺🏾😂

Ross Ritchey : Where did you get that fire ass windbreaker?

Peter Klawikowski : You should record an Album ^^ with all hits of our times in 80's style

squttnbear : When people ask why malls across America are closing down, the answer is because this isn't what's playing in the background.

Tyler Thompson : Where are my boy Pablo fans...

Matt Benic : 80s remakes of all the modern hits. I would buy ALL those albums! Great job, thanks :)

Yung Dude : *what if Rockstar by Post Malone was a 70s hit?*


erik lopez : Dude I like this better than the original 😂 sorry Malone

Jay B : I saw this on iFunny dude this is lit af

MrAnimationwiz : Bruh this sounds kinda like Last Christmas by wham! Or wham and George Michael in general

Maknae : This version is constantly stuck in my head.

Francisco Perez : John mayer had a similar guitar solo on his song new light

maiphammy : fun fact: post malone’s DJ and crew has seen this :)

Mynameispanda : Can someone make this 1 hour long loop I need itttt in my life

gabs mg : im here bc boy pablo cover and damn u genius

Jethro : The guitar solo sounds like John Mayer's "New Light" solo. Like if you agree

Richard Flaviani : Who is here after seeing this on Facebook

Tessa Violet : i’m OBSESSED with this.

MixedGrid : I've listened to this more times than Post Malones. XD

Vishnu Keezheth : That Synth bass is dope

curtis platero : I could jus see it Driving in a 89 Cherokee with this on blast while trying to pick out a different cassette to keep the music blastin

Darth Vader : Kinda sounds like George Michaels......noiceeeee

Gus Johnson : This is a god damn banger.

she erio : Now that I think of it....it's basically an 80s hit in a disguise...

Izham Waidi : Switch to 144p. You're welcome.

Lex Ells : My parents asked me what I'm doing with my life. Listening to this

Sofi And Abby : Please put this on Apple Music

Fujii Kaze (harisenbonreiko) : I got “physical”(Olivia Newton John) vibes

CommunityServesUs : Boy Pablo completely ripped off your version.

CalamityGanon : This guy needs to colab with TRONICBOX!

Braden Earp : Guitar solo sounds like john Mayer’s in new light

Trevor Stanley : You have earned a subscriber my friend. Great stuff.

Yasmin Khairunnisa : you’re so talented im gonna cry 😭

Azterrekt : make childish gambino's feels like summer

Dustin Dimock : You, young man...are incredibly talented. Great work. easy subscribe.

Sarah Bean : Have you heard the cover of 'Better now' by Blossoms in the BBC Radio 1 live lounge, broadcast today 15th Nov.. sounds quite familiar to this?

ListenTunes : This is amazing. <-- period

Tofu_Games : This is such a bop omfg I love it

Asuna Masaoki : I'm the 1 million of the views. If you get another million today, it's me.

Harsh haze : I have no idea how you got the inspiration to do this cover, but it's genius. Thanks for another song to peak to

Jeremie Koski : does this not remind anybody of the music from music and lyrics as well? lol

Emily Marquez : Hey I found my new love, just subbed.Keep up the great content , this is amazing 💕

camerakid92 : I remember dancing alone and crying to this in my room back during my senior year in 1988 after my first big breakup.

Jayee Cree : Kermit the frog is that you ??? 😂😂 jk love this 👌👍

ll : Omg this shit is GGOOOOODDDDDD!!!!!!!🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

Dexter : Yoooo this is siiiick!!!! Love it!!!!! Love everything about it. The music , the piano, the clothes your wearing hahah. Great video!!!! Those dance moves 😂😂😂😂 that solo tho!!! 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥